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  2. RazorbladeKiss87

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Did they ever release the documentary dvd with all of the matches in their series? I remember when all of that was happening and I really wanted to watch it. EDIT: Nevermind. Literally two or three posts after this you mention it. Reading the whole thread is your friend.
  3. RazorbladeKiss87

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    You've summed up my thoughts about the show and the NWA concept pretty much to a "T." PCO is a nut and every time I watch him wrestle, I fear for his health. I posted elsewhere on the board that I felt a little uncomfortable with the level of violence we've been seeing in some matches recently. The match that made me think about this was the Villain Enterprises vs Briscoes ,match from the PPV. I mean, I'm just as guilty as anyone for enjoying this stuff but sometimes I wonder where it will all end up in the near future. Of course, as I type this, I'm wearing a W*ING shirt so what can I really say? Totally agree with you about the NWA concept. After the show I sat back and it was kind of a "So what?" moment. Yeah, the show was fun and a solid way to kill 3.5 hours (also could have shaved a half hour off somewhere and may have been better off) but at the end of the day what did it accomplish? I can't see a non-fan ordering it. I don't really think it was promoted in such a way to draw in lapsed NWA/Crockett fans (and really how many of those would have been enticed by what was presented?) and if it did, what are they going to do with those fans? There's no tv show to watch, except maybe ROH and that isn't really an "old school" product as much as it's a promotion that is starting to seem like it wants to be WWE. You can't even say "Well, we have long matches with great wrestlers" and have that be a point of differentiation anymore because WWE has a lot of long matches with solid wrestling (depending on your view of solid wrestling, that is). So yeah, what's the point? Maybe they should officially partner with ROH and run co-branded shows? That's essentially all they are doing at this point anyway. I will disagree about the ring canvas/apron and logo though. I really did like the look a lot.
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  5. RazorbladeKiss87

    Beyond Wrestling: Unchartered Territory on IWTV

    Nice write up. I've been debating watching this as I already have so much wrestling sitting around that I haven't watched. Plus, I really don't want to add more Orange Cassidy to my life. Mania weekend was my first time seeing him and I ended up skipping ahead every time I saw him on screen after the Alvarez match. However, your review is enough that I will be checking this out. I haven't watched a lot of Starr but what I've watched, I've enjoyed. I'll check back in next week with my thoughts on this.
  6. RazorbladeKiss87

    All Elite Wrestling

    Especially with the report that Turner wanted to show it at their upfronts. I mean, anything is possible until we have some concrete details but this doesn't seem likely, in my opinion.
  7. RazorbladeKiss87

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    So the same role he's been playing on his podcast lately. I was pretty underwhelmed by this. I bought the season on Amazon (I think that was highlighted on the Amazon game for BTS a week or two ago) and I'm glad I only paid $0.99 for it.
  8. RazorbladeKiss87

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    Well, damn. As long as I can still get a ticket when I get paid next week, this is a no-brainer.
  9. RazorbladeKiss87

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    I watched the main event of Spring Break 3 Part 1 and the insanity of taking a scissor board to the chest/neck....wow. I don't even know what to say. I'm considering going to the Tournament of Survival but that has me questioning if I really want to contribute to that type of insanity. I had the same thought when I watched the main event of the ROH 17th Anniversary PPV as well. Watching Spring Break 3 Part 2 right now. I'm in the middle of the Clusterfuck. This is just pure insanity. I never thought of Cryme Tyme as "big guys" but they make all of these indie guys look TINY. Love Teddy Hart breaking into the commentary and walking out with "Poor Slim J. Nobody caught his ass." The match is too long, I'll agree with that, but the fun sequences do help me forget how long it's been going. I love that after all these years Facade is still dedicated to looking like the epitome of 2000s indie guys.
  10. RazorbladeKiss87

    NXT talk

    5 1/2 is...interesting. Not surprising based on the way he was talking about the match on WOR after. I really got into the match watching it live (on tv, wasn't able to go to NY/NJ this year) and my immediate reaction was that it was a total 5 star match. I will say this though: I'm never going to rewatch it. If I watched it in a vacuum, knowing the result and everything, it would not have been a five star match. As an "in the moment" thing, I loved it. I bought into it. I was very hyped on it. I just know that it won't have the same effect on a rewatch. It's a perfect argument for "context is king" as Bischoff is fond of saying.
  11. RazorbladeKiss87

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    So far the only full show I've watched has been Takeover but I've skimmed most of the shows that aired over the weekend. Takeover was insane. The low-point was the Women's Championship, and even that was a pretty great match. I'll save my thoughts on that show for the Takeover thread and use this post to talk about the indie stuff I've watched. One big takeaway for me so far is that I really do not like or get Orange Cassidy. Everything about his gimmick turns me off. It comes off as a bit "try-hard" which is ironic given the whole point of his gimmick. Maybe I'm being an old man shouting at the clouds but he really exposes the business in a manner that I actively hate. If he was relegated to Chikara or some other promotion I won't be watching, that'd be fine, but he's in a bunch of promotions that I otherwise would be interested in watching. Speaking of Chikara, that ladder match may be the sleeper hit of the weekend for me. I need to watch it again as I was very tired the other night when I sat down to watch it. I didn't check out the rest of the card yet but I wouldn't mind if Chikara were to come back and be a promotion I want to see again. ROH/NJPW...this show was pretty bad for the first half. Cobb/Ospreay was good but never seemed to hit its full potential. I'm guessing there will be some sort of rematch and hopefully they will get enough time to show something. Rush/Castle wasn't even a match. I'm hoping Castle goes away to heal whatever injuries he has lingering. He can come back with a heel edge and it'll be good. WOH match wasn't anything to write home about. Kline's wrestling gear wasn't flattering. Her wrestling skills don't seem to match her gimmick of being "the gatekeeper." Bringing in TNA castoffs isn't a great look either, especially when Madison Rayne just left to go back to Impact. Street fight wasn't much, especially coming so quickly after the tag team war at the 17th Anniversary PPV. The Jr. 3way was the last thing I watched and it seemed like the show was gaining momentum from there. I'm hoping by the middle of next week to have had some time to sit down and digest most, if not all, of the indie shows from this past week/weekend.
  12. RazorbladeKiss87

    All Elite Wrestling

    This. There would be no quicker way to get me to stop caring about this promotion. This past weekend's Takeover may have been the best so far, in-ring, but I had to watch it on mute at points.
  13. RazorbladeKiss87

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    Glad to hear this. It's not an exaggeration when I say I remember nothing about the Mania XX episode. I'll never cut it out entirely because I work mornings in a kitchen by myself and have 8+ hours to listen and music just doesn't help me get my work done.
  14. This was a fun match but kind of a mess, with guys seemingly out of place a lot, leading to random seeming moves. Taka/Sasuke worked best together. I really liked the double lariat Doomsday Device style move that the heels pulled out.
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