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[2005-03-26-FIP-Bring The Pain] CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson (2/3 falls)


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2/3 Falls Match
CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson
This was a classic matchup, but eroded just a tad bit over time. While nowhere near the "Epic Encounter" Gabe was pimping it to compare to London vs. Danielson and sell DVDs, this had the usual psychology that you would expect from these competitors. With Punk being the chickenshit heel, he lost no steam whatsoever in losing the technically superior and babyface Danielson.
It was a great game of human chess, with Danielson working on Punk's shoulders for the Cattle Mutilation, and Punk working mostly on Danielson's right knee when it hit the top of a turnbuckle mid-way in the first fall. The legwork was really amazing stuff, as was all of the counter-holds and leverage they tried getting on each other during this grueling 40+ minute contest.
Punk also help as the chickenshit with a falsely paraplegic Milo Beasley, who interfered at times in the match. In the closing minutes, Danielson no-sold the legwork to give Beasley a ridiculous airplane spin and take the manager out of the equation. To me, there was too much time spent on the legwork for me to buy an extended spot like the airplane spin as a rush of adrenaline; it was illogical no-selling for the sake of sports-entertainment, very uncharacteristic of a Punk or Danielson match.
However, as proven in their only singles match in ROH, Danielson was just way too superior and more confident than the chickenshit Punk. A 2/3 falls match played way too heavily into his strengths, and I wish Gabe had booked this match for ROH. If he had done so, this match likely would have gotten the standing ovation that it didn't get here, and in front of a much larger and more appreciative crowd. ****
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