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Ripped from IP...


Sharkboy vs. Nigel McGuiness

I came in about ? way though, and it was back and forth action. Sharkboy wins with a roll up.


A limo rolls up, West and Tenay think it?s the major acquisition.


Team Canada backstage. D?Amore will not be ringside tonight for Roode and Young?s match against 3LK, or the X Title match, as he will be awaiting a call. He is excited for who he thinks the major acquisition is...implying Christian.


Diamonds in the Rough vs. The Naturals & Lance Hoyt

I can?t believe Chase is standing. All three Diamonds are on the outside, and Douglas leaps on them, followed by Hoyt. Things settle down, and Prime Time works over Chase?s upper back and neck. Douglas tries to take out Prime Time, but the Diamonds take out Douglas. Hoyt gets in and clears house, The Nats go for the Natural Disaster, but Chase can?t lift up Young, Prime Time tosses Douglas to the floor, and Young and Prime Time hit their finisher on Chase for the pin.

Winners - Diamonds in the Rough


They show the locker room of the major acquisition.


Raven walks toward the ring, he will be facing Zbyszko's surprise opponent....West and Tenay mention that Zbyszko picked someone from Raven's past.


Free Show Over.


They show a 'In Memory of Eddie Guerrero' before the telecast starts.




Zbyszko is in the ring, he says that all Raven has to do is sign a release, and he can sit at home and get paid. Zbyszko mentions that it seems like Raven has a girl running his life now, and Raven snaps, going after Zbyszko...and Zbyszko calls out his opponent...Justin Credible!


Raven vs. PJ Polaco

I guess he can't use the name Justin Credible anymore. PJ goes in right after Raven. PJ is all over Raven to start. They go to the floor, and PJ brings out a kendo stick, but Cassidy Riley comes out and takes the kendo stick shot from PJ. Raven recovers, goes for the Raven Effect, but PJ gets out of it. PJ goes for a Superkick, but Raven catches it, and locks on an Ankle Lock. PJ gets out, but turns around into a Raven Effect for the pin.

Winner - Raven


Backstage, BG is talking trash, and mentions that his boy, Kip James, is the ref. Konnan is furious.


Team Canada vs. 3 Live Kru - Kip James as Special Guest Ref - Hockey Stick on a Pole Match

Konnan does a shout out to Eddie. BG does his schtick, and Team Canada tries to the hockey sticks. You have to be the legal man to get a hockey stick down from one of the 6 corners. BG has Roode down, and he goes to the top for a stick, but he says that it's too high, and he tags in Truth, Truth is dumbfounded, but he goes to get a stick, but Roode brings him back down. 3LK dominates the match. Roode grabs a stick, and goes after BG, but Truth grabs it from behind, and BG with a big boot. 6-man melee ensues. BG goes for a Pump Handle Slam, but Young slides though and Young and Roode hit a double team on BG. Finishers back and forth, and then some hockey sticks come into play. Hockey sticks over Roode & A1, then a couple are laid on Young crotch, and Truth hits a leg drop on them for the pin.

Winners - 3LK


Konnan and Kip touch knuckles at the end of the match.


James Mitchell cuts a promo...Abyss is afraid of barb-wire, and he treats and egg as if it's Sabu's brain.


The lights go out, and we see a countdown on the screen....CHRISTIAN CAGE IS IN TNA! Christian says that he in TNA so he doesn?t have to see a grown man dress up like a doctor and pretend to pull things out of another man's ass. He's there so that the same person says that same thing every week. And he isn?t there because he was fired. He is there because he loves wrestling. He also mentions that he was not low balled in a contract offer, he just wanted to be part of something big. He wants Jarrett to know that he is there to take the NWA title. Scott D'Amore & Bobby Roode come on out to welcome Christian. D'Amore mentions some old times they had together with 'Adam, Jericho and Lance.' D'Amore wants Cage to join them. With Cage, they can be unstoppable. Cage wants to ask a question, but Roode gets in the middle of things, and says that they need an answer right now. D'Amore shuts up Roode, and then he gives Cage a TNeh shirt, saying that they don?t need an answer now, but they need one by the end of the night. Christian says that it looks like the right size, but he's not sure if it's the right fit.


Jeff Hardy vs. Monty Brown - #1 Contender's Match

Back and forth to start. Monty goes for an early Pounce, but Jeff holds onto the ropes. Monty charges, and Jeff dumps him to the floor. They fight on the floor, Jeff tries to walk the wall in the crowd, but he botches it. Back in the ring, Monty starts to dominate. He tosses Jeff back out, and pummels him. Back in the ring, Monty sends Jeff into the corner, but Jeff runs up and his the corkscrew. Jeff with his nutcracker, then goes for a Swanton, but Monty moves, hits the ropes, and hits...the...POUUUUUUNCE....PERIOD.

Winner - Monty


Joe and Daniels are not getting along. Franchise with Daniels, Strong and Shelley. They want to know were Joe is, and Daniels assures them that Joe is on the same page.


Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, & Roderick Strong vs. Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Matt Bentley, & Austin Aries - Elimination X

Bentley and Strong start. Back and forth for a bit, and then Sonjay and Shelley go in. Shelley beats Dutt down in the corner, and Joe is tagged in. Joe with a charge, knocks out Dutt with a boot in the corner. Dutt is able to get over the Aries, but Aries comes in and Joe hits him with a HUGE Boot...it looks like a car wreck. Daniels in, and Aries works him over. Aries gets to Sabin, and Sabin hits a series of leg scissors on Daniels. Sabin hits the ropes, but Joe puts his knee up, and Daniels is able to get up on Sabin. A huge melee ensues, with all 8 men going at it. Bentley takes Daniels to the floor. Dutt, Aries, and Sabin take out Joe, Strong, and Shelley to the floor, then all 3 hit a suicide dive on the floor. Aries and Strong get in the ring, Aries hits a Brainbuster, followed by a 450 Splash for the pin on Strong. Joe stares down Aries, but Daniels comes in from behind and rolls up Aries to eliminate him. Dutt and Shelley square off, and Shelley hits a Snow Plow like move, and follows it up with a Crossface, and Dutt taps. Bentley in quickly, and hits a Superkick on Shelley and Bentley gets the pin. Daniels and Sabin now. Daniels hits the BME, but Bentley makes the save. Bentley and Sabin tries to get a Double SUPERplex on Daniels, but Joe comes in and takes them all down in a Tower of Doom. Joe beats down Bentley in the corner, facewash, then goes to charge, but Bentley gets up and hits Superkick for 2 when Daniels breaks it up. Daniels sets up Bentley on his shoulders, and Joe brings him off, in the Muscle Buster, and Bentley is folded in 1/2. Joe locks in the choke for the tap out. Sabin is on his own. He hits a quick enzaguri on Daniels, then a DDT on Joe. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock on Joe, but Daniels breaks it up, only to be put up in the Cradle Shock. Joe breaks that up, puts Sabin in the turnbuckle for a Muscle Buster, but Bentley, who is still ringside, pulls on Joe's legs, and Joe drops Sabin, right into Angel's Wings for the pin.

Winners - Joe & Daniels


Joe is mad at Daniels that he stole that pinfall. Daniels pleas his case, and it seems as they are cool, but Joe attacks! On the floor, Joe drills Daniels with a chair. He then hits a few Muscle Busters, puts a chair in the ring, and hits ANOTHER Muscle Buster!! Refs and Security back off Joe. AJ comes out for some reason.


JJ and AMW with The Franchise. JJ says that he has been saying it for months. First it was Rhino, then it was Team 3D, and now Cage. He says that they will not back down, and they will take out Team 3D and Rhino tonight.


Abyss (w/ James Mitchell) vs. Sabu - No DQ

Sabu has his arm covered in a sheet...Abyss flips, but Sabu takes it off and there is no barb wire. Abyss leaves the ring, but Sabu tosses the chair at him, then hits a baseball slide. Sabu sets up a table, but back in the ring, Abyss dominates with high impact moves. Abyss goes to the outside, messes with the table, but Sabu flips over the top rope with a leg drop on the back of Abyss's head through the table! Both men are slow getting up, and Abyss hits Sabu with a chair. Mitchell gives Abyss his bag of tacks and they are laid out. However, Sabu comes in with a barb-wire wrapped chair. Abyss goes after Sabu, and hits a choke slam on the tacks! Sabu fights back, and he drops Abyss on the tacks. Sabu gets the chair, but Abyss knocks it out of his hands, and hits the Black Hole Slam on the chair for the pin!

Winner - Abyss


Recap of Petey winning the Ultimate X match, then hitting the Canadian Destroyer last night.


Franchise with AJ. AJ says that Petey is good, and the Destroyer is an awesome move, but neither one of them is...Phenomenal


AJ Styles © vs. Petey Williams (w/ A1) - X Division Title

Normal back and forth X Division action. AJ sends Petey to the floor, then hits his suicide dive, but he flips over Petey, and lands in the crowd! They keep fighting on the floor, AJ goes to get in the ring, and Petey tries to German AJ off the apron...and he finally does with AJ's back drilling into the guard rail. A1 tries to get involved, and the ref sends him to the back. Petey keeps working on AJ's back. Petey charges AJ in the corner, but AJ leapfrogs him, only for Petey to shove him back off, then AJ falls to the floor. Petey jumps out after him, hitting a hurracanranna on the floor. Petey continues to work on AJ's back, but out of nowhere, AJ nails a Pele. AJ with a series of quick moves, then a gut buster, then a back breaker, then a suplex, then a face jam for 2. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Petey gets out. Petey hits a Northern Lights for 2. Petey goes for a suplex, but AJ reverses it, and suplex's Petey over, then drops him in a neckbreaker. They go up the top, and AJ goes for a SUPERplex, but Petey fights him off, and then hits a top rope hurracanranna, only for AJ to roll right though it for 2. Both up, Petey hits a big DDT for 2. Petey with a Side Russian for 2. Petey then locks on the Sharpshooter. AJ goes to grab the rope, but Petey grabs AJ's arm, and holds it back, while keeping the Sharpshooter in! AJ finally gets the ropes. Petey hits the ropes, and AJ hits a springboard forearm, flipping Petey inside out. AJ charges at Petey, but Petey with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Petey goes to the top, but AJ with a dropkick, knocking Petey off. They are both back up on the top turnbuckle, and Petey goes for a Destroyer, but AJ back body drops Petey off the top! AJ looks to be going for the Spiral Tap, but Samoa Joe comes out on the ramp, and distracts AJ. Petey runs up the ropes, but AJ turns him in, and hits a Styles Clash off the turnbuckle for the pin!

Winner - AJ Styles


Recap of Team 3D/Rhino/JJ/AMW.


Team 3D & Rhino vs. America's Most Wanted & Jeff Jarrett

JJ and AMW go through out the crowd, and all 3 go to different spots, and they want Rhino and 3D to follow. Rhino goes after JJ, Bubba after Storm, and Devon after Harris. Bubba tosses Storm over the announce table. Devon has Harris choked on the railing. JJ turns the table, and smacks Rhino's head against the wall. All 6 are still in the crowd. Rhino has JJ up on the production table way up at the top of the sound stage, but JJ hits a low blow, and Rhino falls down and rolls down the bleachers. JJ goes after him, but Rhino keeps fighting. Faces are still beating on the heels. Rhino suplexs JJ on the ramp...on a few chairs! Storm tosses the beer bottle at Bubba, but Bubba dodges it, and pummels Storm. Devon drills Harris with the ring bell. Bubba has a cheese grater and he runs it across the forehead of Storm. 3D brings a table in the ring, and they suplex Storm. But Harris moves the table out of the way, and clotheslines both of them. Harris low blows Bubba with the cheese grater. Harris sets up to powerbomb Devon through a table but Bubba breaks it up, and powerbombs Harris...but Storm moves the table, so Harris just gets the ground. On top of the ramp, Rhino hits a pile driver on the steel grating. Rhino sets a table up over the tunnel, Storm comes over, but Rhino slams him into the stage. Rhino goes to GORE GORE GORE Jarrett, but Storm hits a Superkick. In the ring, Harris goes for the Catatonic, but Devon reverses it, and hits the Saving Grace for 2. Storm gets in, goes after Devon, but Bubba in, hits the Bubba Bomb. JJ in, Stroke on Bubba, but only for 2. JJ argues with the ref, Rhino gets in, and hits a GORE GORE GORE...but only for 2 when Harris pulls the ref out. Rhino charges Harris, but Storm blindsides him. AMW then crotches Rhino on the ring post, then get back in the ring, and hits a double choke slam on Bubba, then Harris holds Devon up for a clothesline by Storm. They go to hit Devon with a Death Sentence through the table, but Bubba breaks it up, tosses Harris to the floor, then hitting a 3D on Storm for the pin.

Winners - Team 3D & Rhino


JJ comes in and hits Rhino with a guitar. 3D goes to do a 3D through a table, Gail Kim then Team Canada. They take out Bubba, then lay Devon out on a table. JJ goes to top, but Cage's music hits, and he runs out with a chair. He takes his Charisma zip up off, and he is wearing the TNeh shirt! D'Amore goes to welcome him...UNPRETTIER ON D'AMORE!! Cage then pulls JJ down off the top rope, Bubba and Devon lift up JJ, and Cage brings him though the table in a Triple 3D!


Show Over.

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Guest TheShawshankRudotion

The Good:


- Samoa Joe turning on Daniels. REALLY well done. Inappropriate to have a "we'll update you on his condition" angle following a wrestlers death, though


- Christians promo.


- The 8 man elimination match (I... um... yes... yes... uh huh... yep. I'm an Alex Shelly fan. Great facial expressions.) It was weird how they had the finishing sequences IN THE MIDDLE of the match.


- THE MAIN EVENT? That was a really good brawl. Ended rather anti-climatically, and I didn't like how they teased the gore through the table in the entrance way and not pay off. But overall it was so much better than it should have been.


- Sabu vs. Abyss (???) - Another better than it should have been matches. Its weird cause it sorta had psychology in it...


The Bad:


There wasn't anything really bad about the show, it's just a lot of the matches fell a bit flat. The 3LK match, Brown vs. Hardy, Raven/Credible (Ok, Raven doing MMA moves was the highlight of the show...), Styles vs. Williams had some great moments, but felt random.

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