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Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle, 14/4/05

Guest Benjie

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Guest Benjie

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle, 14/4/05


I just had to re-watch this after talking to someone about it. I had in the past said that it?s the best match between these two (with their match last September coming close) and an easy candidate for WWE Match of the Year. Too my luck I still had fun with it. I like my matches super heated and this match had as much crowd reaction as you?ll ever hear in the current WWE climate.


They decided to start the match with Eddie frustrating Angle. Angle tends to run with that a lot and I know he did it with Michaels at Wrestlemania, but in this match it?s got heat and they don?t just use a basic headlock as a means to show Eddie dominating Angle. Instead, Eddie landed a few arm drags, his Triple Suplex move that he likes to use and an attempted Frog Splash that didn?t connect, but Eddie was still able to roll through. Angle bailed two or so times to further enhance that fact that Eddie was in control. The segment was really effective as it made full use of the hot crowd, but was also really entertaining.


Sadly I didn?t get to see how Angle was able to get his initial control over Eddie as the WWE took a break and never replayed what had happened. Knowing the two wrestlers and having seen there past matches, I?m guessing Eddie either made a mistake or Angle cheated. Both scenarios would?ve been cool.


Eddie?s cheating in the match was used very wisely. Instead of using it as the screw job finish that it has been used in the past, it was used for two strong near falls. The first near fall had Eddie doing his normal antic of grabbing a chair whilst the referee was down and giving it to his opponent and the second one was Eddie pulling down Angle?s trunks and then landing a small package for a near fall.


For the limited move sets that both wrestlers have due to the restrictions, they made full use of the Germans and Triple Suplexes. Angle didn?t just pop three Suplexes on three separate times (something which he?s prone to do) Eddie forced Angle to build them up as they go through the match. During the early stages Angle could only land one, then later on he could hit two, then when he was finally able to land three it made for a better near fall. Eddie used the triple Suplexes of three different occasions. The first was during the first part of the match and the second time was countered where as the third was a reaction to Angle doing the three Germans so I didn?t think they went Suplex overkill, but I can easily see why people thought they did.


The finish was lame because of the way it was performed. The three (Rey included) could?ve thought of a better way to knock Eddy out. It was the only bad thing on the match.



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