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My all-time SummerSlam card

Guest Alfdogg

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Guest Alfdogg

Not sure which wrestling folder this should go in, so you guys can move it if you so choose.


Since SS isn't to far off, I figured I'd do one of these and see what you guys thought. Here were the "rules" I used for myself


1. Wrestlers can only be used once.

2. Titles can only be used once.

3. The WWE, I-C, and Tag titles were my only "have to use" titles, but once I brought another one in, it fell under rule #2.

4. If a title was being defended, I couldn't use another match in which said title wasn't being defended. For example, I used Steiners/Bodies from 93 for my tag title match, so I couldn't use Harts/Busters from 89.


I think that's it. Here's the card, please don't walk out after the first three matches :(



Rick Rude vs The Junkyard Dog


The rest of the card was crap aside from the opener, but I had DBS somewhere else and better options for the titles. Plus, I wanted to work Rude in if possible.



Mr. Perfect vs The Red Rooster


Pretty much the same reasoning as 88, although I liked the I-C title match a lot as well as the first six-man. But again, I already had a spot for Shawn.



Hulk Hogan vs Earthquake


Hey, I had to use something from this show. Might as well use it to get Hogan in there.



Ted DiBiase vs Virgil (Million Dollar Title)


I was worried I'd have the same problem with DiBiase as I had with Hennig and Rude, but then I remembered this match. I can still really get into this match; DiBiase's arrogance was awesome and Virgil sells a beating really well.



Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith (Intercontinental Title)


This was the first match I decided on, and built the card around it. I did struggle a bit with whether to use Bret for 92 or 94, but other than that, a no-brainer.



Rick & Scott Steiner vs The Heavenly Bodies (World Tag Team Title)


It was either this or TLC I...I decided to go with a great tag team *wrestling* match and a kickass 2/3 falls match from 2000 rather than an entertaining spotfest and a better-than-it-had-any-right-to-be six-man from 93.



Alundra Blayze vs Bull Nakano (Women's title)


After taking Bret out for 92, another no-brainer. I'm admittedly a bit cloudy on this show, but I don't remember any of the other matches aside from these two being any good at all.



Hakushi vs The 1-2-3 Kid


I really love this match...it's actually the only time I've actually seen the Space Flying Tiger Drop performed. I didn't see the Sasuke/TAKA match from right after Canadian Stampede where Sasuke supposedly busted one out. And again, IC was already locked up, so no-brainer again.



Mankind vs The Undertaker


Another situation where there were really no other good matches available (I had a better World title match), and this gets two of the influential guys in. Plus, I'm a sucker for garbage matches.



Goldust vs Brian Pillman


With everything else tied up, it came down to this, LOD/Godwinns, and Boricuas/DOA. I've actually never sat down and watched this whole show, so I basically just said "It's probably safe to say that all these matches sucked, but this one probably sucked less than the other two."



Ken Shamrock vs Owen Hart


Basically to get Owen on the show, even at the expense of the European title.



Test vs Shane McMahon


Another pretty easy one. The only Test match I've ever liked. And I actually just realized that I left Rock off the card in favor of Test and Shane McMahon. I feel so dirty. But this is a really fun match.



Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho


Yeah, this is that kickass 2/3 falls match I mentioned earlier. It was also the reason I decided against the 4-way from 2003 when I realized my choices were limited to the 6-man tag, X-Pac/Road Dogg, and Lawler/Tazz, and Eddie wound up left out as a result.



Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle (World title)


Once I had Bret's spot decided, I pretty much knew this was my World title match. The more I remember this match and how insanely over Kurt was, the more I think maybe he should have gotten the title here, as his eventual win at Unforgiven was pretty anticlimatic.



Triple H vs Shawn Michaels


Yeah, I was one of those cynics left with egg on my face after this one. Again, I'm a sucker for a good garbage match, even if it involves the two guys I hate more than any two other wrestlers ever to walk the face of the earth. Shawn's splash through the table to the outside is one of those high spots that stays etched in my mind, much like Edge's spear off the ladder at WM X-7. And I actually managed to get both these guys on the card without using any titles!



Kane vs Rob Van Dam


Hey, it's another one of them there garbage matches. I used this one in order to use Benoit/Jericho for 2000, which I explained above.



The Dudley Boyz vs Billy Kidman, Paul London, and Rey Misterio


It should be noted that I've yet to see this show, but everything else was eliminated other than this match and Cena/Booker. This match looked better on paper, which was literally where I had it. :)

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Guest bravesfan

Your card was basically the card that I would've booked, so here's a twist...no repeats of your card.


1988: British Bulldogs v. Rougeaus.

Didn't see the show, but this sounds like a keeper and a reason to get Davey Boy and Dynamite, of all people, onto the card.


1989: Dusty Rhodes v. Honky Tonk Man.

If only for the promo that HTM cut after the match while knocked loopy by the guitar shot.


1990: Hart Foundation v. Demolition, 2/3 Falls (Tag Team Title Match)

Bret was such a hard one to decide, but I needed to save those top title matches, so I sacrificed him here. I can't deny this match being a classic that I grew up on.


1991: Hogan/Warrior v. Slaughter/Mustafa/Adnan.

Probably my favorite card top-to-bottom of all pay-per-views. Needed to get Hogan and Warrior in without sacrificing a title match or any previous matches.


1992: Legion Of Doom v. Money, Inc.

Had to get in Dibiase and the Warriors in, though it was hard to pass up on their match with the Nasty Boys from the year previous.


1993: The Smoking Gunns and Tatanka v. Bam Bam Bigelow and the Headshrinkers.

Fucking A. Watch this match again, guys.


1994: Undertaker v. Undertaker

...and no, this doesn't violate Rule #1. :P


1995: Shawn Michaels v. Razor Ramon (Intercontinental Title Ladder Match).

A ***** classic to most.


1996: Goldust v. Marc Mero.

Good little match.


1997: Mankind v. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (steel cage match)



1998: D-Lo Brown v. Val Venis (European Title)

1999: Ken Shamrock v. Steve Blackman

2000: X-Pac v. Road Dogg

2001: Rob Van Dam v. Jeff Hardy (Hardcore Title)

2002: Rock v. Brock (Undisputed Title)

2003: Shane McMahon v. Eric Bischoff

2004: Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero


2002 was the only given, seeing as that the "Undisputed" moniker just seems to cap off the show.


LEFT OFF: Austin, Owen (it was either this or their title match at '97, which in turn would've left off HHH, Mankind, Ramon and Michaels). Also, Benoit and Jericho are out. Damn, this was HARD and I still missed out on wrestlers I wanted in.

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Guest Some Guy

I'd be more intersted in a "Best of Summerslam" with only the best matches from the shows, regardless of using a wrestler or a title more than once.

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