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  1. fakeplastictrees

    NWA Powerrr

    Ricky Starks is a start. He is smooth as butter on the mic. James Storm's promo was also good and it was refreshing to here Cabana state that he is in the NWA for cash, championships, and kicking ass.
  2. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Dynamite Week 2 - 9th October 2019

    I am glad people are finally seeing Baker for who she is. There is no way I look at the AEW roster of women and think that Baker should be on the posters or anywhere near the forefront. She has shown no charisma and this dentist stuff has already hit the "is killer spelled backwards" territory. If someone gets super excited about seeing her passable work, good on them. Me, I see a vanilla women being pushed for "reasons". Those reasons? Not quite sure.
  3. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Dynamite Week 2 - 9th October 2019

    This is all from PW Torch's Twitter: True TV simulcast of Dynamite drew 122,000, so live/same-night-DVR viewership was a smaller drop-off overall. 1.140 million in total viewers is more accurate comparison to 1.409, it appears. Downloads for Tuesday's night's premieres of NWA Powerr and AEW Dark on YouTube... As of now, about 44 hours after premiere, 272K for NWA and 562K for AEW Dark. Both impressive numbers out of the gate. The Raw 50+ rating was 1.05. AEW's was 0.03!!! But male 18-34 Raw was 0.69 compared to AEW 0.48. https://twitter.com/PWTorch
  4. fakeplastictrees

    Hell in a Cell 2019 - Card is not only subject to change, but is bound to

    You are right. We've been down this path before. I'd love to see a chart outlining key elements to let someone know if WWE is about to book itself into a corner. Maybe a survey will work better? If you answer 'Yes' to 8 of the 12 questions, that means WWE booked itself into a corner. Complete the survey prior to a PPV. If the numbers check out, grab popcorn and enjoy the show. If the numbers do not shake out and point to an overbooked iceberg ahead, you at least know when to check out of the show and save yourself trouble.
  5. fakeplastictrees

    The Official Seth Rollins is Terrible Thread

    Don't mind me. Just passing through...
  6. fakeplastictrees

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Dustin was the first person that came to mind when I read the thread title. Goldust's ECW run was the comeback none of us knew we wanted until it happened.
  7. fakeplastictrees

    WWE TV 08/12 - 08/18 Poop every other day to stop global warming

    Who would be in the group? I wouldn't be opposed to the idea. Maybe an "Evolution" style grouping of women. Medusa, Charlotte Flair, and perhaps two women from NXT with tons of upside that are not top draws right now, but have amazing potential.
  8. fakeplastictrees

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I couldn't imagine anyone breaking down the doors to work with the NWA. Does the NWA bring anything to the table? Aldis, Storm, Drake, and Kay are great players to fill out the bench, not to start. If the NWA really wants to stand out they need to look completely different that everything else. Super indie with a TV deal isn't going to work in 2019 as ROH and Impact have shown.
  9. fakeplastictrees

    WWE TV 07/22 - 07/28 RAW Reunion! Candice Michelle is back!!!

    So what are the WWE reunion showisms? - A backstage segment that breaks into dancing or some other 'entertaining' hijinx that is interrupted by Ron Simmons. - Wrestlers and personalities from the past standing on stage and waving to the fans. - WWE showing the same video packages and photographs they do for all of the reunion/anniversary shows. - Stone Cold giving someone a stunner. - The Boogeyman will scare someone. - A current team/wrestler that is lukewarm (at best) or completely cold (which is most likely) will job to one or more members of the past roster. - A random Diva segment in the back where the women are talking and that is used to setup a match between two current workers. A match we have seen a million times. - Lilian Garcia will perform ring announcing duties for one or more matches while the current ring announcer enjoys Titus Catering's Monday special. Am I missing anything?
  10. fakeplastictrees

    All Elite Wrestling

    Tony dedicated an entire WHW episode to his time in WWF. IIRC, he enjoyed and only really left due to money. There might have been some other factors, I can't remember at this time, but overall it was a positive experience for Tony.
  11. fakeplastictrees

    WWE TV 07/15 - 07/21 Flipping burgers to become Ambassador

    Rollins winning would be absolutely terrible. Big E. vs. Brock Lesnar is the only correct outcome.
  12. fakeplastictrees

    All Elite Wrestling

    I like the approach of a little something for everyone. Doing that, starting out, will give the company a good gauge of what is and isn't working. I've enjoyed both shows thus far. My biggest complaint with AEW right now is the focus on 'having good matches'. It's the same complaint I have with WWE. The wrestling has ventured away from a struggle and more into silly choreography up and down the card. That's "fine" with me. However, I would hear the wrestler state that they want to win matches, beat people up, and cash checks. MJF did an interview backstage after FF and in that interview he mentioned that whenever the fans see him, they will see an amazing match. Not him coming out with the win or humbling his opponents. An amazing match. Keeping tracks of wins and loses is a good concept, but the wrestlers will need to care as well and that should be reflected in promos. Having one or two guys on the roster who wants to 'steal the show' is all well and good, but everyone cannot cosplay as Dolph Ziggler. Someone has to be there for championships and checks.
  13. fakeplastictrees

    WWE TV 7/1 - 7/7 The Return of the Return of Heyman and Bischoff

    We are approaching the nine o'clock hour and Raw has been a hit thus far. Drake Maverick and Ron Killings interactions, to no one's surprise, have been gold all night.
  14. fakeplastictrees

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I would love for Impact to sign 6 guys to long term contracts and really work to build the company around them. Hopefully Cross stays around for a bit.
  15. fakeplastictrees

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Salina is not my cup of tea, but I can see why some find her attractive. A bigger question, has MLW created any bonafide stars since its return? I am talking about people who can be considered originals as it doesn't seem as Martinez, Brazil, Reed, etc. have taken off in any real capacity.