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[2016-04-03-LLEM] Black Terry vs Negro Navarro

Tim Cooke

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via Black Terry Jr.


From a small show where Black Terry Jr. didn't even list the promotion. I have been on the "Negro Navarro is really slowing down" train and while I still think that is true, this is a match where Black Terry is running the ropes at Yossino speed yet Navarro doesn't look slow at all. They work the first three minutes based around a hybrid lucha, WOS arm sequence, not even having to take a bump. In fact, one of the holds is broken because Black Terry tells an audible joke that makes Navarro and the crowd laugh. My spanish sucks but it was still a terrific spot. They do the maestro submissions back and forth but they sell each and every one and because of the opening where it is made clear that this is a respectful match between two veterans, it doesn't feel exhibitionist in the least. Really fun 11 minutes. ***1/2

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