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  1. Jesse Ewiak

    AEW Dynamite Week 1

    The fact the long-term plan is Kenny as champion instead of Moxley is crazy to me.
  2. A quick note - form what I've read, the WWE wouldn't be subject to this, since they don't have an office or anything in the WWE. They'd be under Connecticut law, for this instance. The reason Uber or Lyft is on the hook is because not only is Uber/Lfyt HQ'd in Cali, so are their drivers.
  3. Jesse Ewiak

    AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

    In another universe, Vince McMahon is making a call to the State of Michigan sanctioning bodies to make sure the promotion actually has to give away a car Solid stuff, especially with a slightly less star studded roster than other promotions. Race is a good choice as top guy in a gritty region like the Great Lakes, as you can easily imagine Harley getting off a shift at a local Ford factory in Michigan instead of wrestling.
  4. Jesse Ewiak

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    Good stuff as usual, but I wonder if Backlund realizes he's just keeping the top guy slot warm for a different All-American looking young guy?
  5. Jesse Ewiak

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    As other people have said, Bock & Studd is a duo never happened, but seems perfect as you've set them up. Also, Windham having to basically work up to Bockwinkel, by taking out Bundy first could be great in the long term The Movement is a great little stable, especially after getting rid of Akeem & Muhammed. After all, Ray Candy & Leroy Brown in 1984, not exactly hot tickets. Von Erich - Saito was a fun TV main event, and now the question is, will a Von Erich take the belt back from Bock, before any other babyface? Your house shows look solid, especially the huge multi-man tags that would've been salivated by tape dealers for years afterwards.
  6. Jesse Ewiak

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    OMG wins his ring, which makes sense, and Lars gets a push right out of the gate in getting to the TV title match, all while other feuds are pushed forward. I'm sure many young women were happy to tell Steve Armstrong how tough he looked beating up Ken Wayne with his cowboy boot. So, are we getting an OMG face turn? Also, a great way to solidify somebody as mattering in one night by having him make a giant submit clean in the middle. Good way to further Madril & Hercules as heel, avoid Brad or Street having to job, and know I want a KKB & Adrian Street odd couple tag team, in the short run. Tommy Rich blededing a ton? I'm stunned! Solid way to let Landell keep the belt, without actually jobbing Tommy in his return. Fuller & Golden playin babyface is always a little weird, but it works. Plus, I'm sure they'll go back to being full heels soon enough. Another Southern promotion not respecting the World title DiBiase-Gordy in '84 would've been awesome. Hmm, after the main event finish, I wonder if they'll soon be an new masked wrestler entering the rings of SECW.
  7. Jesse Ewiak

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Vancouver Show - Borne & Slater is a fun team, even though Marauders is a very "let's hit random team name on TEW/EWR and move on" type of name. Haynes & Hickerson is also an odd, but cool face combo. Is it a rule that Ed Wiskowski & Doug Somers always get a push in your fed? Seriously though, Rock 'n' Roll's tget the win, as they should, and I'm sure Buddy won't be happy about that. Chavo-Zenk was probably a decent match, with the angle of the two armies overshadowing things. Now, on the other hand, Garvin-Starr was probably a wild match probably w/ blood, even if neither side was trying to blade. Rose-Bravo was good, but the big news was Piper's return. You're doing fantastic at basically booking Portland, if it had the money for an actual roster. Victoria Show - Decent little tag opener, with Yamada learning some of the heel work he'll eventually use in the NJPW-NOAH feud in two decades. Big win for The Marauders, and then Hickerson gets spiked. Good stuff. Piper is Piper and I'm sure he and Oliver had the type of fun match they'd had 100 times. But the question is, did he kick the leg out of his leg? Shocking tag title change, and now, Rock 'n' Roll's vs. Wiskowkis & Somers doesn't have the tag belts to limit various finishes. Ron Garvin - Jake The Snake is a fun feud, that could be happening now.
  8. Jesse Ewiak

    TNT Wrestling

    The Ratamyus - Samoa feud is one of the funner ones to read about as I've been catching up on stuff, and this tag match is a good way to extend things. Both of the tag teams are interesting original creations (I'm assuming), and giving The Real Deal the win, allows them to move up the ranks without hurting Regal or Rogers too much, who can be a fun midcard act. Speaking of weird stuff like the Ratamyus-Samoa feud, here we go. Give me Mind Controlled Ivan Putski! Orton & Brooks can be a fun heel team, and running over the Jayhawks isn't too much of a loss. I assume that somehow, the TV belt will be back around Tully's waist sooner than later, even as the company focuses on Memphis more. Fun finish to get the Fabulous Ones the win, without totally killing of the Mr. Wrestling II & III. Ayala going over makes sense, as he has something resembling a future, while Atlas isn't over the hill yet, but he's beginning to slide down from his peak. Plus, you keep Atlas strong by Ayala needing something even more than at taped fist to win the match. Road Warriors win, but the more immportan thing is the "face" turn for Demo - I mean, Decimation. Funk getting the win over Tito makes sense, but Tito still has an out, unless he's leaving the promotion via piledriver. Only in Memphis could a DiBiase-Jumbo World Title match in '84 not be the main event :) Fun match though, with DiBiase going over, but Jumbo having some good tape when he eventually heads back to Japan. The main event was the very definition of Memphis smoke and mirrors, as when the heel side is Honky, Well, and Carl Fergie, you need a lot of them. But I'm sure the crowd was going nuts, especially after Lawler got the win.
  9. Unfortunately, that's nothing new. They think you can sell the "real life" story on Good Morning America or at worst, The Network, while Vince has his fun time on TV.
  10. Jesse Ewiak

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    I mean, sure, blame Vince for still being a piece of crap most likely, but of the current writing team, whose still around from twenty years ago or hell, even five years ago? I have zero doubt Vince McMahon doesn't give a damn about the Women's Division beyond it making him money, but I also have no doubt most of the current roster and writing team fully supports it.
  11. Jesse Ewiak

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    Right - there's a difference between "this was bad booking" and the reaction online from certain people, which is treating this like the WWE lied about a Wrestlemania main event or something.
  12. Jesse Ewiak

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    He was also in a midcard nothing match at Mania. Whatever the plan is for him, they can start that next week.
  13. Jesse Ewiak

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    I mean, according to recent news, the executives get bonuses if there's more time watched on the Network,
  14. Jesse Ewiak

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    So, can we talk about the fact that one of the women who was getting shots in on the moron was Maria Menuonos?
  15. Jesse Ewiak

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Yeah, "hey, let me rush Bret Hart, universally beloved among the current roster, while also half his former retired wrestling buddies around. Oh yeah, and Ronda Rousey's MMA fighter husband. This will work out great for me."