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[1996-04-13-ECW-Massacre on Queens Boulevard] Chris Jericho vs Taz

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This is "shootfight rules" with some judo sensei guy as referee. Tod Gordon comes out with Jericho and handcuffs himself to Alfonso. The match is nothing, just a backdrop to the angle--Jericho is SO out of his element here, but Taz acquits himself nicely with the requisite killer suplexes and a really cool bow & arrow hold. The entourage from Taz's "dojo" is at ringside, and his training partner levels outside ref Jim Molineaux and swipes his key, freeing Alfonso while the judo ref weakly sells an accidental shot to the eye. Alfonso clobbers Jericho with a chair and Taz locks on the Tazmission and the ref calls for the bell without bothering to check for the submission. Gordon is in to try to pry Taz off Jericho as the ref questions Alfonso about the chair in the ring...then he levels the Commish with the chair and chokes him out himself! Alfonso drops a big wad of cash in the referee's hand and he and Team Taz walk out victorious. Alfonso has peaked as a personality, I think, but this was more fun stuff from him.

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