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Money in the Bank 2013/14


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So I was thinking about the last two cash-ins and had an odd thought. In addition to being a major booking crutch the last two years it also brought us the always beloved Authority.


They realized that with the fan reactions Bryan was getting he needed to go somewhere. So they built him up to the Cena match at SS 2013 and had Orton cash in post-match, but with Triple H doing the dirty work in a double cross. Then Triple H and Stephanie come out and start messing with Bryan for two weeks straight, with Bryan the helpless victim of a beating and Big Show positioned as the big guy with a bigger heart. He's forced against his will to not help and/or hurt Bryan, begging us fans to love Big Show, Daniel Bryan's would-be protector. So they give Bryan his moment (and I do mean moment) and try their best to make us forget him before they realize that won't work. But Trips and Steph are still around on every show, doing the job of the GM for them while the GM is there. And then our favorite couple goes off on vacation for a week and the GM's apparently screw things up royally by booking a bunch of handicap matches for the faces. Something that Triple H and Stephanie have been doing all along, but they must be punished when the Authority returns. Because we can't be allowed to think that things can run smoothly without those two around to guide their peons. And then they stick Bryan in a feud with the Wyatts because going from feuding with Cena for the belt, to feuding with Orton for the belt, to feuding with the Wyatts is the obvious sequence. If you want Bryan out of the picture. But hey, we made us a hot (for as long as he's messing with Bryan) heel in Orton, managed to find a reason to put Steph and Trips on TV bi-weekly for large amounts of time AND got Bryan out of the picture (temporarily, only to come back in temporarily) with one cash-in. So basically, thanks to all you fans for playing, but we've got a get-out-of-jail-free card to play. And we can tack on some stuff you're going to love because hey, go fuck yourself.


So when you combine that with the WM31 cash-in, I think we're starting to see how that is going to be used going forward.

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