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[1977-02-06-Maple Leaf Wrestling] Terry Funk vs Harley Race


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Terry Funk vs. Harley Race

NWA World Heavyweight Championship - Toronto, ON

February 6, 1977


Cut to a snapmare takedown by Race, who follows up with a knee drop. Race goes up top and Funk slams him down and then works the leg. Race escapes the spinning toe hold twice by raking the eyes. Race hits a huge suplex for a 2 count. Funk is up first and grabs a side headlock but works into a hammerlock and grabs the leg again. Harley again escapes the toehold and hits the kneebreaker followed by an Indian Deathlock. Funk is struggling but can't get out. Race clinches harder every time Funk tries to twist out. Eventually, Funk relents and submits the NWA World Championship to Harley Race. 4 minutes shown.


Hard to say how good this whole match really is but these final few minutes are fantastic and the crowd is excited for a title change. I really like the idea that Funk going to for the toehold inspires Race to hit a kneebreaker and win with a leg lock of his own. ***

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