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Wrestlemania 2015 - Really? No One Else? Huh.


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So. Fantasy booking is fun right? Right. So here we go.


First off, some rules are in order. I’m going to be working from the WrestleMania card to start and not making any last minute changes. I’m also going to use real WWE as a barometer for who I can and cannot use. So if someone gets injured in the real, I will have to deal with that injury as well. I also am beholden to the WWE/NXT roster as it actually exists so when Brock Lesnar goes, he goes. Since he didn’t go, he stays. I also won’t add Nakamura to the roster unless that actually happens because otherwise the roster would become unrecognizable in about a week. This inserts constraints to the fantasy booking to ground it a bit in reality.


With that in mind, here is the basic plan. I contend that the biggest issue currently hurting WWE is a lack of characters with clear and consistent motivations. The second biggest issue is that nothing is sticking in mental space due to the amount of high level matches that are given out week to week to fill time. That being said, WWE RAW and Smackdown will no longer be giving away as many main event matches as previous. We are protecting matchups so the big shows are big and to not burn out match ups that lose all value.


I try to give a structure to these things more in a bullet point form as though I was trying to write an actual script for the show rather than move-by-move or word-by-word. We do want a structured show though so it doesn’t turn into guys stepping on each other’s moves or killing stuff like dives out of the ring. I will also give you, gentle reader, my thinking regarding the moves and why I am making them.


I found in constructing Wrestlemania that one of the larger problems with the card is that the natural cadence for the line up is to start with the less important matches and build to your more heavily built matches. What this leads to is a lot of multi-man matches in a row which is not ideal because it goes from cluster to cluster to cluster. Thats a lot of clusters. I’m not happy about it but I can’t see moving one of the five singles matches down there to make it work.


Match 1: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

  1. In terms of Sheamus, I think we all see his introduction as inevitable. I would guess that (based on current direction) he may attack Curtis Axel before the match to ‘make room’ to continue the Axel storyline. I think this may be a mistake considering that Axel is getting some face reactions. On the other hand, I’m not certain keeping Sheamus a face is important in the long term. I’ll roll with Sheamus taking out Axel before the match and see where I feel its going.

  2. One of the most recent missteps from WWE is the whole NXT tournament to get in the Battle Royal that contains four guys who won’t stand out at all in a Battle Royal. I’d almost be happier with Baron Corbin in here just for size reasons but for the sake of continuity, let us say Adrian Neville is your winner. He will get a mini angle out of the Battle Royal to give him a post-RAW match.

  3. Kane and Big Show (much to your delight) will begin the Battle Royal the way the Royal Rumble ended with them being a dominant squad, eliminating some of the lesser guys in the rumble like Fandango, Sin Cara and Zach Ryder. They will be instructed to not treat the eliminations like putting groceries in the back of their Honda Civic.

  4. I want to give Titus O’Neil some shine here and give him a strong elimination like Mark Henry and a good knock down on The Big Show.

  5. Final Six are Show, Kane, Miz, Mizdow, Sheamus and Ryback.

  6. Big Show accidentally cracks Kane with a knockout blow and both get eliminated moments later with Sheamus Brogue kicking Kane off the apron and Ryback meat hooking Show in the back. This will be needed to make the great Kane-Show angle really kick off! (No it won’t. But its important to have this plot point regardless.)

  7. Miz tries to shove Mizdow in front of him during the traditional final four showdown. Mizdow finally turns on Miz while Ryback and Sheamus stand by in bemusement. Mizdow eliminates Miz and chased him to the back. In essence, eliminating himself without having to kill his heat with an elimination immediately after his big moment.

  8. Ryback gets the surprise elimination on Sheamus by countering a Brogue kick. This should come off as a bit unexpected with most people predicting Sheamus to win to set up the evening as having unpredictable (but not unrealistic) outcomes. This also puts some momentum behind Ryback for stuff to come down the line.


Order of Elimination:

Zach Ryder (by Adam Rose)

Heath Slater (by Adrian Neville)

Adam Rose (by Goldust)

Jack Swagger (by Kane & Big Show)

Sin Cara (by Mark Henry)

Erik Rowan (by Big Show)

Adrian Neville (by Kane)

Darren Young (by Kane & Big Show)

Fandango (by Big Show)

Mark Henry (by Titus O’Neil)

Titus O’Neil (by The Miz)

Goldust (by Kane)

Big Show (by Ryback)

Kane (by Sheamus)

The Miz (by Mizdow)

Mizdow leaves the ring

Sheamus (by Ryback)


Match 2: Tag Title 4 Way

  1. With Jey Uso hurt, Jimmy attempts to start the match solo against the other competitors but Kidd and Cesaro demand that he not be allowed to compete without a partner.

  2. This partner comes from an unlikely source as Big E offers to team up with him after conferring with Woods and Kingston. He is doing this because it is simply the right thing to do. We are trying to make our good guys act like good people here. I’m also planning on moving Big E to better things than the New Day trio and might as well start that transition here.

  3. Kidd and Cesaro take the bulk of the match as they have to fend off the other teams. For one, they’re the best workers of the bunch and, for two, we are going to build some desperation into the match so going into the finish comes off as a grand escape.

  4. Finish comes after the inevitable pile up on the outside of the ring. I want Tyson to take advantage of the number of people around the ring to post Jey on the outside and pin him despite the fact he is not in the actual match. This is designed to get the tag champs some actual heel heat by doing something dastardly rather than being awesome wrestlers that get face reactions. Again, faces do good things and heels do bad things.


Match 3: Ladder Match for the IC Title

  1. First off, we are going to tone down this shit to Wrestlemania X levels so these morons don’t cripple each other. We aren’t here to make anyone’s career shorter, I’m looking at you Daniel Bryan. You ain’t ramming your head into shit sir.

  2. I want to reestablish Harper coming off Mania as more than midcard heater so we are going to highlight him as a monster during the contest. He’s not really going to be involved in the finish so he has to be a bit dominant during the bulk of the match. We will let him get taken out by the three main faces hitting all of their finishers culminating with the running knee.

  3. I don’t have large plans for Barrett or Truth coming out of the show so they may get some moments but I’m not focusing on them. Barrett will likely get shuffled into Harper’s current role and may main event some shows as the midcarder facing higher guys on the card. I need to reevaluate his role going forward.

  4. Finish is Dolph and Bryan being on the top of the ladder reaching for the belts when Ambrose pulls Bryan down. This frees Dolph to pull down the strap to take the win. Bryan looks on in shock as Dean leaves the ring in frustration yelling at no one in particular.


Match 4: Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee & Paige

  1. We are going to give the fans a chance to catch their breaths here and start to work through any residual problems with Bryan not going over.

  2. Bellas are encouraged to play with the crowd and stall away here. They should feel empowered to feed into the ‘you can’t wrestle’ chants or any other backlash.

  3. Structure is simple with heel stalling - face shine - heel heat - face rally and win. NO false finishes or too much back and forth.

  4. Paige is your face in peril because I’m trying to avoid chants for AJ’s husband. She can come in as the hot tag before tagging Paige back in for the finish, which will be the faces catching both Bellas in their finishes for a double tap out.


Match 5: Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt

  1. I want Bray’s entrance to really play into the Buzzard imagery of his gimmick as I’m going to be playing that up significantly coming out of the show. I’m thinking if we can use shadows and lighting properly we can get some huge wings on the guy which is kind of what I’m looking for in my mind.

  2. Undertaker on the other hand I want to go in a Western ‘Saint of Killers’ vibe from the comic book Preacher. Kind of a last gunfighter deal with the man with no name riding in on a pale horse.

  3. I think we need to let Bryan work to his strengths by working towards his cut off spots. Taker works from underneath for most of the match which goes to show the mystical power isn’t with him anymore. Bray is more the juggernaut who can only get slowed down.

  4. Finish comes when Undertaker has Bray by the throat by Wyatt bats his hand aside and locks in the Sister Abigail for a two count. Bray quickly follows up with another for the three. We aren’t going to heavy on Taker being indestructible here because this is probably it going forward.


Match 6: Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

  1. I don’t really have many match notes here. Randy should take 60% of the match (especially early) because we want to put some energy the crowd after what may be a deflating Undertaker loss (although I suspect it won’t be the same sort of response as last year).

  2. Finish comes when Randy sidesteps the flying knee and follows with the RKO. We’re building for the upcoming angle here and Rollins dropping a fall just means Orton will work in the spot I have in mind for him more naturally.


Match 7: US Title Match Rusev vs. John Cena

  1. With coming off the high of the Orton win, we are going to have Rusev really smash the hell out of Cena early and dominate the ‘old man’. Cena’s rallies are to be short and cut off quickly by a dominant force. I want him to throw that lariat though because mmmm thats a good lariat.

  2. Finish will be Cena powering out of the Accolade and backing Rusev into a corner ala Hogan and Iron Sheik. But when Cena grabs the rebounding Rusev and tries to hoist him for the Attitude Adjustment, his back gives way and he has to set Rusev back down. Rusev super kicks him for three.


Match 8: Sting vs. Triple H

  1. Sting’s entrance is going to hard to handle because we don’t want him to just walk out, because thats lame and the ‘special’ entrances are being taken by Bray and Undertaker. As a result, he’s not really going to have an entrance. Instead Triple H will do his normal spot light entrance and the lights will come up and Sting will already be in the ring behind Trips. Sting will go to pull him into the death drop but Trips will scoot out and sell it like his life is flashing before his eyes.

  2. Structure is going to be simple again with Sting shining hard before Hunter gets an advantage with some rule breaker standards like eye rakes and choking. Sting comes back and we go to the finish without multiple changes in momentum. We’re downshifting a bit so these guys can keep up and not be overwhelmed in the position.

  3. Finish is a strait rally for Sting with standard comeback leading to a Stinger Splash being followed with the Scorpion Death Drop for the three.


Match 9: World Title Match Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

  1. Seth Rollins rolls down to ringside solo to watch the proceedings with the briefcase in hand. He jumps the apron and manages to pop Brock in the head with the case as Heyman has the referee (not on purpose). Reigns follows with the spear for the three.

  2. Seth comes into the ring with the case but rather than go after Reigns, they embrace. Brock comes for revenge only to have Dean Ambrose run in from the back to make it 3-on-1. Show closes with the triple powerbomb and the old music going over the sound system.

  3. Heyman is freaking out, yo. He’s not in on the turn.

  4. Idea is to get people talking about what happens next. I know normally WrestleMania is supposed to end stuff but considering the build up to this Mania being so poor, we needed to give people a reason to turn back in next week. I think a Shield reunion gives us that major hook. I was completely unsure Reigns can carry the belt solo, I have far fewer qualms going in this direction. You’ll also note that this puts IC title match into a different light and move Daniel Bryan into a role higher in the card than drifting around like a leaf in the wind.

There you have it. Next time, Monday Night Reow.

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WWE RAW 3/30/15


Welcome back. So last we saw the WWE, there was a Wrestlemania thing. It was nice and all but now we have three hours to fill. Are you adequately prepared for fun? I’m going to split this out by Hours (H) and Segments (S) with six segments per hour. Bare in mind some segments are longer than others so ... whatever.


H1S1 Shield Promo - Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose

  1. Establish that this was “Plan B” for the Shield from all the way back from when they broke up the first time. They realized they couldn’t fight the company itself and win so they bided their time, allowed Seth to infiltrate the Authority and blow it up from within.

  2. They were all willing to go at it tooth and nail to sell the ruse, it didn’t matter to them who got to the title first.

  3. Rollins is now the insurance policy, should by some act of God, someone beats Reigns, he is going to have to go against Seth right after.

  4. Daniel Bryan wanted to ‘ruin the plan’ by hijacking Roman’s title shot. We can’t have that, so Dean took away his WrestleMania moment just out of spite.

  5. Brock Lesnar only held the belt for so long because he’s been ‘hiding’ this whole time.


H1S2 Match 1: Sheamus vs. Curtis Axel

  1. Axel is of course miffed that he was never eliminated from the Andre the Giant Battle Royale. Get out here Sheamus! I’ll make you pay!

  2. Until he jobs. Brogue Kick for a welcome back moment.


H1S3 Miz pays Adam Rose

  1. Backstage, Miz comes up on Adam Rose and notes Adam has a match with Damien Sandow later on tonight. It sure would be a shame if something happened to him out there. Oh I don’t know where this envelope of Marine 4 money came from. It must be yours!


H1S4 Match 2: Adrian Neville vs Heath Slater

  1. Inset Promo from Slater: “You eliminated me last night, now I’m going to get you back!”

  2. Showcase for Neville. He’s gotta go over big here because we haven’t established the undercard as more difficult terrain yet and if Neville does that work, its just going to make him worse.

  3. Want to establish the deadlift German to set up the Falcon Arrow.


H1S5 Match 3: US Title Rusev © vs. R Truth

  1. Truth makes a go of it, Rusev is coming off a major win and can sell some lingering issues from the match.

  2. Truth gets some near falls with some roll ups but Rusev takes him down and breaks his back to make him humble.


H1S6 Paul Heyman vows revenge

  1. Heyman live via satellite.

  2. Brock Lesnar may never be the same and thats bad news.

  3. The Shield took his one friend in the entire world, he will not rest until he has his boot on their collective throat.


H2S1 Match 4: Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose

  1. Adam gets off early and works over Sandow with heeling tactics. Might I recommend the fish hook? I’m a mark for the fishhook.

  2. Sandow comes back with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. He’s mad but confused, what caused Rose to come at him like that?


H2S2 John Cena Promo - Bray Wyatt Guest Stars

  1. John Cena starts off with a maudlin promo about he let down himself, the WWE Universe and ‘Merica BY GAWD by not being able to beat Rusev. He’s going to give the Devil his Due...


  3. “Only one devil here John…” Bray establishes that since he went through the Undertaker, he is aiming to right the wrongs from last year’s Mania and go through John too. Commentators play off the Buzzard aspect of the character that he is trying to ‘pick the bones’ of the WWE


H2S3 Match 5: Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores

  1. Trying to start rebuild the tag division a piece by having them take on a more prominent role in the company. We can’t just have guys get wins just before they get a shot at the champs and then cycle them down.

  2. That being said, less parity in the division is key and the PTPers are going to be the upper midcarders of the division and Matadors the enhancement talent.

  3. PTPers go over with a Gutcheck popping up a Matador into the Clash of the Titus.


H2S4 Authority Backstage - Stephanie rallies the troops

  1. The remnants of the Authority (Kane, Big Show, J & J Security) are backstage where Stephanie tries to get them psyched up to take down the Shield tonight in the main event. Triple H is at home recovering from his beating.

  2. “Big Show you’re the world’s biggest athlete, Kane you’re the devil’s favorite demon, Jamie, you’re a former cruiserweight champion, Joey… … ... “ Truth be told, I just like that bit.

  3. “Come back victorious or don’t come back!”


H2S5&6: Match 5: IC Title Dolph Ziggler © vs. Stardust

  1. Inset interview from Dolph “Shield or not, I’m the IC champion now and I’m going to be the best IC Champion ever. Cause all I do is steal the show.”

  2. Goldust joins the commentary team as “Dustin” sans facepaint. Now commentary additions usually SUCK and I hate them but we have a high concept here to get over and that is Cody is “addicted” to being Stardust.

  3. Ziggler goes over countering the disaster kick with a superkick and the Zig Zag.

  4. Post match, Dustin gets into the ring with some water and tries to wash the paint off Starrdust but Cody manages to escape.


H3S1 Daniel Bryan addresses the Shield backstage

  1. Backstage, Bryan speaks to Rene Young about the Shield and how no one knows how it feels getting screwed by The Authority more than him, but that doesn’t mean what they did was right. And they poked the bear by costing him the IC Belt and he’s not going to just step aside while they run roughshod.


H3S2 Match 6: Naomi vs. Natalya

  1. Continuing the Usos vs Brass Ring Kings feud, the ladies involved go at it in a singles match. Natalya goes total heel at this point as Kidd trips Naomi coming off the ropes and Natalya gets the pin as a result.

  2. This causes Jimmy to get into the ring and start to fight Kidd in an impromptu match (old ECW style)


H3S3 Match 7: Jimmy Uso vs. Tyson Kidd

  1. This time Naomi provides the trippage so Jimmy can get a superkick for the pin.

  2. Cesaro gets into beatdown mode on Uso and holds Naomi so Natalya can get in a free shot. Cause we be heeling.


H3S4 Wrestlemania Recap

  1. Stills show off the big moments of the PPV culminating on the Shield taking over the World Title Picture.



H3S5&6 Match 8:Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose) vs. The Authority (Kane, The Big Show, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury)

  1. Lots and lots of Shield messing people up to end The Authority as a faction going forward. There’s not a whole lot to protect here so I’m not going to bother. I think Segment before the break will just be entrances so its not going to be super competitive.

  2. Kane and Show are basically going to get so sick of each other and getting pounded that they leave rather than continue to get beat on which leaves J & J to get picked apart with Rollins putting the exclamation point on it with a curb stomp for the finish.

  3. Post match, The Shield sets J & J up for Triple Powerbombs because they are bad people.


Dark Bonus

  1. After the Show concludes Randy Orton, Ryback and Daniel Bryan run the Shield out of the ring. Culminating with a finisher train (RKO on Rollins, Shellshock on Ambrose, Knee to Reigns) we send the kids home happy.

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