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[2013-12-29-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Arisa Nakajima

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FYI, this is a title unification match for the World of Stardom title and the JWP Openweight title. The matwork at the start of this is really awesome like a faster version of BattlArts matwork. It doesn't feel like they're killing time at all because it has a fierce, competitive edge to it the entire time. Then the two of them start pulling out some cool highspots. Shirai starts out with a dive that only finds the front row of chairs, she does manage to follow up later springboard plancha were she goes over the corner of the ring onto Nakajima. Meanwhile, Arisa breaks out a jumping DDT on the apron and a footstomp from the top rope to the floor. After that is when the match starts to fall apart though. They seem to fall out of sync with each other as Nakajima can't seem to figure out how to bump for an Implant Buster, while Shirai struggles to get into the right position for suplexes and rollups. This should have been a MOTYC, it was well on its way to be one but it just ended up flat at the finish. Definitely worth checking out for the first 2/3rds of it just be prepared to be let down by the finish. ****

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