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Exile on Badstreet #25 (All Hell Is Breaking Loose Part 2) (Featuring Karl Stern & Beau James)


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Kris is joined by Karl Stern (Dragon King) for the first hour plus and Beau James (King of Kingsport) for the duration to discuss July 1986-June 1987 in Continental Championship Wrestling. We discuss all the major angles and matches that took place during the year plus other great tidbits surrounding the promotion. Kevin Sullivan makes his debut, Stud Stable turns babyface, New Guinea Head Hunters coming from under the ring, and lots more. This is a tremendous show so LISTEN NOW



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Just listened to this today as it was unfortunately pushed aside for the GWE pod-fest. Amazing job again, could listen to Beau talk old school wrestling for hours. I'd love to see him start his own podcast going through the Continental shows week by week (or something).

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Finally listening to this today and really loving it. I put that awesome segment with the phone call from 'Ronald Reagan' to Roy Lee Welch on youtube a while back and people definitely need to watch it.


I loved watching 86 Continental but definitely agree that the New Guinea Headhunters run was just kind of lacking. Part of it was they just weren't very big and they also just didn't really come across as vicious as the gimmick called for.


Also, I agree The Nightmares didn't really have the "blowjob babyface" look but neither did Johnny & Davey Rich. The idea of those guys (and giant Coke bottle glasses Scott Armstrong) as the big draw for the ladies has always amused the hell out of me.


I may have missed it when you guys were talking about people being advertised as coming in and not showing up like The Sheepherders, The Moondogs & The Mod Squad but I didn't hear you guys mention Abdullah the Butcher. There was definitely a Kevin Sullivan promo where he talked about how he was bringing him in but as far as I know he never did. Definitely not on TV at least.


I loved that talk about the awful Russian tag team. That was the point I got to in my 87 watching when I decided to just go back and start at the earliest Southeastern footage I had. Really bad workers and the worst fake Russian accent ever in wrestling and that says a lot.


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