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  1. Stiva

    All Elite Wrestling

    Darby finally getting his win over Cody and a title to boot in the final would be a good story but I can see Cody getting it so he can work competitive TV matches like the one with Jimmy Havoc every week.
  2. Stiva

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    The trailer for the Big Show Netflix comedy is out and it looks truly terrible
  3. Stiva

    AEW Dynamite 25th March 2020

    That was a great use of two hours, a good distraction from the world falling apart. Jericho is a total pro, he was amazing cutting the promo on Vanguard and then somehow not laughing at Hardy pointing out Martin Luther King in the empty crowd. Tony was fantastic on commentary too; Excalibur is very good but it was awesome hearing Tony be the main guy for two hours
  4. Stiva

    AEW Dynamite 25th March 2020

    Apparently this is still going on with essential personnel only which still seems ill-advised to me but that’s how it is Omega vs Guevara and the Hardy/Jericho confrontation seem like they could be good but Cody has the greatest test of his AEW career as he tries to drag something decent out of Jimmy Havoc.
  5. Stiva

    Greatest year ever by a wrestler

    His 2007 has crazy highs with McGuinness and Morishima but his 2005 may have been more consistent?
  6. It's worth mentioning that this week, to my knowledge, had the biggest rating gap so far since Dynamite fully kicked NXT across the shop. Now is probably the time that AEW wished they had another show next week but I'm assuming it's not to be.
  7. These shows are a nice little change, especially when modern wrestling production can be ridiculously overwhelming at times but yeah, the big reveals tonight would have been amazing moments with a live crowd. I'm not sure these shows can continue in perpetuity since they'll lose more and more novelty over time. Also, props to, I believe Spears, for shouting "I got $200 on you, Tarzan. Do something!" during the Jungle Boy match. That popped me. In fact, that whole match was good fun. Butcher and Blade are a quietly solid tag team.
  8. Stiva

    WrestleMania 36

    To be fair, while Vince’s “never stop for anything” mentality is reckless and unhinged, I’m now more interested in an empty arena Mania, purely out of curiosities sake
  9. Stiva

    WWE TV 03/09 - 03/15 Working From Home Edition v1

    HHH dropped "Smiles on people's faces" in the first 30 seconds like they do with any kind of tragedy or public crisis. I'm not sure what the solution would be but having everyone do their video game entrances to an empty arena is maybe peak WWE.
  10. Stiva

    AEW Dynamite March 11 2020

    Cody is going to cut such an awesome promo to rally the Elite and Moxley into a cohesive unit.
  11. Stiva

    AEW Dark Megathread

    Su Yung would be a pro pick-up. It’d be great to see what she could come up with some top-tier production muscle behind her.
  12. Stiva

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    They upload some classic matches onto their YouTube channel but there’s every chance they’re just uploading them from some hard drive full of torrented shows.
  13. Stiva

    WWE TV 03/02 - 03/08 I know how to fix Bray Wyatt

    Trevor Lee is a textbook example of them signing a guy just to sign him.
  14. Stiva

    AEW Dynamite - 3rd March 2020

    Kind of a flat show, all in all but I'm digging the seeds they're planting. There's so much intrigue about who is coming in that they have to pull the trigger on some of them eventually. If Hardy is the Exalted One, it has to be next week because this week already felt like a week too far. Jake was awesome though but I hope this isn't the end of Cody/MJF. I assume they're going to string the threads together for Not-War Games.
  15. Stiva

    AEW Dynamite - 3rd March 2020

    The teases for the Exalted One are kicking into overdrive. I guess there's spoilers for this but Do we also see Archer debut and go after Moxley tonight? Everything still feels super exciting.