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[2006-06-04-NOAH] KENTA vs Takashi Sugiura


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KENTA vs. Sugiura - June 4, 2006

Another excellent match, a fitting finale to KENTA's tremendous reign as the GHC Jr. Champ. He never truly got what I would consider to be a genuine advantage in this, even with Sugiura occasionally selling at points. KENTA just found himself constantly getting thrown away with all kinds of overhead suplexes throughout the match. Of note is that Sugiura worked on KENTA's left knee early, softening it up for the ankle lock. A pity Kurt Angle likely never watched this and of course that he will likely never face KENTA.

KENTA found himself Yakuza kicked off the apron and flying back-first into the steel guardrail, allowing Sugiura to dominate the rest of the match. And although Sugiura dominated, KENTA always kept himself in the match with kicks and slaps, having beautiful exchanges with the challenger. But with such a beating having been laid upon on him and his left ankle damaged, KENTA had no choice after about a minute in that hold, coming so close to the ropes and having the crowd antsy, but to finally tap out. Phenomenal match. ****1/2

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I didn't like this the first time I watched this, and now on my 2nd watch, I really WANTED to like it, but I sadly didn't. Just like on the first watch I just didn't get behind the match structure at any point - it just feels like the match never gets going. One thing that was good about this is the finishing run w/ the ankle lock drama, but other than that - completely soulless. *

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  • GSR changed the title to [2006-06-04-NOAH] KENTA vs Takashi Sugiura

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