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Is TNA not a NWA member?


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While I was in between rounds of packing, I was reading stuff on wikipedia (which I know only has the credibility of the anonymous writers who add to it). On it, they say TNA ceased to be an NWA member in 2004. I know they have a deal to use the NWA World and Tag titles, and 2004 was about the time they stopped billing themselves as NWA-TNA but the NWA homepage still considers TNA a member.


So what's the straight scoop?





I just checked the NWA page again, and they don't list TNA as a member anymore. Isn't that kind of a dumb deal for the NWA to sign their world titles over to a fed not even a member?

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The NWA website is one of the most god awful sites on the net so I wouldn't take anything on there very seriously. The member list is never accurate. You can also wander over to the champions section and still see TNA listed.


Essentially the deal is that the Jarretts or TNA, I'm not sure, will have the rights to the NWA name after so many years. There was some reason or another why TNA was cutting back on using the NWA name but I don't really recall.


I found this to be disturbing:


NWA Mid-Atlantic



NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion:  Scott Steiner

Defeated Buff Bagwell on September 24, 2005 in Concord, NC for vacant title.


NWA Mid-Atlantic Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Rikki Nelson

Defeated Chris Hamrick on January 3, 2004 in Guangzhou, China


NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions:  Rick Steiner & Terry Taylor

Defeated Tommy Gunn & Ricky Morton on September 24, 2005 in Concord, NC to win vacant title.


NWA Mid-Atlantic Hardcore Champion:  The Barbarian

Defeated Andreu Bane to capture the vacant title on October 2, 2004 in Pageland, SC


NWA Mid-Atlantic Women's Champion:  Leilani Kai

Awarded on December 12, 2002 since Strawberry Fields cannot defend the title due to a back injury

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