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  1. peachchaos

    All Elite Wrestling

    Arn Anderson and Dustin Runnels working with Christopher Daniels (talent relations) would be an incredible set of minds putting things together.
  2. peachchaos

    CM Punk returns in a mask?

    Punk's offense always looked like shit. I don't doubt for one second that's him, given his history in the area. Those who expect someone as integrated with wrestling as Punk to stay away forever forget what a huge mark he was before he even trained. I'd be shocked if he's not at Double or Nothing or more likely the first TV with AEW. There's money floating around, zero schedule at the moment, and they'll respect his status as a true superstar. For those wondering, he owns the CM Punk trademark and would most likely have secured the rights to the theme song by now.
  3. peachchaos

    All Elite Wrestling

    Worth noting there was strong speculation of this last month and Dustin worked the Twitter crowd by saying he was still with WWE.
  4. Seems like they mainly referred to him as Sid and sometimes "psycho" on commentary, but never on the chyron. He is listed as "The Psychotic" Sid on the VHS box for IYH1.
  5. Never thought of that. They even ripped his song straight from the film series. Also, they love their force alliteration. "The P gets in the way" - yeah, I could totally see that
  6. Exactly. Copyright law is how we are getting shit like IIconics and The Viking Experience. The Roman numeral is actually a solid way to create a valid WWE property, but of course none of that matters to us as fans since the names are terrible.
  7. All I remember is the amazing Fastlane match between Bryan and Roman and disappointment after disappointment from Bryan and AJ???
  8. peachchaos

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland miniseries

    Brody is on YouTube, Amazon or iTunes for everything else
  9. Great work. Thanks for keeping this updated.
  10. An outstanding crowd pleasing return from Harper and another solid showcase for Dijak. Both guys go all out to prove their worth and stake their claim. Worked like an indie dream match, exactly what you want from a small stage show on Mania weekend. ****1/4
  11. peachchaos

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up on WWE.com Next level trolling from the first line of Sasha's section: "Sasha Banks is a four-time Raw Women’s Champion, but those reigns only average 20 days. Frankly, she needs a fresh start."
  12. peachchaos

    AstroBoy's 2019 MOTY tracker

    Bump. Plenty of good stuff in the past month, anyone wanna drop some recommendations?
  13. peachchaos

    The mOveZ Appreciation Thread

    22 years ago today bWo Japan invaded ECW at Barely Legal and put on a legendary show-stealing movefest with Sasuke and Hamada.
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