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This Week In Wrestling 4/10/16


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Fall 1

Pete and Johnny touch on Pete's Mania Weekend. Discuss what's coming up on nwaclassics.com and the current ROH TV.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy look at all 3 Evolve shows. They discuss the best wrestling weekend ever? Hear about all the great matches. Plus the direction of Lucha Underground.

Fall 3 Pete and Johnny talk about all the NXT call ups. They share a cry over the Daniel Bryan special. Of course talk NXT,RAW, and even Smackdown.

00:06:07 NWA Classics Gary Hart vs. Mike the Big 'Un
00:11:30 ROH TV

00:20;37 Fall 2

00:21:29 Lucha Underground
00:26:15 Evolve 58
00:53:40 Evolve 59
01:18:13 Mercury Rising

01:52:57 Fall 3

01:53:43 WWE 24 Thank You Daniel
02:03:43 NXT call ups
02:23:43 NXT tv
02:29:46 RAW
02:52:14 SD!​

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Always enjoy the weekly show. Echoing the positive sentiments RE: the second falls in general, Tim you've done a good job jumping in, your guys' discussion on some of the NJPW shows actually had me wanting to order their streaming service. I dig the deep dives into some of the more under the radar stuff too like the ROH house shows etc. I'll always up TWiW to the top of my podcast queue when it drops.

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