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  1. Goodear

    AEW Dynamite Week 5 - 10/30/19

    I clipped out stuff so pardon that. I think the real issue with the Moxley promo was its placement right after the Omega car crash. Why is this unhinged lunatic waiting? Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to jump Omega when Santana and Ortiz hit the Bucks? It could lead to a possible Inner Circle connection and that wouldn't hurt to build some stakes and 'will he, won't he' to the program. As it stands, he seems more worried that the internal consistency of the promotion doesn't make sense. For a promotion where there seems to be a hardcore match every week, I'm not sure why they wouldn't count. Why does anyone want to be in them? The ring work point feeds almost every one of your other points. The tough guy cowboy, the undercard women, the comedy workers and the veterans ALL work the same and its more of the same. I just wonder if this can work in six months. The stuff they do that works (which has been Jericho and Cody specific) is the only stuff that feels different. Everything else seems like bomb throwing and kick outs and its already merging into a mass of stuff.
  2. Goodear

    All Elite Wrestling

    I don't know how there can be a proper hot tag when there aren't any heat segments.
  3. Goodear

    All Elite Wrestling

    What evidence of the "listening to the fans" talking point is there?
  4. Goodear

    The Wednesday Night War

    Remember when they inserted Debra into the Rock-Austin build? Same principle.
  5. Goodear

    Is WWE redeemable?

    WWE has gotten too big to concentrate on the actual show. They mass produce so you get McDonalds level food but there sure is a lot of it. It's reliably subpar. They would have to significantly contract in order to reverse to a more specialized, well thought out product.
  6. Goodear

    AEW Dynamite Week 3 - 16 October 2019

    I would agree with this. The internal consistency of having a move lead to a stretcher job is much harder to swallow when all of the matches contain so many wild spots. I'm not sure its enough to do the move on the floor and cripple Daniels but have Stunt take it later in the ring with a double stomp chaser and not do the same to him.
  7. Goodear

    AEW Dark Megathread

    I wonder if this is a casting issue and Janela would be better off as a wrestling/manager. That way his bumps are the payoff to angles. Now he's being thrown out there to do long losses to Moxley and Omega. I don't know that its really helping any of them to go this route.
  8. Goodear

    AEW Dynamite Week 3 - 16 October 2019

    I think my main issue with Page is that the idea of a "Hangman" is an awesome character. Page just doesn't live up to my head cannon because he's seemingly trying to fit in with the current crop of workers going back and forth and hitting stuff like shooting star presses. It paradoxically reduces the character by increasing his in ring moveset. He comes off like a guy dressed as a cowboy but it doesn't inform his performance.
  9. Goodear

    AEW Fyter Fest

    So its supposed in the spirit of Southpaw Regional Wrestling.
  10. Goodear

    AEW Fyter Fest

    So the joke is this gimmick sucks so we are going to intentionally put out something that sucks. Hilarious?
  11. Goodear

    AEW Fyter Fest

    Shawn Spears is about where I thought Cody was when he left WWE. Competent but not mind blowing guy who would benefit from a change in scenery.
  12. Goodear

    AEW Fyter Fest

    I have thoughts about the Librarians... Way too many thoughts. I have feelings about gimmick wrestlers and what makes a great character and how that can differ from a great 'wrestling' character. For example, the Million Dollar Man is a great character because who can't write for an evil rich asshole? But how does an evil rich asshole wrestle? That's a different story and I think the gimmick fails in that metric as opposed to say Lord Steven Regal who was an uptight British dickhead and wrestled the way you'd imagine with lots of fancy technical stuff and a lot of disdain. The Librarian concept really fails both of those tests because who has strong feelings about Librarians enough to want to fight them? And if a Librarian wanted to fight you, what that would look like would be really unclear in your mental movie. Regardless, it could work in some regards if really drilled into and produced in a way that worked to the talent. Bates seems horribly miscast in the role as undercard gimmick heel. She's uncommitted to the bit and so she overuses the basic trappings of what the gimmick could be by going to the shush way too much to be effective. She doesn't seem to interact with the crowd very well and that's really what the role needs. It needs the crowd to hook in and She's almost cheeky in acting like she's above the material. Avalon is better in the role than Bates by a mile. He is hurt by the current style of the promotion of back-and-forth and should instead be doing lots of shine for babyface to start, do a heat segment and go into the finish. He should not be trading spots and momentum because that's for 'good wrestlers' and that is not what this role calls for. I think he'd be better off stooging and stalling and yelling at the crowd to be quiet than working for star ratings. He's suitably annoying looking and I like his facial expressions. If they got some good introduction 'music' for him, he would do well interrupting people and getting smashed in response. He should probably be working in non traditional gear in order to fit the character rather than tights and a robe.
  13. Goodear

    Old school vs. New school

    Hi, like the concept and length. Chad, you may want to check out Bateman on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood which is free on the Fite TV app. His gear is darker there and they add a shirt to the look which I thinks helps cover some of his odd physique. On the most recent episode uploaded, he had a nice match with B Boy which was pretty strike heavy structurally. Bateman has some idiosyncrasies that can be off putting like his 'stinger' selling neck injuries but he's overall enjoyable to me.
  14. Liked it up to the very end where you guys felt the need to talk about Kane for some reason because if anyone really had a ton of "bloom" ever, it sure isn't Kane. It's like him winning the Wrestling Observer "Most Overrated" Award because we have to be as cowardly as possible. Maybe next you can take that Giant Gonzales down!
  15. Goodear

    Wrestlers and twitter

    Poor Summer Rae, why does no one see her value? She was one of saving graces of the Rusev-Ziggler angle and was great in the BFFs angle in NXT. She's one of those people who does the most with the shit they give her and then they take away the shit so she has nothing at all. Sad face frown man.