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    Interest in a Puerto Rico watch project?

    My schedule is weird, I'm always down for PR though.
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    Comic books and Manga Thread

    If you haven't read "East of West: The Apocalypse" I would recommend it. Essentially it's an alternate real world where the Civil War dragged on until everyone got tired of it. The U.S. gets split into 7 territories that have this "Game of Thrones" style of peace with politicking going on behind the scenes. And the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse exist with a religion built around the Apocalypse itself. Not the best comic I've ever read, definitely one of the more unique though. And like GoT, it's hard to put it away because you want to know what happens next.
  3. dawho5

    All Elite Wrestling offically a thing

    First things first, if only to get it out of the way. Yes, wrestling is way different than it used to be and people can interact with wrestlers far more easily than they used to. And thinking back to myself as an 18-25 year old you can bet I'd have been on that train if it had been available. And I would have been derailing threads like this more than likely due to it. I understand where it comes from. I don't necessarily agree that it should be expressed/used the way it is here. There have to be better/more constructive ways of using your knowledge and connections than this. I do agree that the WWE's success is largely corporate-based as Matt pointed out and wonder what that means for AEW and the wrestling business as a whole. WWE gets by on convincing corporate guys that what they do can sell airtime on their networks now. Cody and the Bucks speak to a portion of the fanbase as outsiders who are not part of the big corporate edifice. And still make money off of that same system. Which is all well and good until they want to be on TV that comes from one of those corporations. How long do the suits put up with the Bucks shit? How does AEW work without TV? Maybe there are big enough networks out there that want to spit in the eye of the bigger guys enough to keep that image going, who knows. I also recall WCW in certain years truly struggling due to the conflict between wrestling people/corporate. I'm sure Vince saw it too and that drove a lot of his methods behind making the WWE into what it is today. I question whether AEW will have that kind of business savvy behind it (even if I think that kind of thing kills wrestling).
  4. That cassette tape did look pretty sweet. Do they still take orders? I was expecting some gibberish promo from Warrior but he stuck to pretty simple themes through the whole thing. Like his buddy Ho Khogan. The kids actually did seem legitimately excited to be there as far as I could tell also. This is miles and miles better than the Warior who failed as the champion.
  5. I loved the match. Pure Memphis craziness. I was too busy thinking about the eventual coked up Embry promo promising unholy, violent revenge to really care about what was being said after.
  6. I was impressed with Jarrett here. He delivered a really good "talk softly but carry a big stick" promo that fits the situation. And Lawler cleaned up with the fiery promo to cap it off. Good stuff.
  7. Corny is always a treat and Stan delivers a surprisingly good promo here. Loving the Bodies so far.
  8. dawho5

    [1992-04-18-SWS] Ric Flair vs Genichiro Tenryu (2/3 falls)

    Maybe it's just my dislike of the presentation of Flair in the WWF talking right now. I like this aggressive, dominant Flair who uses heel tactics when the opportunity arises, not as his only way of getting the upper hand. Good match in an unexpected way. I would definitely agree that this is "other" if you were going to categorize Flair matches. While I get that the formula works and that's why he stuck with it, I like matches like these to show his range.
  9. Way too much in the way of filler here. Towards the end Kawada shows his Choshu roots and goes into the grounded headscissors spot to fill time when he doesn't know what to do with Rusher. Rusher was out of place for sure if he wasn't just there to eat the fall. Kawada and Misawa do come up with some interesting ways of working around him. I liked the opening match-up a lot with the harassment of Kikuchi to get him off his game and set up the beating he took. Kikuchi's offense really stands out for me in this one. He gets to show off more of his arsenal against Ogawa and I was thinking it was a shame there weren't more juniors for Kikuchi to get his offense in on in AJPW at the time. Once that first matchup is done the whole thing starts to unravel. Misawa can take down Jumbo but not an already beaten and battered Ogawa within 15 mniutes? Seems like we are stretching for time and it only gets worse from there.
  10. After two years of opponents not quite ready for prime Liger or just not truly compelling to the audience (Honaga), we get an opponent that can challenge Liger on his own level and add in the heeling tactics that set him off/vex him. I'm all for it. As mentioned above Samurai's focus is solely on Liger's lower back and it adds to the match. The matwork somehow rises above the by-the-numbers juniors matwork that would dominate NJPW juniors as the decade went on. Liger and Samurai both impress with their dives, Samurai's being more suicidal by far.
  11. I loved how fun this match was. And how Espectrito and Piratito obviously learned their punching from Satanico! The fact that there was great structure and substance in addition to all of the awesome spots really elevates this for me.
  12. Bret takes an early modified version of his sternum bump off a catapult, which is pretty cool. I like Bret more as a heel. The way he carries himself lends itself to a stalling heel persona in a big way. And the way he delivers his offense with that signature arrogance screams heel to me. Dynamite sells the FIP better than I expected and makes a good comeback to get the crowd rolling. One thing I like about 80s Bret matches is that a roll-up, any roll-up late, is a big threat to end the match. Bret and Anvil 2 on 1 Dynamite post-match until Bulldog makes the save in very Bulldog fashion. Good match that seems like a test for both as singles guys.
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    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I think I have Meltzer's hot takes and general lack of real content in his Twitter figured. He's trying to hang on to subscribers any way he can. Let's face it, what he does is no longer as necessary as it was in the 90s or early 2000s. You don't need the Observer or the Torch or whatever other newsletter whose writer you agree with on wrestling to tell you about what happened in this promotion across the world. It's all on a streaming service that at least 5 people who post on the same board as you do have. Writers like Dave Meltzer are becoming marginalized by the sheer availability of wrestling and he's just hanging on for dear life. I say this not as a commentary on Meltzer himself. I think the world has changed and pro wrestling changed with it. Meltzer just wants to keep doing what he loves and getting paid for it, which is completely understandable.
  14. The transition to Flair's offense is top-notch. Flair's control does drag when he runs out of new things to do and starts repeating himself. Should have known better than to give himself that much time on offense without a Savage mini-comeback. The finish was all kinds of weird with all the officials hounding Liz for no reason at all distracting from the issue at hand. I get that Liz was Savage's distraction, but it didn't even faze either of the wrestlers in the ring. It was just kind of there...for no good reason. Then the officials holding Savage down when Flair and Perfect started stomping away at him and not letting him defend himself was just stupid. The promos pre- and post-match were definitely great and I could watch these two feud forever.
  15. dawho5

    [1992-04-05-WWF-Wrestlemania VII] Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper

    As face vs. face matches go, this was tremendously well-done. I'd agree that Piper has better singles matches (Buddy Rose, dog collar). This match is about as good as you're going to get from still-80s style WWF face vs. face. There was enough heat, small heelish actions by both in the heat of the moment and competitiveness to buy into. And then at the end Piper plays it classy, which is just the cherry on top. Bobby did do very well during the bell segments.
  16. dawho5

    [1992-04-03-RINGS] Volk Han vs Akira Maeda

    I love seeing early Volk after falling in love with his later work as a younger wrestling fan. It highlights how much he grew as a worker. Later on he would drop a lot of the more effective striking and put a very big emphasis on being the stronger guy on the mat. It made for a better story dealing with Han surviving the other guy's strikes and taking it to the mat. This felt less like an exhibition than the first bout Maeda and Han had for sure. I also liked Han's reluctance to go after Maeda's taped knee and the way it showed when he was feeling threatened by Maeda when he did. Good second bout that sets up future encounters by presenting the question of whether Han would have won if Maeda's knee had been 100%. Edit: For those familiar with the Tekken series, the character Dragunov is very strongly based off of Volk Han. I didn't realize it until watching this match specifically.
  17. I didn't think much of Barr at all based on this match. I've seen very little of him and I didn't think his offense or selling did him any favors here. His rudo mannerisms and post-match promo salvaged this. Put me in the camp that doesn't think there was enough hate for a mask/mask match. Also seemed like Barr was working a very American/Japanese style while on top. Not sure if that was on purpose or not.
  18. dawho5

    [1992-04-03-CMLL] Atlantis vs La Fiera

    Atlantis is easily one of my favorite luchadors. He's solid all-around and when he goes up top he is such a graceful and smooth high flier that it's hard for me not to love watching him. So few guys who do those really flippy aerial moves can do them in a way that doesn't leave the opponent standing waiting to catch them. It's one of the things that I appreciate most about Atlantis.
  19. I did like this, but for some different reasons. I will get to those. Jumbo took a LOT of this match though. He started hot after the countering sequence and really put Misawa in a hole. It never really seemed like Misawa got in enough to truly be a threat to take the match though. The reason Misawa got the facelock win was because he had worn Jumbo down. Here the facelock is used to wear Jumbo down to where Misawa has an outside shot at winning. Jumbo never really looked in danger of losing this. And yes, this felt like a 30 minute draw from the early going. One thing I liked was one of the callbacks to earlier matches. Jumbo crotching himself on the ropes when he went for the dropkick and finding a way to recover this time was a very nice touch. Another thing is the narrative that mirrors later ideas Baba used. This is the match after we have established Misawa can hang with Jumbo and push him, but not quite beat him. The match where Jumbo re-asserts his dominance and lets the kid know that it's not time yet with authority. We see this later on with Misawa and Kawada. It also gets across the idea that Misawa's basic offense is dangerous and even peppered in between taking a massive beating it is effective. That is the very base of Misawa's match-long comebacks, which we see here with him as the underdog instead of the top dog. Easily the worst of their singles matches, but it has a lot going for it nonetheless.
  20. Didn't care for the middle portion as much as the beginning and the end. It almost seems like Baba had that 1,4 vs. 2,3 idea in mind before Jumbo was out of the picture. Just Taue was a closer 4 who could conceivably put Kawada away on his own with enough of a run (like in this match) towards the end.
  21. dawho5

    [1992-03-28-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Sid Justice

    I didn't think this was awful. I don't expect much from Sid and this was actually more on point than most of Hogan's promos towards Sid. If his job is to play a jacked-up on steroids crazy man, Sid could do far, far worse.
  22. dawho5

    [1992-03-28-WCW-Pro] Arn Anderson vs Ricky Steamboat

    A lot has been said about how good this match was. And I can't help but agree! Such a seamless match worked with great intensity all the way through. I was pumped as soon as I saw who would be wrestling in the match and I got more than I bargained for. Steamer taking out Rude and choking him was such a great way to get payback. I was surprised the Turner people allowed that on TV.
  23. I thought this was a great brawl. The out-for-revenge-jobbers at ringside was a really nice twist on the lumberjack theme. I do question the need to put over the Moondogs this strong continually. The babyfaces need a bit more left after the match to keep things hot going forward.
  24. dawho5

    [1992-03-28-USWA-TV] Eric Embry vs Dirty White Boy

    Great wild, violent brawl between two guys who are great at them.
  25. dawho5

    [1992-03-21-SMW-TV] Interview: Jim Cornette

    I liked this as a cheeseball tribute to 80s wrestling. And it got under the skin of all the right people, including the fans, so it definitely works.