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Upcoming podcast series - Gigolo Gaz Unzips

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I am ecstatic to announce that within the next few weeks I shall be launching my very own podcast, "Gigolo Gaz Unzipped...". It's a different breed of podcast. Many podcasts concentrate on the bad, often they'd rather bury one bad thing on a show than celebrate 10 good ones. Well, that's not the case here. This is a celebration of Wrestling and why we love it so. The friends people make, the places they see, the characters they meet, and the experiences they have. It's a podcast which gleefully acknowledges to us that Wrestling is the greatest thing in the world, and we're going to champion the aspects which make it so. "But wait!" I hear you say "You're a super entertaining dynamo, but just listening to you would get boring". You're right, it would. Which is why I'll be joined by some utterly fantastic guests with some big names worthy of nothing but the highest respect having held titles in major promotions internationally in some cases. World travelled, experienced, and with some marvellous stories to tell. More informatiion will be forthcoming in the near future, so watch this space! I need to find somewhere to host it for instance.

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Guests currently on deck are:-


Doug Williams,

Paul London,

The Unit Jim Diehard (UK Promoter and Wrestler)

Matt Vaughn (Wrestler, Bodybuilder, former Rugby pro, Ice Hockey player, decorated Amateur wrestler, and other stuff too)


ETA is early to mid April, as I've got some tech issues to sort out first, and a place to host it. But yeah. Other than that, going ok.

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