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TNA signs Jackie Gayda


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Guest TheShawshankRudotion

*Miss Jackie enters the TNA ring*


Jackie: Hi EVERYBODY! It's me! MISS JACKIE!!!


*crowd looks puzzled*


Jackie: You know! Miss Jackie! Me and Rico! Kisses! Always and All Ways! *giggles*


*crowd is silent*


*someone coughs*


Jackie: Well, I'm here in TNA! *shakes titties* and I am going to put the T and the A back N TNA! *shakes titties and ass*




Jackie: Um...


Tenay: Oh, this is not good. Can we get some, like, wrestlers and wrestling out here?


*Monty Brown, AMW, Team Canada, and Chris Daniels come out*


*crowd cheers*


*Wrestlers approach Miss Jackie and are about to remove her*


*Crowd breathes a sigh of relief*


*Wrestlers Bukkake Miss Jackie*


*Roof BLOWS, Crowd goes NUTS.*

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^ what he said + 5.


Also happy TNA's gonna be getting another good wrestler in their ranks, but at this rate, they'll be needing a secondary title cause we can't have like 50 people hunting down the Heavyweight title (which seems to be the title they go for and not the X).

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