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Jesse Ewiak

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So, I'm bored and it's late, so let me write this up as I'm kind of amused by it. Also this might be Pro Wrestling Mostly. :)


For those of you don't know, for whatever reason (probably the fact they're 20 to 30-ish year old dorks), a lot of video game jounalists and developers are fans of the pro wrestling. As a result of this, at PAX East, a video game convention, two years ago, there was a panel where 30 of them had a PAX Rumble to crown the inagural PAX Video Game Wrestling Champion, using the Wrestlemania 2000 N64 game. Now, that'd be just a silly panel to watch on the Internet, except people actually shot promo videos and there were angles at panels before the show including people being hit with (faux) glass bottles and attempted powerbombs through tables.


Since then, there have been basically an event at every PAX (of which, there's two or three a year) with even more wacky angles and promos and as it goes, less and less actual video game wrestling as people realize that WM 2000 isn't all that great a game and it's all built up to this years PAX-A-Mania II which was an hour long panel where only about four minutes was spent on actual video game wrestling and the rest was on weird promos, special appearances by Ophidian & Amasis of CHIKARA, folks from Kaiju Big Battle, the President of Sony Playstation and Xavier Woods. Also, everybody is a heel and there are sweves of plenty


Oh, and it also drew about 1,000 people to the PAX Main Stage (True, people had already bought passes), meaning it might be the #2 or #3 company in United States wrestling as far as getting people to show up to its events. :)


Here's a link to the actual show/panel/etc. - it's about an hour long. -


Some of the best "promos" leading up to the event -


Or just go to paxamania.com and read about the silliness.

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Yeah, I follow a lot of these guys too and this is extremely silly, slapdash fun but it is a real love letter to pro wrestling. Gregg Miller missed his calling as a foul-mouthed heel GM and Gerstmann could easily be a sketch troupe performer with his Dr. Tracksway transformation

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