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Place to Be Podcast Episode 312: Mailbag with Scott Keith

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In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott dive into their mailbag to answer questions from the Nation about wrestling and pop culture. But wait! The boys also welcome Scott Keith to help answer questions - and Scott also brings his own from rspwfaq.com readers. They talk about their favorite years in wrestling, what the wrestling world would look like if ECW existed today, their favorites feuds, matches and programming plus much, much more.

So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott and Justin because it is time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!


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Good listening, guys. Enjoyed the discussions on favorite title reigns and that sort of stuff. But hey. We all love lists. The mocking and humming of Austin's horrible, dreadful heel theme was classic.


Justin's remarks about modern day Jim Ross were dead-on. JR ripping on JR. Only at the P2B.


Didn't hear the Dudley Death Drop brought up during the tag team finishers discussion. Did I miss it? If not, I'm shocked to see it undersold. Was crazy over and actually seen as something incredibly innovative for its time. Also, when it looked good? It was a GREAT visual. Always had that great snap effect & felt precise in its execution. Plus they kept it strong and protected. Was sold like certain death, and nobody kicked out of it until the end of 2010.


Can't even lie. Don't agree with A LOT of what Scott Keith puts out there, but hey. No need to get bogged down in negativity. I thought the conversation here carried along at a fun pace, and things were kept upbeat with some interestingly nerdy wrestling questions.


Not sure what kind of projects you've got planned down the pike - but I loved the '94 WCW Summit, the Tag Team Extravaganza Summit, and subject matter of that sort. Be real cool if you guys could get Will, Charles, Chad, or whomever on tap for something similar again soon. But yeah. Good stuff.

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