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Reigns vs. Lesnar


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I'm making this thread because there was a recent thread regarding the common match style a promotion puts on and how matches that differ greatly from that style are looked at. It seems to me that Reigns vs. Lesnar is a highly atypical WWE match. I would go a little further to say that current Brock PPV matches tend to fall into that category. I'm not going to argue that it wasn't a great wrestling match, because it had me hooked and completely forgetting the Rollins cash in. I will question whether or not it may be somewhat overrated because so many WWE matches don't reach the level of realistic violence that we got from this match. There's something to be said for having matches like these in big settings that end up surpassing whatever expectations could have been in place beforehand. It's why shows like Mania and Summerslam are as big as they are, you can reasonably expect something far out of the ordinary to happen that will blow you away. I just question how much that big difference between the normal product and the Mania main event skews the way we view a match like that. I also question whether or not that is exactly the point of the whole thing. Is it actually the plan to set the bar so low during the majority of the year that when these anomaly matches happen they get an even bigger reaction? I find myself wondering if they are that smart about it or just lucky that Brock and Reigns were willing to do what they did. I've gone back and watched the Bret/Austin match that made Stone Cold a few times and wondered the same thing. I know the WWE is all about spectacle, but from what I've seen Vince has his own very clear views on how that spectacle ought to be presented.


I'm curious to see what you guys think.

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