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  1. Mad Dog

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    The NA Title was such a dumb addition to NXT. It's never meant anything and the fans don't care about it. It's clear that's what they give guys they don't have anything better planned for.
  2. Mad Dog

    The battle of the Vinces

    Oh yeah, you're right, missed that one. It was wedged in between working for another promotion. I remember liking his Champions Carnival match with Dory Funk Jr. in 75.
  3. Mad Dog

    Most unselfish top guy

    Hurricane got him in that one promo where he said he had a small dingaling and zoomed away. Rock awkwardly tries to brush it off but you can tell in character Hurricane hit on an insecurity. That's about the only promo job I saw him do.
  4. Mad Dog

    The aging of wrestling fans

    Comics did it to themselves. The per issue price has been insane for over a decade and you can't read anything from the Big Two without an event just ruining whatever is going on in the book yearly. No one wants to pay $4-5 for something you are going to finish reading in 5 minutes and changes nothing. DC under Didio was especially obsessed with shitting on the characters like Wally West that younger fans had grown up with or the universes just shrinking in general over time. It also doesn't help that they reboot series or the universe every couple of years. Kids can't afford or easily obtain comics and you have to get hooked at a young age to put up with some of the issues comics as a medium have. Look at manga, manga is coming over here and wrecking the comic industry because the price is better and it's far more accessible due to series being self contained and having a beginning, middle and eventual end. You want to read Naruto? 72 volumes, pick up Vol 1 and go.
  5. Mad Dog

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    He has no attention span and Bruce Prichard still seems to rely on people he was familiar with from 10 years ago. I think Keith Lee would have had issues anyways but I don't see what being in NXT actually did for him other than cooling him off.
  6. Mad Dog

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    I totally agree with you that it's dull as fuck. But they still didn't prep Keith Lee for being on the main roster.
  7. Mad Dog

    The battle of the Vinces

    Jonathan was slowing down a bit by 74 but that guy did some crazy stuff for his size and for the time. We're talking kip ups, doing flips in the ropes to escape holds and dropkicks. He's one of my favorite big men and other than The Destroyer was one of my favorite discoveries on All Japan Classics.
  8. Mad Dog

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    I mean, a lot of companies have their own style they prefer. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect your "development" company to be getting guys reps with matches laid out like your parent company would want. If you're training some girls to work for Stardom, you aren't going to train them to be deathmatch workers.
  9. Mad Dog

    The battle of the Vinces

    I don't even see an Andre match on there for Don. It looks like he worked Pedro, then Stongbow and then Bruno during his run in 74 which is kind of funny because he went to Western States and immediately did a couple of matches with Andre.
  10. Mad Dog

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    The Keith Lee stuff is a perfect example. He got to the main roster and couldn't work the main event style very well. What the fuck had he been doing in NXT for a year+ if he wasn't even getting prepared for the match style of the main roster?
  11. Mad Dog

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    Any time I try to watch NXT, I am almost always greeted by Leon Ruff and just turn it off.
  12. Mad Dog

    The battle of the Vinces

    Edit: Double post.
  13. Mad Dog

    The battle of the Vinces

    I think Vince Jr. did a pretty good job of protecting the Undertaker until around 1999 or so. He kept that mystique for a long time. They even did a good job with Kane for a solid year before moving him down the card. I even think they did a sort of decent job with Great Kahli for awhile as well.
  14. Mad Dog

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    He is a former long term coach of the Oklahoma football team so it was a jab at JR directly. He also coached the Dallas Cowboys.
  15. Mad Dog

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Ron Wright's promos early on are absolutely brilliant. There's one where he put up like a PO Box and said he needed some extra money because he wouldn't afford his heart pills anymore.