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  1. This is Sareee's first defense of the Sedai Girls title since winning it last month. This was surprisingly the most violent match on this card. Not just from the strike but a lot of the moves, especially the double stomps, looked particularly nasty. The only big mark against this match was Sareee's lack of selling for DASH's big moves, (this has been a consistent problem for Sareee all year.) Still, this match was fantastic and probably the best singles match of DASH's career. ****
  2. To be honest, I've been down on this two, especially Yoshiko, for awhile now but this was a match that provided much needed strong performance from each. Mainly from Yoshiko as she finally rediscovers that she should be working like a bully which just makes everything she does more effective. Chihiro show a lot more energy and personality than she has in the last year. This is something that is well worth checking out. ****
  3. This has been a dream match for a while and it ended up being exactly what you would want a match between these two to be. Mizunami bringing power moves, Satomura bringing technical stuff while both women bringing heavy strikes. Everything meshes together seamlessly, even Mizunami's comedy spots. Just a tremendous match. ****1/4
  4. It's something to see Suruga, Gatoh Move's super spunky 20 year old rookie, come bouncing out to Satomura's entrance theme. That dynamic between them plays out during the match as Suruga uses her speed and energy to throw off her opponents while Satomura was all about physical striking and grappling. Suruga has a bit of success in the match but ends up getting worked over a fair bit but manages to survive via her instincts. Sareee and Yuu work well together as a team while both are able to go toe to toe with Satomura individually. This is yet another high quality random team tag match that Sendai Girls has had this year. ****1/4
  5. donsem43

    Current Joshi Talk

    The issue with Sareee is that her home promotion, Diana, doesn't have TV nor does it post much stuff online so there isn't as much footage of her matches as you would think. You have to rely on her showing up in other promotions. She has been on pretty much every Sendai Girls show from this year. Here is a few matches of her matches that are online from the last few year: vs. Leon - 5/13/18 (Diana) vs. Takumi Iroha - 5/27/18 (Diana) w/ Nanae Takahashi vs. Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto - 7/14/17 (SEAdLINNNG)
  6. donsem43

    Current Joshi Talk

    According to Tokyo Sports, Triple H met with Sareee while he was in Japan.
  7. I thought this match had a bit too much fighting spirit at times that led to some bad selling. The finishing run was pretty great though. I especially like how Sareee mixed in rollups to try and catch Chihiro off guard. Chihiro also got protected by kicking out of a few uranages, a move that had one-shot everyone else the last few months, until Sareee had to use a pumphandle version to get the win. Not great like their January match but still pretty good and it's great to see Sareee get a big push since it is LONG overdue for her. ***3/4
  8. donsem43

    Your 2019 Midyear Awards

    Sendai Girls has been absolutely fantastic all year. Every one of their shows that have made it online have been at least entertaining. The 2/10 Beauty Bear vs. DASH/Hiroyo tag and the 5/27 Meiko Satomura vs. Yuu matches have been the highest points.
  9. donsem43

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Watched the Stardom doc this morning and while I think that it asks a lot of interesting questions, it does a weak job on following up on them. The strongest part was the wrestler profiles. Jungle Kyona comes off as someone who is too sane for wrestling, while Mayu Iwatani is exactly the type of nut you would expect to meet. You could probably do a whole doc on Kris Wolf herself but it would have been nice to see an example of the cultural distance/isolated feelings that she had. The Rossy interview is the biggest fumble to me. Why show that Stardom's audience is almost all older men then not ask the owner/promoter why he doesn't market his product to women/children? Does he think he can only make money from the male demo he currently targets? Are the boundaries set by an overly traditional Japanese society too much to overcome? Speaking of Japanese society, the doc mentions how wrestling is an escape from traditional roles of women in Japanese society and they decide to illustrate that by... going to an concert put on by an all-women rock band. Um, what?!? Why not keep it tied to the subject matter? If you can't get good answers out of anyone in Stardom why not try to interview someone like Bull Nakano or Kaori Yoneyama, who have tonnes of experience and likely a different perspective. In the end, I can see this being informative to people who have never heard of joshi before but for a wrestling fan with just a passing knowledge of it, I don't see the doc shedding any new light on it.
  10. donsem43

    All Elite Wrestling

    It makes the office people in charge of stuff like this look incompetent?
  11. donsem43

    All Elite Wrestling

    There is probably a decent chance of this happening. I believe Shida is full time and moving to the U.S. so depending on whatever Aja's deal is effect the likelihood of what AEW will do with her. Although, I'm sure that they want to use Aja to establish the credibility of the women on the roster. I read that Riho is on kind of a tryout of a handful of matches but it's more her trying out AEW and living in the U.S. rather than the opposite. I imagine Emi Sakura is here just to have someone Riho is comfortable to work with and to help her decide if she should sign full time. Never read anything on Yuka Sakazaki's deal or if this is a one-off for Ryo Mizunami.
  12. donsem43

    All Elite Wrestling

    I wonder what kind of TV deal they are going to get in Canada. TSN aired the Kenny Omega doc but who knows how they would feel about airing wrestling regularly again after giving Raw the boot all those years ago. Granted, WWE is hooked up with Sportsnet and thing are pretty competitive between the two sports networks in this country so that might open the door. AEW could also sign a deal with TSN parent company Bell and have a regular time on another channel like MuchMusic then have an re-airing on TSN later in the week.
  13. donsem43

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    If Aja Kong works AEW TV in the fall, it will be 24 years since her last appearance on a U.S. promotions prime time TV. I don't think there is anyone else close to a stretch that long even if you include shows like the 6:05 show on TBS and Prime Time Wrestling.
  14. Cool fun fact: Kofi's win came a day before the 45th anniversary of Hank Aaron passing Babe Ruth's total for career home runs.
  15. This is a big match for Mika Iwata as she challenges the reigning OZ Academy champ, Hikaru Shida. Iwata has been over shadowed a bit by her classmate Chihiro Hashimoto when it comes to her potential because she has been pushed in a more traditional way rather than being a phenom right out of the gate. But that potential shines pretty bright here as she has a fantastic performance taking on a veteran star. Shida has a really stellar performance here to hitting just the right tone of being the establishing that she's better than Iwata but leaving enough openings to give Iwata hope and not come off as dominating. Just a terrific match. ****1/4