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  1. FedEx227

    Current New Japan

    Maybe I missed them but what 2014 mid-card New Japan matches featured guys kicking out at 1 late in the match?
  2. FedEx227

    Crowd Chants

    I'm going to be watching you like a hawk tonight and tattling if you chant.
  3. FedEx227

    Crowd Chants

    I disagree that "THIS IS AWESOME!" is a way to get the fans over to...themselves I guess. There are instances of "WE ARE AWESOME!" which, yeah, that's beyond grating and as Joe mentioned earlier, "YOU FUCKED UP!" which I've always hated. I've gone to probably 150 indie shows over the last 10 years and I've never thought that "This is Awesome" was anything more than "Thank you wrestlers in the ring for putting on an entertaining match that we in this crowd enjoy" It has little to do with the crowd putting themselves over.
  4. FedEx227

    Crowd Chants

    Right, this whole discussion is pretty ridiculous and short-sighted. The modern "BOO" / "YAY" is chants. I don't chant when I go to shows but it doesn't bother me. People are paying money to go to a wrestling event, you can do and say whatever the hell you want as long as it's not vulgar. If that's what makes fans enjoy modern wrestling and the modern wrestlers gear their matches towards it, again, who cares? I can enjoy a match just the same if people are saying "This is awesome!" during a spot or cheering.
  5. FedEx227


    Which finish? Benadryller? Have you seen his Dream Gate match from this year vs YAMATO? Not a Dragon Gate style match at all aside from some minor interference, and a totally different style of match from the usual Ricochet bout. Yeah the Benadryller. I guess I don't mind the move itself so much as the ridiculousness of building stretch runs around the struggle to get a guy up in the fireman's carry, just so he can set them back on their feet and kick them in the head. Just kick them in the fucking head! I love Rico but I totally agree, I hate the move.
  6. FedEx227


    Give me some time and I'll get this together for you. I'll try to dig up as many videos as I can as well.
  7. FedEx227

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Right, Boma Ye is not protected. Pretty much without fail, every single other one is teflon. The Rainmaker hasn't even had a kickoff hinted, it's instant death.
  8. FedEx227

    Current WWE

    They usually stop playing the theme, dim the lights and people watch in-house commercials on the Titantron for a bit. Then, they come back from commercial, replay the music and the person acts like they just walked into the ring. It's WWE production zaniness and it's awful live.
  9. I am interested to know why you so strongly disagree with Dave on it. I guess I don't disagree with MMA being apart of the equation in Japan but I do disagree with his continued resistence to giving any sort of direction to voters. In that Gordy List article I take a quote from last year's Observer where he basically says "Should you consider MMA, well, maybe not but voters did for Sakuraba, so I guess you should, but Sakuraba and MMA in Japan is a lot different so maybe you shouldn't, but I mean, maybe you should, I don't know" It answers nothing and just adds more confusion. It's your HoF dave, does MMA count or not? Does only Japanese MMA count but not American? I don't think it's worth getting into detailed discussions about the differences between Japan/USA MMA, just say yes or no and we can all move on. I suspect after this year Lesnar will have a better pure wrestling resume but until dave says one way or another there's going to continue to be questions about guys like Lesnar and how to treat MMA especially in the context of bringing pro wrestling fans with you to other mediums.
  10. FedEx227

    The Nomination Thread

    Ricochet (reviews are via W2B on Voices of Wrestling, if you'd like me to resubmit with my own reviews, let me know) Open the Twin Gate Titles – Akira Tozawa & BB Hulk © vs. Naruki Doi & Ricochet (Kobe World 2013) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x130oz0_mad-blankey-akira-tozawa-bxb-hulk-c-vs-world-1-international-naruki-doi-ricochet-dragon-gate_sport IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Kota Ibushi © vs. Ricochet (NJPW Dominion 2014) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1zyt9o_kota-ibushi-vs-ricochet-njpw-dominion-6-21-2014_sport Best of the Super Jr. 2014 Final: KUSHIDA vs. Ricochet http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1ywoce_njpw-best-of-super-juniors-2014-finals-ricochet-vs-kushida_sport Open the Dream Gate Championship: Ricochet © vs YAMATO (Dragon Gate Dead or Alive 2014) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpNt-lDRCT8
  11. FedEx227

    Indie Guys

    Bingo. It's easy to keep up the narrative that current wrestling sucks or isn't worth your time if you never watch it or give it time.
  12. I advocated for Brock being a contender and a definite HOFer but not now. He can wait, especially since he has time to build his resume. I'd honestly wait until SummerSlam numbers fully come out and we have an idea about Network subscriptions. If he's driving people to the Network, that's another feather in his cap. And again, when I did my Gordy list on Lesnar I used dave's only rationale as far as the inclusion of MMA even though I 100% disagree.
  13. FedEx227

    Indie Guys

    If you want to discount and ignore everything that's been done over the last 15 years on the independents, that's your prerogative. I can turn that around and say, "Why should I waste my time on 1970s wrestling when there's so much wrestling going on right now all across the world?" I'm not saying that, but one of these will be accepted far more openly than the other. I'll let you guess which.
  14. FedEx227

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I don't think dave is necessarily saying Bryan isn't over, he's playing devil's advocate and saying that's probably what Vince is thinking.
  15. FedEx227

    Indie Guys

    Low Ki is another that may have a better resume in 2006 then he does in 2014 just by having some stinkers along the way. Even his NJPW run left a lot to be desired for and, honestly, he's never going to work in a major company again so he's going to have far less opportunities to build on that resume. He's still absolutely worth a nomination though.