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  1. Really been enjoying this series, especially the John Short tales.
  2. cheapshot

    Jeff Learns Wrestling

    Great to have the show back.
  3. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2018

    I think it's pointless adding anyone else. Dave's not going to put Jim Breaks back on either, rightly or wrongly.
  4. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2018

    I've had US voters reach me out to me privately who wanted me to convince them to vote Daddy, so it's more than "the lulz".
  5. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2018

    I couldn't vote for anyone else really until either Pallo or Daddy got it. Rocco really doesn't have an actual HoF case, he's a level down in my eyes.
  6. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2018

    I had him on the first draft of my ballot this year, then after more thought, felt he should go on the ballot with David and Kevin rather than as singularly.
  7. GREAT Episode! Especially the Other USA and WCW sections with Scott Bowden.
  8. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2018

    My ballot: I FOLLOWED THE HISTORICAL PERFORMERS ERA CANDIDATES X Sputnik Monroe Enrique Torres Von Brauners & Saul Weingeroff Johnny "Wrestling II" Walker Bearcat Wright Wild Bull Curry I FOLLOWED THE MODERN PERFORMERS IN U.S/CANADA CANDIDATES X Junkyard Dog I FOLLOWED WRESTLING IN EUROPE/AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/PACIFIC ISLANDS/AFRICA X Big Daddy Jackie Pallo Mario Milano NON-WRESTLERS Stanley Weston Jim Crockett Jr. Howard Finkel Jimmy Hart Jerry Jarrett
  9. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2018

  10. New Jack was one of the best promos in Pro Wrestling during this period.
  11. cheapshot

    Blackpool, England

  12. Managed to listen to Episode 3: Memphis Quick Hits, and really enjoyed it. Plenty of little nuggets of information I didn't know as well as Jerry saying exactly what he thought of everyone brought up, pretty much as candid as I'd hope. Great work Sean, you and Jerry have a good rapport and looking forward to listening to more shows.
  13. cheapshot

    The big announcement

    This is wonderful news. You have my buy in and full support.
  14. You don't think there's a huge difference of talent between a guy who's able to execute a script and a guy who's able to put his own match together or even call it in the ring ? There is but since we arent privy to the details of how matches are put together most of the time, I can only call what I see. Even if you know you're comparing Apples to Oranges if you're comparing a New Japan match vs. a WWE match based on one having no agent layout / input vs. one that you know does?
  15. If the footage was available I'd probably say Bockwinkel.