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Lex Luger back in jail


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from Meltz...


Lex Luger's legal woes continue as the 47-year-old wrestler is currently in Hennepin County Jail in Minneapolis.


Lawrence Pfohl is being held without bail with a court appearance scheduled on the 22nd on two felonies, a drug charge from the state of Georgia and a fugitive from justice charge stemming from that same original charge.


Pfohl and Marcus Bagwell were taken off an airpline in Minneapolis on the way to a wrestling date in Winnipeg on Tuesday due to a disturbance. Both were allowed to get on a later flight.


Both wrestlers, along with Scott Rechsteiner, were detained for a long period (between 90 minutes and three hours) at the border before Bagwell and Rechsteiner were allowed to enter the country. Pfohl was sent back, likely because they discovered the outstanding warrant, and arrested after he arrived in Minneapolis.


Pfhol has faced one legal problem after another since the folding of WCW, between DUI arrests, drugs like steroids and Growth Hormone found at his home when Elizabeth Hulette passed away, and he spent a lengthy period of time in jail in Atlanta due to nonpayment of child support.


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