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  1. I think they could probably dial it back for a bit considering you had a Texas Death Match and then this back to back. It certainly worked as a one-off spectacle though. Saying that, I can't imagine Cody not wanting to bleed next week considering he'll probably be in white tights.
  2. I’m amazed they went full Gage on national TV and even more amazed that a lot of the gruesome shit really got over. Not too keen on Page being beat since nobody else on the roster gets that reaction and the story is there but I guess the Danielson match is happening since it seems like Punk is going with Darby. Unless they’ve beat Page to go with Omega/Christian which, I cannot imagine even if they were hinting it
  3. Stiva

    AEW Dark Megathread

    Shame about Marc Quen’s performance against Jungle Boy. I hope he’s carrying an injury because otherwise, that was about as sluggish and slow as you can be in a national promotion. Everything looked like he was running through treacle
  4. Stiva

    AEW Dynamite - July 14, 2021

    They got over a million for this Dynamite and beat Raw in 18-49. What are we saying? Moxley? Darby? Fans being back? Sakazaki?!
  5. Stiva

    AEW Dynamite - July 14, 2021

    Great show that flew by. All I can think about is how it must have absolutely sucked to be Ethan Page in that coffin, waiting for Darby to come crashing down on top of you with barely any idea of when it would be happening
  6. Jungle Boy is the real deal, for sure. Could have done without the run ins for the Hardy/Christian feud but I liked seeing everyone intersect again. Was pretty much a one-match show but it was still a breezy watch. I agree that nothing in this Pinnacle feud is sinking in though. At least show SOME recaps to get over what these two factions are doing to each other.
  7. Stiva

    All Elite Wrestling

    I assumed the first Rampage show would be main evented by Britt beating Thunder Rosa
  8. You never want to see anyone lose their jobs but I’d love a Breezango indie run.
  9. Stiva

    Euro 2020 is pro wrestling.

    France have been booked so strongly recently, someone going over on them could make them a star
  10. I do wonder where MJF goes after he beats Jericho in the blow off. Both single champs are heels (unless they pull the trigger on Jungle Boy which, I’m not against) and a feud with Sammy is a situation where neither should really be losing.
  11. Jericho loves doing his feuds in 3s. I assume the Pinnacle win the third match but where do you go from War Games and Stadium Stampede? Also, how hard would it have been to debut Andrade after Omega beats Jungle Boy next week? The crowd would do wild and you immediately sow the seeds for the Omega/Andrade match. And it’s way more exciting than him just walking out
  12. That Andrade debut was so flat, my word. Why debut him on a Friday night show? He’s the perfect guy to build vignettes with and then build to his debut. AEW really can’t do debuts right at all.
  13. Stiva

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Somewhere, Tony Khan’s eyes just lit up.
  14. Stiva

    AEW Double or Nothing 2021

    Fuck yeah, Sting. I popped big for that whole sequence; Scorpio's facials were great
  15. Stiva

    AEW Double or Nothing 2021

    Match needs a Rebel crutch shot to heat it up.