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1983 Project Guide

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Welcome to the 1983 project. This informational piece is being created to provide some clarity on what we are doing with this project and some of the guidelines to how things are ran and the many facets of the project that make it run. In this document I have tried to outline the various topics with headers as a simple go to for individuals looking to join the 1983 project and those who are new to provide guidelines to how things run. This is a living document that will without a doubt change over time and evolves to let the game grow. Let’s get started…



-The purpose of the 1983 project is to create a world of wrestling that did not see the Territories dry up in then 1980s. Throughout this process we have already seen the WWF close its doors and no company jump to the national spotlight. Each territory in the project runs in its local and regional markets. Invasion is able, however in-game hostilities can arise and hopefully bring out the best in competition. We encourage all individuals to continue to HAVE FUN! That is the purpose of this project to have all the territories work together with the project but still compete with one another from a writing standpoint.



-Individuals pick their own specific promotions and run the territory the way that they want it. Individuals can run house shows in their markets and television shows along with bigger shows. Pay Per View hasn’t been utilized yet so that national exposure won’t be possible for a couple more years at least.


-The major point in how this game works is for individuals to write shows. These shows can be as long or as short as you’d like in order to showcase your talent, angles, and writing ability. Each of the promotions puts out a different product and it is encouraged for you to separate yourself from the others and put forth the best product that you can.


-Simply start your promotions thread in the promotions sub-board and begin to post from there. All active promotions post their shows on that sub-board.



-All writers are encouraged to give feedback on others shows. It is literally the only way that this project will continue to run is if readers and other writers continue to give that feedback and help others present their individual products.



-As of the writing of this document, we are running on the 1983 calendar and will soon to be moving to 1984. Along with that calendar, we run on the specific days of the week. Please make sure to check the calendar to make sure you are in line with those dates if you’d like to put forth the best product. Along with these timelines, a lot of talent sharing happens and it is important for individuals to keep with those dates on bookings. This is the best way to gain trust with other promoters and utilize talent from around North America.



-All promotions have their own home talent. The roster cap is utilized to keep the game on a level playing field and not let rosters get too bloated. As of this writing, the roster cap is 45 active workers as wrestlers, managers, an/or tag teams. The roster cap will go +1 every three months on April 1st, July 1st, October 1st, and then January 1st. Announcers and referees do not count towards the cap.



-Each promotion has its own talent and it is encouraged for others to initiate full trades and partial loans with other promotions to showcase talent if they’d like. I will do my best to keep up the roster database with all the roster moves to keep things clear if you are looking for a specific talent. Promoters can also book Freelancer talent if they choose.



-At the time of this document, there are individuals who are freelance talents who can be booked throughout North America for shows.


Bruiser Brody

Abdullah the Butcher

Mil Mascaras

Stan Hansen


The Minis

Little Tokyo

Cowboy Lang

Lone Eagle

Tiny Tom

Little Coco

Chili Bowl

Butch Cassidy

The Haiti Kid

Sonny Boy Hayes

Tiger Jackson


The Women

The Fabulous Moolah

Princess Victoria

Velvet McIntrye

Debbie Combs

Donna Day

Wendi Richter

Judy Martin

Penny Mitchell

Susan Star

Joyce Grable

Leilani Kai

Sherri Martel

Madusa Miceli


-These freelancers are available on a month-to-month basis with a revolving carousel of promoters having the ability to book them out for the month. When a promoter has control of the freelancers, that individual has first dibs, and then other promoters can request dates on these individuals and use them for their shows. It is up to the month promoter to keep an up to date list of those being used and help the freelance function of this project continue.



-The 1983 project continues with the All Japan and New Japan dates. Individuals on those tours are gone from North American for those times and cannot be used while on tour. Those tour dates will be showcase on the main thread of the 1983 project.



-One of the specific functions of the 1983 project is the detail we put into the realism of the world of wrestling. When an individual passes away, they are taken out of the world of wrestling.



-Individuals who are free agents can be picked up off the free agency wire. If a promotion is below the cap, a free agent can be picked up with no drop. If a promotion is at the cap, in order to pick up a free agent, the promotion must drop a talent to replace them on the free agency wire.



-There will be monthly fresh face drafts as new roster debuts. These are often times young, green talent. When Shawn Michaels debuts, he is not the heartbreak kid, he is a job guy who gets destroyed weekly. It is your creative choice to build him, but the realism of how that individual is built must be taken into affect. The fresh face draft is a true draft. Once a promotion makes a pick, they go to the bottom of the line. When individuals drop out of the draft, the draft continues until all promotions have dropped. All individuals left on the fresh face draft are entered into free agency.



-Individuals who are reading this and the products that we put out are encouraged to join the 1983 project.


New promotions will go through this schedule...

1. Announce their intention to join on General Chatter or through PM to LowBlowPodcast

2. We will this discuss the promotion that you would like to activate.

3. You will then select 20 people from Free Agency to begin your promotion with.

4. You will produce shows for 4 consecutive weeks before

5. If you fulfill the 4 weeks, you will then be given full go ahead with the 45 person cap limit and ability to do trades and loans with other promotions.



-Unless notified due to circumstances we will be going by a 60-day no communication and 90-days of not posting of a show to eliminate a promotion. We completely understand that life happens. COMMUNICATE with other on the general chatter thread to let us know what is going on.


Again, this is a living document that will change over time. I put this document together to cover all the basics for what we are doing here and what we hope to achieve. These are simply guidelines for individuals to follow. This is not the say all be all and most issues can be resolved through communication with the other promotions. Please post any questions you have. Please post any recommendations you have.



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