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AAA when worlds collide 2/3 falls match

Guest White Lion

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Guest White Lion

When Worlds Collide

Double Hair .vs. Double Mask Stipulation

Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls Stipulation


11th Of June 1994

Eddie Guerreou .and. Art Barr .vs. El Hijo Del Santo .and. Octagon



Eddie and Santo start off in the ring and immediately exchange holds on the mat. Whilst this may not seem logical in the average blood feud, Eddies issue with Santo was all about which family had the better legacy, so both men feel that proving themself to be the better wrestler is important. To that end not much is achieved in the opening mat work, since whilst Eddie controls Santo on the mat more then Santo controls Eddie, its all rendered meaningless when Santo sends Eddie to the outside.


Santo tags Octagon in and Eddie immediately tags Art in which shows that Eddie thinks that his issue with Santo is more important then defeating Octagon, as he had only spent about 1 minute and a half in the ring. The fact that Santo tagged out at this point showed that he was satisfied having already shown Eddie up.


Art faces off against Octagon who immediately puts his speed to good use by outmanoeuvring Art at every turn, this is only made easier by the fact that Barr is being such an asshole that he?s misses an excellent opening to take control, to instead point and laugh at Octagons mistake giving him valuable recovery time before running the ropes.


After Octagon was finished showing up Art we finally start to see Eddie?s true colours as he attacks Octagon from behind. Santo tries to come in and help, but he?s immediately attacked by Eddie. Eddie and Art seem to see this as an opportunity to take the fall quickly, and after a hurracanrana on Santo who was on Arts shoulders Eddie pins him. Eddie then uses a superplex on Octagon to set up Arts frogsplash, and Los Gringos Locos have won the 1st fall.


Fall 2:

Santo and Eddie start this fall as well but there?s a difference in both men?s approach to the match, instead of trying to prove himself to be Santos superior Eddie immediately cheap shots Santo from behind and Santo who was obviously tired out tags out to Octagon 1st chance he gets without getting any offence on Eddie. This shows that both Eddie and Santo now consider winning the match the most important thing. Eddie because hed already got one up on Santo in the 1st fall, and Santo because the risk of him losing his mask was now much greater.


Eddie gets a cheap shot in on Octagon and he tags out to Barr. Barr proceeds to attempt to humiliate Octagon with slaps around the face and lots of taunting mannerisms before tagging Eddie back in. Virtually as soon as Eddie tags in Santo makes it clear that winning the match is now MUCH more important then any ethics he may have tried to fight with, by interfering and sending Eddie to the outside.


The theme of Santo and Octagon no longer caring about morals is continued as they double team Art in the ring and later Eddie when he re enters. After Santo and Octagon dive onto Eddie and Art simultaneously they are firmly in control and the dive itself gets a massive crowd pop because it was built to so well. Back in the ring Eddie blows off being dumped on his face by Santo to hit a hurracanrana from the top for an anti climatic pitfall. Im not sure what Art was doing at the time of the hurracanrana since he wasn?t on camera and only came into the ring after, but it would have been a lot better if Santo had fought him off from the top rope before Eddie gave him the hurracanrana.


The next part of the match sees Eddie and Art nailing Octagon with a double clothesline before getting too cocky allowing Octagon to pin Eddie. I think that they should have milked this a bit more, as if Octagon was beaten up for a bit longer his comeback would have seemed more heroic. Of course if he took too much punishment then it wouldn?t have been credible for him to make such a big comeback. As soon as he pins Eddie with a hurracanrana, Octagon makes Art submit with a move that I don?t know the name of.


Fall 3:

As they did in the 1st 2 falls Eddie and Santo once again start off against each other, like Eddie and Santo did at the start of the 2nd fall, Art and Octagon both change at the start of fall 3. Art becomes a lot more aware of the chance of defeat, and makes sure to break up some pins and submissions that Santo catches Eddie in. Eddie soon tags Art in and we start to see the change in Octagon when Art locks Santo in a submission. Rather then just break the submission up with a kick to the back, which Octagon does he takes it upon himself to repeatedly kick Art in the stomach until Art falls to the ground.


Around the 16 minute mark both teams become obsessed with not losing the match, Santo nails Art with a suplex and before Santo can even attempt a pin Eddie comes in too attack him. As soon as Eddie leaves the ring Octagon comes in to attack Art with several kicks and head butts, which also continues the theme of Octagon becoming more mean spirited as the match progresses.


Around this time the match completely breaks down with all 4 men constantly interfering, Santo gives Eddie an electric chair from the top, but Eddie blows it off about 10 seconds later to hit a double dive with Art (that Eddie blows his half of).


The match is clipped from Eddie attempting to superplex Santo, to Santo nailing Eddie with a sunset flip to the outside. Just after that Art nails Octagon with a tombstone piledriver back in the ring. The sunset flip was the perfect way to logically get Santo out of the way for the pinfall. The piledriver had been banned in Mexico for quite sometime at this point and Art Barr had lost a mask .vs. mask match to Blue Panther, who was managing Santo and Octagon here by disqualification back in 1992 for using a piledriver which was treated as an instant knock out move.


Now its 2 on 1 and Eddie and Art waste no time in double teaming Santo. They nail him with the superplex frog splash combo they used in fall 1 but he somehow kicks out. I think this was a flaw because Santo had taken much more punishment here then in fall 1 that being able to kick out here but not then makes absolutely no sense. Eddie holds Santo for a Art clothesline, but Art gets too cocky and ends up nailing eddy instead. Eddy falls out of the ring and Santo dives onto him, which creates the perfect way to logically advance to the next pinfall.


Blue Panther runs into the ring whilst the referee isn?t looking and nails Art with a piledriver. This was an excellent revenge spot not only for what Art did to Octagon, but also for the piledriver he nailed Blue Panther himself with 2 years earlier. If Blue Panther had done this to without the earlier piledriver spot, or to give Santo the final fall he would have been booed out of the building for it. But since all he was doing was giving Santo a chance after Art had cheated in the same manner earlier he was not.


So it?s down to Santo .vs. Eddie which was the main issue the whole time anyway. Eddie immediately goes to the big moves to put Santo away nailing him with a huracanrana, belly to belly superplex and a dragon suplex. But on his absolute last breath Santo gets a lucky roll up to keep his and Octagons masks.


Overall: Whilst at times the selling wasn?t very good, there were so many storylines created whiting the match and the character development throughout was so fabulous that I don?t think there?s anyway I cant say its not one of the best matches I have ever seen.



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