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Rey Misterio Jr v John Bradshaw Layfield


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Rey Misterio Jr v John Bradshaw Layfield - WWE Smackdown 04/07/05


No way in Hell was I expecting this match to be anywhere near this good. This is a really fun big man, little man encounter, and JBL is great in this, as it's his first match after losing the title and he's incredibly grumpy, which shows both in his facial expressions and aggressive style. I think what I like most about this is that they eliminate a lot of the typical clowning spots JBL does to get over the storyline of him being pissed, but they still find a way to work them in credibly. Wrestling -- presentation, NOT content! Bradshaw looks like he hasn't slept since Wrestlemania and bumps and sells his ass off early on. Rey knows that JBL is disoriented and does what he can to take advantage of that fact, using an awesome hit and run strategy, but when he tries to block an Irish whip, he eats several consecutive knees. Have I mentioned that JBL isn't exactly in the best mood? Anyway, he gets in a great fallaway slam from the middle rope, works a bearhug to build sympathy and continues wearing down Rey's back by trying a middle rope belly-to-back suplex, but Rey blocks it and gets in a beautiful moonsault. The pace in this is steady all the way through, and Rey countering the fallaway slam into a DDT is a fantastic spot. The match ends in a DQ, but I still think it's a good finish all things considered, as Rey was the moral victory while JBL was the one who advanced in the tournament. This is how you do a big guy/little guy match, get over surrounding storylines and protect both guys. Really great TV match.



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