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Squared Circle Gazette Radio #31 - Ranking The WrestleManias: The Bottom 10

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After taking feedback from here, there and everywhere, the latest SCG Radio is up discussing my article ranking every WrestleMania in history, the first in a three part series, kicking off with the Bottom 10. The panel gets together to debate the list, breaking down the shows and any objections they have, talking WrestleManias 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11,15, 27 & 29, which all made it into this section of the countdown.


A very interactive show some good discussion on the elements that make such a list so interesting, give it a listen and as always, let me know what you think!



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Good show and I think having your personal list as a basis was key to keep things structured. One thing I wasn't so much of a fan of was that most of the arguments against portions on your list invoked nostalgia and other intangibles. I understand that certain Manias are special to certain people (27 and 29 would be for me), but I can also objectively see that neither of those were good shows compared to the pantheon of the other shows.

I look forward to the middle portion the most since I assume the top 10 will be most of the usual suspects.

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Very entertaining show. I think the Hart/Hogan/Yoko stuff from WM9 gets too much hate. When watching outside of the known politics, meglomania, dislike for Hogan, etc. It worked that night and the crowd ate it up. WMIX wasn't a good mania at all, but I feel that particular incident is best explained in full context in order to get a raise out of people.

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