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Paul London v Amazing Red


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Paul London v Amazing Red - ROH All Star Extravaganza 11/09/02


Wow, it's really cool the difference between the first batch of ROH matches I watched and the second ones. The announcing has improved to a point where I can tolerate it. It's still not as good as it could be, but it's a massive step in the right direction. I was also much more pleasantly surprised at the quality of wrestling on this selection.


That has nothing to do with this match though. The quick sequences at the onset are great fun, but you keep expecting them to stop at some point and either sell the parity they're trying to establish or move into something else. You also expect Red's DDT on the floor to be a death spot, but London was back on his feet in no time. They really need to watch some 1988 NWA and see the right way to sell highspots on the floor. This is a really transparent spotfest with some *really* awkward looking setup spots, specifically for the top rope huracanrana. That said, Red's punches are decent and I thought London swinging Red into the guardrail was a really cool spot. The Rydien bomb/shooting star press combo at the end was an effective finish. I've seen much worse short matches and I've seen much better short matches. This was like watching Billy Kidman v Devon Storm on WCW Saturday Night.

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