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  1. fakeplastictrees

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I didn't think Shane had a job in the office since his return. I only remember seeing his performer contract salary and not WWE employee salary. I may be incorrect. Shane should pull a real life Invasion announcement at this point and get in bed with Khan. He should burn that bridge and ensure he is out of the will, all for the good name of pro wrestling!
  2. fakeplastictrees

    WWE Extreme Rules 2021 - Less Extreme, More Rules

    WWE's lack of commitment is what really killed the finish of the main event. It's simple. If you want to be Sports Entertainment and do this nonsense, go all in. Music revives Demon, Demon hits Reigns with the chair, Demon takes out Usos, Demon rolls Roman in the ring and hits his top rope finisher, rolls out and hits it from the mat, Demon hits his finisher from the top rope again. 1,2,3. Lights are still red, music still plays, and smoke fills the ring. Lights slowly come on and as the smoke clears we see the Demon has vanished. Roman and Usos get to their feet yell at Heyman, takes out the ref, WWE officials come down to the ring as The Bloodline takes apart the ring and surrounding area and go all Bret Hart 97 SS. It's simple. If you want to do it, then do it. If you want to get silly, make everyone involved look like geeks ,and kill a gimmick, then do what was done. Just absolutely silly.
  3. fakeplastictrees

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Absolutely agree. I am not sure what WCW was doing back then with guys like Piper, Flair, Funk, Savage, etc. Both Flair and Piper should have been managers. There was enough 'new blood' in WCW at the time that needed it. Savage would have been best served on commentary on Saturday night (and doing the occasional house show and TV dark matches). Funk, Dusty, Larry Z, should have been ambassadors. Fan conventions, web radio personalities, featured articles on WCW.com, special VHS/DVDs, etc. WCW couldn't solve the Hogan problem and so he would have always been toward, if not at, the top of the card and hovering around the world title. Late WCW would have been slightly, and I do mean slightly, a little better if WCW made a strong commitment to put some of these guys in better roles. But yeah, I did not enjoy Piper's WCW run at all.
  4. fakeplastictrees

    All Elite Wrestling

    Lana and Rusev made all the sense in the world. Miro and CJ do not. Miro is charismatic, he can talk, and he can wrestle. The guy has presence. Lana should really focus on her dancing, modeling, acting career instead. She got her money and had nearly/over a decade in WWE. It's time for her to retire from pro wrestling.
  5. fakeplastictrees

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    @sek69 touched on it earlier in this thread regarding Vince. The cult of personality Vince built for himself is amazing. - WWE wrestler gets fired and (in most cases) often thanks WWE in an OTT way. - Fired WWE wrestler blames X (Ace, Creative, etc.) and talks about how much Vince loved him/her. - Wrestlers, not related to Vince, describe him as a father figure and talk about a son/daughter type of relationship with Vince (Nash, Angle, Strowman, Warrior, etc.) - Taking time off work is usually deterred due a Vince pep talk. - Wrestler is fired from WWE and proceed to base most, if not all, of their post WWE personality/gimmick on one man's opinion of them.
  6. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Double or Nothing 2021

    I'm ready for tonight. Should be a fun show. As long as the majority of these matches keep it ten minutes or less, we should be in for a stellar show.
  7. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Dynamite - May 19 2021

    Enjoy the show MoS. Should be very entertaining. My only compliant about AEW PPVs is that they tend not to know which matches should be 10 minutes or less. Outside of that, you should see a solid live show. I will watch on PPV.
  8. fakeplastictrees

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Dream had all the talent in the world. A true student of the game. HHH, HBK, Hogan, Austin, and Cena all co-signed him. All that talent gone to waste. Unreal. Despite that fact, keep his ass out of WWE, pro wrestling, and more importantly away from children. You got to be fucking kidding me!
  9. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Dynamite - May 19 2021

    Dynamite was another fun show. I love AEW's undercard and future prospects. The Acclaimed (especially Max Caster), Varsity Blondes, Bear Country, Top Flight, Austin Gunn, Red Velvet etc. Just a really solid future for AEW. Everyone has some sort of personality with the exception of Top Flight, but it appears they are working on the selling point for that team to be its innovation as those guys are always trying something new. AEW uses these men and women really good as well. Austin (and his brother) are on Dark and Dark Elevation stacking up wins again unsigned talent from around the country and the world and build up a good record that looks impressive when going against one of the main stars on Dynamite. Wins and loses being counted really helps with this. Ogogo didn't beat a scrub, he beat a guy that was, IIRC, on an 11 fight win streak. Which brings me to my next point. I love being wrong. I was wrong about Guevara, Dark Order, Brit Baker, and Red Velvet. AEW has something with Red Velvet, I don't know what it is, but things are starting to click with her. I hope she stays the course and stays focus on the business, because I think she could be a really player for AEW in about two years time.
  10. fakeplastictrees

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    This should be fun. The MLW reboot has been fun since its inception. It's good to see they are continuing to re-invent the company. I mentioned it earlier in this thread, but I always found SDR a little too try-hard. She's gotten a little better in her role over time, but she still does nothing for me. Apparently both WWE and AEW are interested in her services, but I feel Impact or ROH would probably be a better situation for her. It's going to be interesting to see where she lands. El Jefe in MLW is going to create some must see TV and if WWE an MLW are working together then we can possibly see Lucha House Party, Escobar and his crew, Humberto, and others.
  11. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Dark Megathread

    I am just tired of the MMA gimmicks in pro wrestling. It's a crutch. It does nothing for me. I want to see more. Perhaps I missed a few things in the past two weeks or so, but the "Legit" stuff needs to go. Last video package I saw of her, she was standing in a ring talking about fighting for her family. it's boring. It's the go to gimmick for anyone who doesn't want to try and refuses to be larger than life. If I am wrong, I am wrong. I hope to be wrong. I love being wrong about wrestlers. I thought Brit Baker and Sammy Guevara were bad signings. I thought TNA brining in Scott Steiner in 2006 (?) was a bad idea. All 3 proved me wrong ten times over. I hope Leyla does the same. If not, and she settles into being "Legit", she can pack her bags. I'm not interested. Same for Tay Conti. Conti has improved in the ring and I am still waiting for her to develop a personality beyond letting people know she's a black belt. I will never apologize for wanting pro wrestlers to be larger than life and turn the personality up to 10.
  12. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Dark Megathread

    Mel, Shanna, and Leyla can definitely go. I don't want to see anymore men or women who refuse to learn how to get over or transition beyond being a good in ring. I can see money in Abadon, Red Velvet, and MK Twins if AEW are interested in signing the latter. There's nothing in the first three IMO. Pro wrestling needs less serious, no charisma, MMA gimmicks right now. Having a black belt or being 'legit' means absolutely dick to me when it comes to pro wrestling.
  13. fakeplastictrees

    AEW Dynamite BLOOD AND GUTS - May 5, 2021

    It is true there are some bad actors out there that are looking to slam AEW, I am not one of them. I am not saying that anyone on this board is calling me one. Here's the thing though, if this was Shimmer, AIW, Freelance, etc. then people would go with it. However, when a billionaire owned multi-million dollar company does this on national TV for one of their biggest shows of the year, it's something different. AEW needs to get it together when it comes to delivering on big matches with big stunts. If this match ended with the threat and no pay off, I think everyone would have been okay with that (to an extent). AEW will slowly lose consumer confidence if this keeps up. Same thing happened to Impact. Granted, AEW is doing a million other things right, so they will be fine for a very long time, but something has got to give. This is the second big match where the big finale came off like complete shit. Fine, AEW had a dud bomb. Forgivable. But this? People remember finishes.
  14. fakeplastictrees

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Is there a reason Natalya doesn't know how to do a proper sharpshooter? It's been years. Despite being related to Bret Hart and having two years (if not more) access to Sting, she still does the shitty version of one. It looks like shit and I don't believe she ever did it correctly.
  15. fakeplastictrees

    All Elite Wrestling

    I don't want to see any invasion angle. KENTA vs. Chris Jericho doesn't become more interesting with a faux invasion angle. It's okay if KENTA has an issue with Jericho and only Jericho instead of RAH RAH NJPW! Fans mainly want to see great matches today, so just make that happen. Impact has enough men and women on the roster to have random and fun matches on Dynamite, Dark, Dark Elevation, and PPVs. Not much of a story is needed to setup Rhino and Kingston on a random episode of Dynamite much like not was needed for Jericho vs. Nagata on a random episode of Thunder back in the day. That's the beauty of these types of working relationships, it helps keep the things fresh and allows AEW wrestlers to pick up wins from notable names without turning an AEW prospect like Jungle Boy in a JTTS. I hope we see an Impact vs. AEW six man down the line on AEW TV. Willie Mack, Rich Swann, Josh Alexander vs. Best Friends or Jurassic Express or Death Triangle to kick off a Dynamite or PPV would be fun.