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  1. bradhindsight

    [2019-05-25-AEW-Double or Nothing] Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega

    This match - 2+ years later is a bit of a unicorn in that, Jim Ross is actually really good here? And Jericho - 48 years old at the time - is exceptional, felt like this was a better fight than WK12. I liked the early brawl just fine. Even the sloppiness - the repeated spot aside (which they tried to cover for on commentary, but it was def bad) - kind of plays into Jericho's age and exhaustion, plus Kenny had his nose cracked so he was a bit off. A touch long, ok sure, but I never lost interest and the finish was decisive and two years later, exactly what the company needed out of the gate. ****
  2. bradhindsight

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Ah I figured it out - work laptop has restricted mode permanently on so it filtered them out.
  3. bradhindsight

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    So I went to YouTube, searched for MLW Fusion, checked out MLW's channel, checked out BEIN sports playlists and videos, searching and searching and i couldn't find any TV episodes. That doesn't bode well for casuals finding the show or growing its exposure.
  4. With the show running short of time, they condensed this into an unbelievable 12 minute or so highlight reel. If someone outside wrestling wanted to see what it was all about, i'd absolutely show them this. ****1/2
  5. bradhindsight

    All Elite Wrestling

    They clarified this saying it was based on position on the card.
  6. Man Tanahashi was so great here - I think I liked this more than their last Wrestle Kingdom encounter. This didn't hit the NJPW excess that can at times turn me off in a main event. LOVED the tombstone stuff as a career-long callback and Tanahashi eventually grasping for slaps to try to fend off the Rainmaker. ****1/2 +
  7. You're a made show now. Gabe was engaged on the ROH 50 GWE project we ran with VOW also. Respect.
  8. Certainly feels like these two will square off again, and possibly trade the belt a bit like Nak/Joe did. Almas was amazing and the pace was perfect, with the interference spots coming at great times and never making Black look foolish. And the selling was fine as well - if the move barely hit (like the tope con hilo at the end), Almas absolutely should be ready to DDT him when he comes back through the ropes. I thought those little touches were great. Would have bought that as the finish, but going for the cheating one more time only to backfire works to pay off the earlier stuff. This was tremendous ****1/2
  9. I'm with Loss on the psychology - really strong. The end was drawn out a touch much for my taste (although I loved Moon trying different ways to break, and going back to some also), but this was a great way to lay out a match with a badass like Baszler.
  10. bradhindsight

    PTBN GWWE Results Thread

    For sure - our group that is putting together the roll-out is all volunteer and it's a mix of new voices too, which is a nice compliment to the melting pot of audio we had. Having people passionate about the project reach out to join our team has been the best part of this. We're going to be doing a number of projects like this so if anyone has any constructive critiques, we're all ears to make things better for the next time around. I'm less worried about semi-colon placement and am more focused on global/bigger picture stuff. Doesn't have to be public here, can be DM'd or whatever too. We appreciate everyone's participation.
  11. bradhindsight

    PTBN GWWE Results Thread

    Send me an email at [email protected] and you can volunteer hours a week of your time like the four guys that have poured over this for the last month + and you can correct all the glaring errors you want. Also, some of the write-ups are tongue in cheek and have neat things like satire and hyperbole. I'm a big proponent of creative freedom when guys are sacrificing their free time because they're passionate about a project. Nothing is a *serious* matter here.
  12. bradhindsight

    PTBN GWWE Results Thread

    Check back today - that was a weird backoffice glitch where it kept that picture even though we removed it.
  13. bradhindsight

    [2018-01-04-NJPW-Wrestle Kingdom XII] Kazuchika Okada vs Tetsuya Naito

    I owe this a re-watch as I viewed it in choppy parts, however...I liked Naito's focus on the neck early - the stuff outside and then the constant clubbing. Any time guys just work the neck, I can reconcile the other bumps later and offense as being decent psychology. touchy selling - expected and not egregious for a NJPW main event. There's two interesting wrinkles for Naito on the go-forward: he kept going for Stardust, his super babyface move, and he got a touch cocky with the pickup off the third destino where he got reversed and ended the match. I didn't feel he was as buried as one would have thought he would be if they knew just this result a couple days ago. ****1/4
  14. bradhindsight

    [2018-01-04-NJPW-Wrestle Kingdom XII] Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho

    Yeah the enforcement of the stip was a little wonky and there were other smaller nitpicks for me, BUT, this is as perfect a Jericho performance as you could envision and this far exceeded what I thought coming in. I liked that they went with the lower body injury vs. the knee, as Omega used this to really keep his pace down, which fit the the flow. The brawling was the perfect length with innovative spots. The chair stuff was great - Omega taking them full flush in the corner is ridiculous, but that was his choice ya know? Great layout, and i'd imagine very re-watchable. ****1/4
  15. These two have great chemistry and Ospreay is a *good* seller and when his big matches focus around that, they're quite good. When all the flips and dives don't work, it turns really intense with the strike exchanges. Arm work builds perfectly (KUSHIDA is normally exceptional at this anyway), and when Ospreay won't tap and KUSHIDA goes for BttF, you think that's it, but it's a great swerve with the reversal and then Ospreay really cranks it up, kicking KUSHIDA flush in the face on the top rope. I didn't think they had another step up to go but they got there - top rope BttF and then another finishes. Easy MOTYC ****3/4