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  1. peachchaos

    RIP Harley Race

    The word credibility immediately comes to mind, which goes beyond even Harley as a worker or a gimmick. Harley Race gave a legendary credibility to professional wrestling, not just as the premier World Champion of a generation but also as an aging midcarder and manager. He made Brisco, Funk, Dusty, and Flair household names by passing the torch and had no problem passing the belt to Baba and Rich. It's easy to say he was too giving as a champion without recognizing how perfectly he did he job. In falling hard on his ass every night and losing the title at every turn he cemented a dynasty. My favorite will always be that barn-burner with Terry Funk from the Houston footage. Or the hour draw with Lawler. Or the Hogan stuff. Or even just him intimidating with a briefcase full of cash and putting the hit out on Flair. Absolute legend.
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  3. peachchaos

    AEW Fight For The Fallen

    It was an average show but I seem to have enjoyed it more than most since I had tabled my expectations for this being anything other than the charity event it was presented as by the promotion. We knew going in this wasn't going to have the Big Event feel of All In or Double or Nothing even if there were some dream matches on the card. When it was over, I felt like I had watched a pretty good Nitro and not a Bash at the Beach, which is honestly promising in terms of the future for AEW. Between this and Fyter Fest, they're sort of working out how to do smaller shows in frequency with good in ring action and storyline advancement without blowing their load prematurely. Of course the internet must critique and there were certainly plenty of flaws here, both in terms of production and performance, but in the end this was a solid block of wrestling for the most part. Not every show needs to be filled with MOTYCs in order to be a success. Really looking forward to this promotion going full time.
  4. peachchaos

    WWE TV 07/15 - 07/21 Flipping burgers to become Ambassador

    yeah it probably should say "after he competes in a cross-brand yadayada" instead of "winning" I'd be cool with anyone other than Reigns or Rollins and certainly not Orton. Neither Braun or Lashley have had their shot at Lesnar one-on-one. Zero percent chance Corbin wins this, but I would love to see that trainwreck and watch the world burn. So I'm sitting comfortably in the Cesaro Section for now unless Big E gets the big reaction.
  5. peachchaos

    WWE TV 07/15 - 07/21 Flipping burgers to become Ambassador

    Cross Brand All-Star Top 10 Battle Royal tonight...winner faces Lesnar at SummerSlam. Participants:
  6. peachchaos

    Extreme Rules 2019

    I wouldn't mind a 2 minute Baron Corbin reign only for Lesnar to cash in. Maybe if they babyface him and Heyman he'll actually be interesting for a minute?
  7. peachchaos

    WWE Network... It's Here

    November to Remember 1994 has only been available as a handheld. This is some good shit.
  8. peachchaos

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Here's a pretty good YouTube page full of WWE dark matches including the one from Beyond the Mat if anyone wants more of this for whatever reason.
  9. peachchaos

    AEW Fyter Fest

    So far no issues streaming this or Double or Nothing on my AppleTV 4k fwiw
  10. peachchaos

    AEW Fyter Fest

    I think we're all curious about this one. Cody's coming off a career-best performance and knowing Darby's insane drive pre and post injury, I'd say this has potential to steal the show even if there's stiff competition in the top two matches.
  11. peachchaos

    WWE Hidden Gems

    My gut says if they had full Amarillo TV they would have posted that instead.
  12. peachchaos

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It's been forever and I'm probably misremembering this, but I seem to recall this footage showing up on one of those "Film Room With Gordon Solie" bits from FL that aired on 24/7. Would be neat to see those on the Network along with a proper Terry Funk Collection.
  13. peachchaos

    Best Makeovers

    Cactus Jack into Mankind into Dude Love into Mick Foley
  14. peachchaos

    Crockett Appreciation

    Great list there. Watching footage from 1985, I'll post some additions. [1985-01-03-Worldwide] Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, and Dick Slater vs Tully Blanchard, Ron Bass, and Black Bart - Bunkhouse Match [1985-02-09-MACW-TV] Tully Blanchard vs Manny Fernandez (Network) [1985-02-13-Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling] Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich [1985-02-16-MACW-TV] Tully Blanchard vs Brian Adidas (Network) [1985-02-23-MACW-TV] Dick Slater vs Black Bart (Network)
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