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  1. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    Meltzer is reporting that AEW has signed Tony Schiavone.
  2. PeteF3

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Re: Austin...his real break was Bret asking to work with him upon coming back moreso than winning KOTR. I have a feeling he breaks out anyway and probably either gets another opportunity to drop the Austin 3:16 catchphrase or comes up with something else that catches on in a similar way.
  3. PeteF3

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Helmsley did a clean job to Jake's DDT and even got the snake treatment afterward, which almost never happened to pushed talent (even as a kid I noticed when Hercules got Damian at SummerSlam '88 and thought, "Wow, that's rare, Herc must be on his way out.") He also had a countout loss to Freddy Joe Floyd at one point. I do think there was something to the "burial"...but it's also known that he scored a lot of political brownie points for doing all that without complaint (as well as going along with Warrior's late demands to squash him at Mania 12), so it's hard for me to see it as HHH scratching and clawing his way back to the top, either.
  4. PeteF3

    Vince Russo

    That's almost an insult to Bay, though they both peaked "artistically" in the late '90s. Freidberg and Seitzer is probably a good comparison, though.
  5. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    Orange Cassidy officially signed. I'd be less disheartened if they'd instead announced that the Librarians would be given a bye to the tag title tournament finals.
  6. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    You seriously have to ask this? Why did Vince sign Brad Rheingans and Rod Tronguard away from the AWA?
  7. PeteF3

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Dave seemed pretty okay in the "real world" debate in his reaction to El Paso, but that's not very prowrestlingonly of me, I guess.
  8. PeteF3

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Well, they've announced a Hidden Gem for Thursday: the 1993 SummerSlam Spectacular (featuring Steiners vs. Money Inc. in a cage). Now to see where the hell this show actually ends up.
  9. PeteF3

    AEW Fyter Fest

    But why is AEW portraying itself as a heel promotion if that's the case? Haven't we had enough of that with all the reliance on evil authority figures in WWE and elsewhere? I'm also not sure what the target of the satire is--circa 1995 WWF occupational gimmicks? Is that a thing that was really begging to be taken down a peg in 2019? It seems slightly less up-to-date than Bill Clinton cigar jokes.
  10. PeteF3

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Who's "outraged"?
  11. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    Cornette, probably to the shock of many, praised both of them to the heavens on his FTFF review.
  12. PeteF3

    AEW Fight For The Fallen

    I thought there was more good than bad to be found in that main event. Even the finisher-stealing at the end I liked. My main issue wasn't the length, it was the LOOOONG Texas tornado closing stretch. I get that epic tag matches all sort of turn into that eventually, but come on--make an effort to keep one guy out of the ring, please. Still, I had it in the ***1/2 range which seems to be on the high side. Pretty bush-league post-match, all told .
  13. PeteF3

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    There was another old standby back in the day, which is that most of the matches were fake but the title matches were real and for real money.
  14. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    The pre-shows are probably the worst place to be showing that gimmick, which is the point most of us are trying to make. AEW seems to be treating the pre-shows as dumping grounds for failed experiments, failed comedy, and other bullshit that isn't good enough for the main show, instead of using it to try to sell people on what they can actually offer and what they can expect to see.
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