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A few ways you can help me


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Please provide dates whenever you have them. Here are some links if you're unsure of the dates of matches that may help you.


http://www.prowrestlinghistory.com -- Results of every supercard ever, and then some. Please, if you list a match from a PPV or ECW show, check here for the real date instead of just naming the show.


http://www.thehistoryofwwe.com -- Go here for any WW/W/F/E stuff and if you know the year, you can select 'Edit' on your browser then select 'Find', and search for the wrestler, arena, etc and it should come up.


http://www.deathvalleydriver.com -- For 90s matches, go to Best Matches of the 90s and see if the date is there if you are unsure of it.


These are just a few of the resources that I know exist, but the more help I can get, the better. Some things you may not have a date for, and that's okay, but every little bit helps. I spent four hours on the nomenclature alone today, and I'm hoping to never have to do that again.


That's all.



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