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  1. PeteF3

    AEW Dynamite February 19

    I liked the tag title match more than MoS but count me as someone who liked the cage match even more. Terrific stuff. AEW has my money for my first bought PPV in probably 17 years or so.
  2. PeteF3

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    A very good question, and I actually subscribe to the theory that Bret Hart proferred in his book and that I think I've seen elsewhere: there was no intention of making Warrior any kind of long-term guy. WM6 was about Vince proving to everyone that he could get Hogan to do a clean job, about getting him written off for the summer, and Warrior was simply there to keep the belt warm until it could get back to Hogan. Remember, there was talk of doing Hogan-Warrior II at Mania 7, and Hogan is making noise as early as SummerSlam (long before it seemed there was any end in sight for Warrior's title reign) about going after the title again. Nothing was ever done or said by accident on WWF television at this time, so if Hogan said it, that was definitely a plan. And there is literally no possible result to a potential Hogan-Warrior II besides Hogan getting his win back, end of discussion. So my own personal answer is, like, negative-90 days, or whenever the WM6 main event was decided upon. It was a fait accompli from the start, and the substandard (to an almost nonsensical and completely unseen in WW(W)F history to this point) way that Warrior is booked as champion I think bears this out. He's seemingly stuck in secondary programs because that was the intention all along.
  3. PeteF3

    WWE TV 01/27 - 02/02 R.I.P. Kobe

    Dave on The Board categorically denied the $0-for-NXT story, calling it "total nonsense."
  4. There's a pretty good amount, between filmed highlights as well as some TV that's been released on video--maybe not full episodes, but healthy chunks of them.
  5. PeteF3

    "Triple H shoots himself in the foot" thread

    Like, just on the absolute most superficial level, it's a fucking terrible nonsensical joke. It's not like a guy who can knock up somebody on the road and then never see them again. How can a woman not know how many kids she has? That's one of about a hundred things wrong with all this, but the fact that the joke sucks can hopefully bypass anyone lamenting the decline of western civilization, the rise of political correctness, and "cancel culture." Good for Renee for stepping up in Paige's defense.
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  7. PeteF3

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I don't think using Cornette's actual name qualifies as falling under parody protection. Note that Cornette's own pissing-on-Russo's-grave shirt takes care to block out part of Vince's name.
  8. PeteF3

    AEW Dynamite- Dec 18, 2019

    I think people including the Elite themselves are overstating how much backlash there would be to Omega and the Bucks being pushed as top guys. People turned on HHH and Jarrett pushing themselves to the top because it was HHH and Jeff Jarrett. People actually want to see Omega and the Elite in main events.
  9. PeteF3

    WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    Did he have a wrestling career of any note? Is he persona non grata to Vince? Has he killed anybody? These are literally the only criteria for whether anyone "should" go into the WWE HOF. I don't get why we're still asking these questions.
  10. PeteF3

    WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    Lance Russell, not Solie. And Finlay was a fixture on WWE television for years, which Lance wasn't. The two situations are not remotely comparable.
  11. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    He just main evented the damn show last week. He's clearly in a spot that a guy like, say, Shawn Spears or CIMA isn't at.
  12. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    In terms of guys not growing up fans who became true students of the game: Brian Pillman. He went to a Sheik show in Cincinnati once, but wasn't into wrestling until it opened up as a career option when he was playing football in Calgary. A few years later and he's reading up on Ray Stevens and begging Meltzer to find him footage to study. Personal life and car wreck notwithstanding, Pillman certainly seemed to play the political game better than many others with his background.
  13. PeteF3

    All Elite Wrestling

    Hey, hey, baby steps: let's see if Joey Janela can at least eclipse Shane McMahon when it comes to throwing a damn punch, first.
  14. PeteF3

    AEW Dynamite Week 9 - 27 Nov 2019

    They said before the match it's going to be an annual event.