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most diverse (and good) card


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Is there a more diverse use of styles and matches on a ppv than Spring Stampede 1994. I'm not really meaning loads of gimmicks and themes in a Russo sence but just a good variety that was also entertaining.


At Stampede you have

*Badd/DDP - standard undercard opener.

*Regal/Pillman - hybrid styles match that worked.

*Chicago Street Fight - nutcase arena wide brawl

*Austin/Muta - mudcard title match, played out pretty even.

*Sting/Rude - standard sports entertainment match with a little smoke and mirrors thrown in.

*Rhodes/Buck - Classic southern brawl

*Vader/Bossman - big lads smacking the fuck out of each other

*Flair/Steamer - classic NWA style main event.

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Here is the card for the Weekly Pro Tokyo Dome show from 4/2/1995:


01. Dynamite Kansai / Candy Okusu / Hikari Fukuoka / Fusayo Nochi VS. Devil Masami / Mayumi Ozaki / Cutie Suzuki / Hiroumi Yagi (JWP)
02. Shinobu Kandori VS. Harley Saito (LLPW) - UFC RULES
03. Aja Kong / Kyoko Inoue VS. Manami Toyota / Blizzard Yuki (AJW)
04. Ryuma Go VS. Uchu Maijin Silver X (Go Gundan) - Alien Death Match
05. Terry Funk / Shoji Nakamaki / Leatherface VS. Cactus Jack / The Headhunters (IWA) - Barbedwire Barricade Baseball Bat Tornado Death Match
06. Minoru Suzuki VS. Christopher DeWeaver (Pancrase)
07. Yoshiaki Fujiwara / Yuki Ishikawa VS. Don Arakawa / Carl Greco (PWF-Gumi)
08. Super Dolphin / Gran Naniwa / Taka Michinoku VS. Great Sasuke / Sato / Shiryu (Michinoku Pro)
09. Akira Meada VS. Chris Dolman (RINGS)
10. Nobuhiko Takada / Masahito Kakihara / Billy Scott VS. Gary Allbright / Gene Lydick / Kazuo Yamazaki (UWFi)
11. Great Nita VS. Mr. Pogo (FMW) - Explosive Barbed Wire Match
12. Stan Hanson / Kenta Kobashi / Mitsuhari Misawa VS. Toshiaki Kawada / Akira Taue / Johnny Ace (ALL JAPAN)
13. Shinya Hasimoto VS. Masa Chono (NEW JAPAN)


As you can see, it's a showcase for a lot of different promotions in Japan so each match has its own style. I've got it on dvd and it's interesting to watch. Foley talks about it in his first book.

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