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  1. donsem43

    AAA Heroes Immortales 10/19

    Fyi, if you have Amazon Prime you can use that to sign up for Twitch Prime. Doing that gives you a free subscription to use on any channel, so if you use it on AAA you get the shows ad-free plus have access to their archives for 30 days. You have to manually renew it after that time.
  2. donsem43

    Bushiroad (NJPW owners) buys Stardom

    There is a fear of raiding of the roster of other companies, especially after the incident where Giulia (one of Ice Ribbon's heavily pushed young stars) tried to jump to Stardom by quitting via text then showing up to Stardom's show on Monday. Personally, I don't see them going after companies with older rosters like OZ Academy, WAVE, DIANA, and obviously SEAdLINNNG. Gatoh Move and Marvelous are at risk with the young talent that they have but I don't know how much those companies want to grow. The ones that really have to worry are Ice Ribbon, Tokyo Joshi, and Actwres girl'Z. Those companies have a fair number of young talents and seemingly have a desire to grow. Honestly though, WWE is a bigger risk to raiding rosters. Especially now with the Observer apparently reporting that not only is Meiko Satomura a WWE employee but that she has been one for months. With the level of connections and respect that Satomura has it's going to be hard for an established talent to turn away WWE if they pursue her. Also, if Riho continues her early success I'm sure AEW will be looking for more joshi talent as well. There always seems to be rumours of Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa hanging out at various joshi shows.
  3. donsem43

    Bushiroad (NJPW owners) buys Stardom

    First impression is that this is Bushiroad's way of getting into the J-Pop Idol business.
  4. This is a pretty well done southern-style tag worked by a bunch of joshi wrestlers. It helps that NEO Biishiki-Gun, despite looking like anime villains, are not interested in being cutesy and meme-friendly but rather just want to beat and humiliate their opponents. The match isn't the smoothest, mostly because Misao is still working out her moveset as a heel, but the story stays consistent and the intensity level stays strong throughout. A high quality tag out of Tokyo Joshi to break up what has been a very flat year in-ring. ****
  5. This to have had some good matches in the past but nothing that made you think that they really clicked together until this match. The match was filled with a lot of attitude flexing from both women via hair pulling, slapping, and kicking. Momo eventually gains control and seems on her way to victory until Hazuki steals it from right under her. Great stuff with the bonus of a bitchy pull apart in the post-match. ****
  6. These two are always electric in the ring together and this match is no different. This more of an "In your face" physical style of match than their previous singles matchups. The difference in this match is Utami dropping Jungle on the apron with her spinning powerbomb. While Jungle makes a spirited attempt to comeback, Utami ends up putting her away with a torture rack submission. Pretty great, short, high impact match. ****
  7. This match has Hoshiki defending her Wonder of Stardom title against Jungle Kyona, who has some momentum herself having just won the tag titles with Konami a few weeks earlier. The story of this match is Hoshiki's quick technical striking verses the power of Jungle. Jungle's tries to neutralize Hoshiki's striking by working over her leg but Hoshiki is able counter back with some opportunistic quick bursts and works a sleeper to slow Jungle down. Jungle tries to put her away during the finishing run but Hoshiki keeps sneaking out trouble and Arisa is able to line up a series of strikes to pull off the win. Tremendous match, especially with Jungle's performance but Hoshiki is starting to build up a case for being in the discussion as being one of the best workers in the company. ****1/4
  8. Great babyface performance from Candice here, especially during the early part of the match where she takes a lot of nutty bumps. A strong start for heel Io as it allows her to work more aggressive and gives her a needed breath of fresh air. ***3/4
  9. This is for Hoshiki's Wonder of Stardom title. These two have had a bit of a rivalry that has been going on for the last few months, with them even going as far as teasing a hair match between the two. The biggest strength of this match was it's ability to switch things up while still being coherent as a whole. They do a little bit of everything in this match. There's the obvious striking but they also managed to mix in brawling, working holds and the usual exchange of big moves down the stretch but the match never feels disjointed. This results in the match having a different feel from your typical Japanese title match that we've seen the last few years. A freaking fantastic match that is an absolute must watch. ****1/2
  10. donsem43

    NXT talk

    Tegan Nox had her first match since her injury at the Mae Young Classic last year tonight at the NXT house show in Orlando.
  11. donsem43

    Current Joshi Talk

    Couple of big news items from Stardom this week. First, at their 7/24 show they announced that Riho has signed with them and will debut with them on their 8/10 show. Not sure how this effects her involvement with AEW since I believe she was there on a tryout basis, whether she is just with Stardom or she has a deal similar to Bea Priestley. Stardom also announced the lineup for this year's 5*GP. The blocks are similar to last year with almost all of the returning entrants ending up in the same blocks. Blue Stars : Kagetsu Konami Arisa Hoshiki Andras Miyagi Utami Hayashishita Jungle Kyona Tora Natsuko Bea Priestley Jamie Hayter Red Stars : Mayu Iwatani Momo Watanabe Hana Kimura Hazuki Tam Nakano Saki Kashima Natsu Sumire Kasey Owens Avary Overall, the whole tournament should be pretty good. A wide open field plus Stardom might be having it's strongest in-ring year in terms of consistent quality is a good recipe to have.
  12. This is a terrific stars with junior partners match. Shindo and Manami start out with some fun rookie stuff then, later in the match, take their beatings from their senior opponents. The high point of match though is the Sareee/Satomura interactions, which show flashes of Jumbo/Misawa. A super fun match here. ****
  13. This is Hoshiki's first defense of the Wonder of Stardom title since she ended Momo Watanabe's nearly year long run the previous Korakuen Hall show. This match has gotten a far bit of hype and it's justified for the most part. This was the best performance of Tam Nakano's career, granted I've never really been a fan of hers, with some good leg work early on and some terrific work during the finish. In fact, this was the best finishing stretch that I've seen this year. The last 8 or so minutes are must watch. The only knocks I have against it was that they did overreach a times leading to some messy execution and Hoshiki did brush off Tam's early legwork. As a whole though, this was a great match well worth checking out. ****
  14. This is Sareee's first defense of the Sedai Girls title since winning it last month. This was surprisingly the most violent match on this card. Not just from the strike but a lot of the moves, especially the double stomps, looked particularly nasty. The only big mark against this match was Sareee's lack of selling for DASH's big moves, (this has been a consistent problem for Sareee all year.) Still, this match was fantastic and probably the best singles match of DASH's career. ****
  15. To be honest, I've been down on this two, especially Yoshiko, for awhile now but this was a match that provided much needed strong performance from each. Mainly from Yoshiko as she finally rediscovers that she should be working like a bully which just makes everything she does more effective. Chihiro show a lot more energy and personality than she has in the last year. This is something that is well worth checking out. ****