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    Mid South Wrestling

    Mid-South Wrestling January 19th, 1986 Taped January 11th, 1986 - Shreveport, LA - Irish McNeil Boy's Club After the typical famous Mid-South opening, we have a quick welcome from Boyd Pierce, who tells us about today's big main event between Mike Von Erich & Lance Vaughan taking on Paul Ellering's Legion of Doom, another Texas Roundup qualifier, The Spoiler making his return, and Ron Bass being in action, but then they throw it to a very special video interview from none other than ROWDY RODDY PIPER! “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, lend me your ears for just a moment, because ole' Roddy got a few things to say. 'Cause when Fritzy called me on the telephone and told me to come on down to Nawlin's and have myself a good time, I admit I was a wee bit skittish. After all, if I say so myself, I'm a pretty big deal, and if you've been watching the Tee Vee, you may have seen me having some problems in North Cackalackey, and when some problems pop up in Roddy's world – I FIX 'EM. Fritz is a smart man though, and when he told me some of the talent that was moving over to Mid-South with him, I was intrigued. When he told me that after talking to matchmaker Grizzley Smith and that he could guarantee me a big ole' money making match at the first New Orleans Spectacular of the year, I was impressed! After all, I love to beat people up, but it helps to be paid for the privilege at the end of the night. But, when he said, 'Roddy, I can put you in the ring against an big ole' lumbering goofy ox of a man who no more deserves the name Studd than Rick Moranis, and you may even get a shot to take care of his SOB maanager, Paul Ellering,' well kids, I told Fritz – YOU ARE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE, PAL. So, everybody watching this channel, know this, Rowdy Roddy Piper is coming to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and the bubblegum package is looking pretty bare, so New Orleans, January 27th, you can be there and come on, do you really want to miss that?” Piper grins his mischievous grin, and we cut back to Boyd and Fritz. Fritz says, with a chuckle, that Piper may have stretched the truth a bit about the conversation that he had with him, but one thing is true, he will be taking on Big John Studd at the New Orleans Spectacular, in just eight days. Plus, Piper will be making his Mid-South debut today on the Mid South Wrestling Network, against Ken Timbs. After that, Boyd Pierce sends us to the ring for our opening contest, a 'Texas Roundup' qualifier. 1.) Sam Houston vs. Chris Colt – 'Texas Roundup' Qualifying Match – Fritz puts up over Colt's qualifiers as a veteran who has wrestled all over the United States, as there's some early mat wrestling, including hammerlocks, armbars, and headlocks. Colt gets aggressive first, pulling Houston by the hair, then hitting the Texan with an eyepoke, then he hit a big body slam. Colt then went for an elbow drop, but Houston moved out of the way, then hit a big dropkick, an armdrag, then a huge kneedrop to get a near fall of his own. Houston whipped Colt into the corner, but Colt got his knees up, hit a double arm suplex, followed by a lariat, but Houston kicked out. Chris Colt whipped Sam Houston into the corner himself, but then Houston got out of the way – then hit the BULLDOG to pick up the victory! Winner: Sam Houston (5:13) Houston came over to the interview and told Boyd that he simply wants to do his best in Mid-South Wrestling, regardless of what he did in this area before when it was World Class, and part of doing his best is winning the Television title at the New Orleans Spectacular, in the Texas Roundup match! Boyd thanks Houston for his time, then throws it to some messages from the Mid-South Wrestling Network. COMMERCIALS, including more hype for the New Orleans Spectacular 2.) Ron Bass vs. Larry Thomas – Bass makes his return to the Mid-South area, wearing his duster and bring out a cowbell, and absolutely rips through his opponent, tossing Thomas around, hitting a few big slam, some right hands, and ending things with a lariat for the quick pinfall, after making the hook 'em horns sign to the crowd. Winner: Ron Bass (3:07) Bass makes his way over to the interview area, with Boyd. “Boyd Pierce, I'm here because it's an insult that instead of wrestling in the main event at the New Orleans Spectacular, as I deserve as a former champion in this region, I'm being thrown in the battle royal with a bunch of ham 'n' eggers, simply because in the view of management like the matchmaker Frank Dusk, there are bigger stars that should be at the top of the card. Ya' know what I say to that? HOCK PHEWWWY!” Well, the janitorial staff now has some work to do, with Ron's spit on the floor of the interview area. Boyd takes the mic back, for a moment. “Well, Mister Bass, I understand your opinion, but Frank Dusek is the matchmaker here, and he's in negotiations with several big stars to be part of the $20,000 battle royal.” “Twenty thousand dollars is nothin' to me, Boyd Pierce, compared to the main event in New Orleans. Who do we have instead? Fritz's good-for-nothing kid? A kilt-wearing freak? A washed up former World champion? Any of those people want to fight real competition, I'll be waiting for 'em!” Ron Bass walks off, obviously unhappy about some of the new talent coming into Mid-South. COMMERCIALS, including more hype for New Orleans. 3.) The Spoiler vs. Jim Oliver – Fritz puts over The Spoiler's career, including the wars he's had with the man back in Texas, as the masked man dominates his opponent. The Spoiler even does his version of the ropewalk chop, before locking on The Iron Claw to pick up the submission victory, incredibly quickly and without much of a problem. Boyd puts The Spoiler over as a top competitor in the region. Before the commercials, Brickhouse Brown & Ray Candy walk out with Thunderbolt Patterson, to a mixed reception from the crowd, as Brown seems to dressed in 'normal' clothes, as opposed to his more militant gear the last time he was seen in this area of the country. Boyd goes down to interview the trio. “Well Brickhouse, you certainly look a little different than the last time you were in this area of the country and from what I've heard, you also have a different attitude.” “You're right about that, Boyd. What happened was I was feeling good, like I was making a difference. Telling the truth, feeling held down by the man, and doing what I ever felt was necessary to get justice. But, the thing is, when you're a wrestler, you're on the road, going from show to show a lot. You don't get a lot of time to actually go back home. I went home though, over the holidays, expecting to come home a conquering hero, with everybody cheering me and giving me slaps on the back for bringing it to The Man. Ya' know what happened instead, Boyd?” A slight pause. “My Mama was ashamed of me. My Grandma refused to talk to me. My little cousins asked why I was being so mean to wrestlers they liked, like The Junkyard Dog. I realized I'd been tricked, bamboozled, and hoodwinked by men who had used my own anger against me, to their own ends. So what I did was I made some phone calls. I called The Dog and apologized. Then, I called up this man - “ He puts his hand on Ray Candy's shoulder. “ - and apologized to him, because like me, he'd also realized he'd been took in by The Movement. After a few phone calls, some hard talks, we decided to come back here to the Mid-South, to win back the trust of the fans, and get some success on our own terms, instead of depending on gang warfare.” “So, that explains that Brickhouse, but why is Thunderbolt Patterson with you?” “I'll let him answer that.” “Well Boyd, Brickhouse called me and said that he needed some advisement and some backup, when he came back to his part of the country. I've traveled these roads, wrestled all around the country, so I know exactly what he's talking about. I'm not looking for a fight, but I'll be happy to help these men if they run into any trouble.” The trio walk off, and it looks like both Brickhouse Brown and Ray Candy have a new outlook on life. COMMERCIALS 4.) Brickhouse Brown & Ray Candy vs. Fidel Sierra & The Cuban Assassin – Sierra and Assassin are on the attack right from the start, but both Brickhouse and Candy are willing and able to fight back, throwing shots right back at the rulebreaking team, including Candy managing to throw Sierra to the outside of the ring. Assassin cheats to get some slight advantage, including locking in a deep armbar on Brown, but Brickhouse fights out of it, getting some cheers of the crowd, eventually hitting a big dropkick, then nailing The Cuban Assassin with a swinging neckbreaker, before tagging in Candy and allowing him to get the victory with a big splash. Winners: Brickhouse Brown & Ray Candy (5:36) Brown and Candy are getting their hands raised by the referee, as the crowd cheers – wait a second, some folks are jumping in the ring. THAT'S BLACK BART AND JOEL DEATON! Bart and Deaton are laying the boots to Brickhouse Brown and Ray Candy for seemingly no reason at all, and the fans here at the Irish McNeil Boy's Club are not happy about it. Wait – Thunderbolt Patterson is getting in the ring. He turn Deaton around – BIG SOUPBONE RIGHT HAND KNOCK DEATON BACK! Bart charges him, but Thunderbolt is read and SENDS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE! Brown and Candy are recovering, and Deaton is rolling out of the ring, to join his partner, as they yell at the trio in the ring! COMMERCIALS 5.) Roddy Piper vs. Ken Timbs – Piper gets a big response from the crowd, as he comes out with the bagpipes, then gets his ready for his opponent. Timbs tries to keep things on the mat at the beginning, but the Rowdy Scot reverses, and fights back with his own brawling style, including a few big right hands, then following things up with a huge scoop slam. As Piper goes to lock Timbs in a front chancery, Timbs kicks him low, and locks Piper in several holds, including a short arm scissors, a hammerlocks, and an armbar, before Piper fights out, but Timbs is able to hit a headscissors takedown, and locks Piper in the hold, using the ropes for leverage, getting boos from the crowd. Roddy eventually fights to the ropes, even as Timbs attempt to cheat to keep his advantage, and even refuses to break the hold at first. Piper slowly gets up, and Timbs comes over – ONLY TO GET A RIGHT HAND FOR HIS TROUBLE! JAB! JAB! JAB! Piper hooks Timbs in – BIG SUPLEX IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY TIMBS! Piper with another big slam, then as Timbs gets up, Piper nails him with a huge bulldog, then Piper grabs him – SLEEPER! SLEEPER! Timbs is trying to get Piper into the corner, but he's fading fast, and the refereeing is coming over, dropping the arm – ONCE! TWICE! THREE TIMES! PIPER WINS! Winner: Roddy Piper – (10:09) After being declared the winner, Piper takes the mic from ring announcer Reeser Bowden. “Hey, hey, that was a fun little ten minutes, but it's a hot night in the city, and ole' Roddy is JUST GETTING WARMED UP! So, I was thinking and I know every promoter I work for gets worried when I get thinking – heck, sometimes I get worried when I start thinking, but here's the deal. Johnny Boy, I know you're backstage, probably eating a whole ham, the juices drooling on to your ring gear, and getting stuck in your teeth, all while your scumbag manager tells you not to be scared of Roddy Piper, and that I'm all bark and no bite. Well, I promise you Johnny Boy, THAT THIS SCRAPPY DOG BITES DEEP DOWN! So, Johnny, ignore the guy stealing money from your paycheck weekly and walk out here, so we can get this done before New Orleans!” The crowd cheers, as Roddy waits for a moment, leaning on the ropes, feigning falling asleep. Eventually, he shrugs, and then says, “I guess the big boy wants to put off his execution for another eight days. Too bad. It doesn't matter though, Johnny Boy, because in Nawlin's, in front of a great crowd like this one, you'll have to come out and take your medicine and RODDY PIPER IS READY TO DUMP IT DOWN YOUR THROAT!” Piper slams down the mic and walks off to the back to the cheers of the crowd. COMMERCIALS, including hype for New Orleans. 6.) Paul Roma & Jim Powers vs. Barry Reynolds & Chet Wallace – A complete showcase for Roma and Powers, as Fritz talks about the long dangerous history of The Sheepherders, and that these young wrestlers be ready for quite the education if they get in the ring with the two deadly Kiwi's. After a couple of minutes, Roma and Powers hit their impressive finisher – where Powers holds the opponent up in a suplex, and Roma hits a second rope dropkick to pick up the victory! Winner: Paul Roma & Jim Powers – (3:51) Roma and Powers come over to the interview area and explain they're not sure why The Sheepherders are so upset with them, but they came to the Mid-South promotion to compete, so they're ready to compete against anybody who signs a contract to face off with them. COMMERCIALS Before the main event for today's television program, Fritz Von Erich says he talked to Bruiser Brody and matchmaker Frank Dusek, and that he can make the official announcement of another huge match for the New Orleans Spectacular – Bruiser Brody vs. Nord the Barbarian! 7.) Mike Von Erich & Lance Vaughan vs. The Legion of Doom – Mike Von Erich and Lance Vaughan are coming down to the ring, slapping hands with the ringside fans as they cheer – HOLD ON! TWO MEN HAVVE JUMPED VON ERICH AND VAUGHAN OUTSIDE OF THE RING! This must be Ellering's Legion of Doom, and they're absolutely laying the boots into both these young men on the outside of the ring. Ooh, the big blonde guy just tossed Mike Von Erich like he was nothing down the aisle, and now they're rolling Lance Vaughan in, as Ellering stomps on Mike Von Erich as he comes to join his duo in the ring. The big bald headed guy grabs Vaughan – PRESS SLAM! Mike Von Erich is crawling, and now barely getting in the ring, attempting to save his cousin, and now this duo is laying the boots into them. Now, no, no, no. They're going to spike piledrive Mike Von Erich – this could end his career and severely injured him! WAIT! THE CROWD IS ON THEIR FEET! IT'S KEVIN VON ERICH! KEVIN VON ERICH IS HERE TO SAVE HIS FAMILY! RIGHT HAND FOR THE BALD GUY! RIGHT HAND FOR THE BLONDE GUY! ELLERING ROLLS OUT OF THE RING! ANOTHER RIGHT HAND KNOCKS THE BALD GUY OUT OF THE RING! THE BLONDE GUY STUMBLES UP – DISCUS LARIAT KNOCKS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE! Kevin Von Erich is here in Mid-South, and he's just saved his brother from being spike piledriven by this Legion of Doom! NEW ORLEANS SPECTACULAR Lakefront Arena KEVIN VON ERICH vs. HARLEY RACE ROWDY RODDY PIPER vs. BIG JOHN STUDD w/ Paul Ellering BRUISER BRODY vs. NORD THE BARBARIAN 10 MAN BATTLE ROYAL FOR $20,000 Involving King Kong Bundy, The Spoiler, Ron Bass, and more competitors yet to be announced!
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    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Portland - Strong & Barbarian aren't world class workers, but they can be an awesome brute tag team. - If Hulk is gone, Eddie may not be long for this world. - Another big win for Badd Company, as your tag division is always fantastic. - rainmakerrtv better watch his back if Gilbert is on the roster, because he might try to steal the booking job out from under you. - The six man would've been a fun match, and Haynes, Red, and Steamboat is at least a .7 on the wacky WAR Six-Man Scale. - Great angle to set-up a certain wrestler coming into the territory, and a feud involving them and the Taylor could be very interesting. - Freebirds - Guerreros is a feud I don't think I've ever seen in fantasy booking, but could be quite interesting. Pacific Wrestling - Fun angle continuing the thing with Adams, Roberts, Taylor, and the Mysterious Stranger. - Good six-man match showing the babyface and heel teams at an equal level. - Big win for the Untouchables and Bam Bam. - Good title defense for Rose & Somers Eugene - Solid win for The Freebirds, as The Badd Company shows his inexperience. - Solid wins for Cameron, Nagasaki, and The Guerreros on the under card. - Huge win for Burke & Bigelow, including Bigelow hitting a massive splash. - A big match for Scorpio & Smiley, but they aren't quite ready for a title yet. - Solid title defense over Yamama - Not the biggest main event, but it's also Eugene, Oregon, as opposed to San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland.
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    American Wrestling Association

    - The Samoan Trio would be an awesome sight, and I actually think they could've done much bigger things IRL. - Big win for Buzz Sawyer to gets the win. - Rhodes-Grappler would've been a fun match to have, even if it ended with a bunch of guys running in to take down 'Stardust', but at least Dusty has some friends in some form of Wahoo McDaniel and Ricky Gibson. - The Marvelous Masked Manager continues to be a great angle. - DiBiase/Flair being set-up is awesome, and is probably the top program anybody in this game could do at any moment.
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    - Slinker always rated high in the 'scummy' meter - Big win for The Naturals, as they rise up the tag team rankings. - Zybysko gets a solid win over Mike George - Big title defense for Von Erich, and he gets the tough win. - Let's all say goodbye to Blackwell, as he hopefully moves on to bigger and better things. Ayala is continuing to get a decent push here. - Big win for The Grapplers, but they immediately have new challengers with Idol & Troy Graham. - Bockwinkel merges the title, and now Lawler has a new title to chase after. Really solid show and looking forward to how the USWA continues.
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

    Worldwide That's one way to write Piper out, to make sure he has a hot feud if he ever comes back to the territory. Tyree Pride - Kabuki is an interesting semi-main, along with Sullivan & Mad Dog likely being a very fun brawl. Mid-Atlantic - Stong win for Volkoff going over Kabuki - Orndroff & Kernodle vs. Hernandez & Superstar is a hot 2nd match, even though Hernandez & Superstar lose. Which makes the next tag match interesting. Does Hernandez want a partner or an excuse, if he loses again? - Huge win for Tim Horner, even though I'd be wary of any dark alleys after that, in case Tonga happened to be there. Clash of the Champions - Fun unndercard, including Boomer Lynch surprisingly winning the TV title, and two quick matches involving Duke Myers and Jack Brisco. - Again, I think you're setting something up w/ Hernandez & Masked Superstar, or I'm overthinking things. - Big win for Orndroff, and a teamup of Orndroff & Sawyer could be an awesome top face team. - Big win for Arn Anderson, and good set-up for a future tag title match Worldwide Big TV match, allowing Valiant to keep the TV title and I'm not surprised Hernandez walked away from his partner, but I am surprised it was with Brown, and not Superstar. Solid house show, including a fun tag title match, Gino not doing well with tag partners, and a main event that well, I'm sure the fans were happy that Valiant won. Mid-Atlantic - The Stud Stable here in Mid-Atlantic will be interesting and wow, we have a great angle w/ Superstar & Gino screwing over JYD. - Another heated angle with Sullivan spiking Sawyer - I mean, I'm not against Mike Graham getting beat up every week on TV... House Show Good house show, and the crowd would've loved JYD making the save at the end of the show. Even though Richard Charland can now say officially, he main evented a Mid-Atlantic house show.
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    Mid South Wrestling

    Mid-South Wrestling January 12th, 1986 Taped January 11th, 1986 - Shreveport, LA - Irish McNeil Boy's Club After the famous Mid-South opening, we open to Boyd Pierce and Fritz Von Erich standing in front of the usual announcing desk that you saw Pierce and Bill Watts sitting behind for years. Pierce: Fans, for the last few weeks, after Thanksgiving, you've likely been wondering why you've been only seeing highlight packages, best of episodes, and other special episodes of Mid-South Wrestling here, on your local television stations. Right now, I've got Fritz Von Erich, who you've likely seen on your television sets, battling forces such as The Freebirds and Devestation Inc. to talk about the future of Mid-South Wrestling, right here on the Mid-South Wrestling Network. Fritz: Thank you, Boyd. Ya' see, as many of you know, Bill Watts has decided to start promoting in the great Great Plains and Rocky Mountain area of the United States, and I wish him well in that endeavor, and in fact, I even gave him my blessing to run wrestling shows in the Dallas area. However, as we spoke, we quickly realized that due to various rules, regulations, and contracts, that at the moment, the fine Mid-South area wouldn't have live wrestling events, if this happened. So, after praying on the matter with Bill, I've decided, with his blessing, to come to this area, and help re-open Mid-South Wrestling. I look forward to working with matchmaker Frank Dusek, who has worked in the Mid-South office for quite a while now, as we promote the best wrestling action in the United States to Louisiana and Arkansas! Pierce: That's right, Mr. Von Erich. Now, I know you have some big news about that, so I think it's best if you tell the folks out there, all about it. Fritz: Yes, I'm proud to announce that, on January 27th, pro wrestling will return to New Orleans, after a two month layoff, live from the Municipal Auditorium! We'll have plenty of great matches, involving some of the men you'll see on Mid-South Wrestling over the next couple of weeks, along with other big stars that we'll announce once the final contracts are signed. Pierce:: A couple of big stars we can talk about are the two huge men in today's main event, as Bruiser Brody will take on King Kong Bundy today, in a match that could be at the top of any card in Los Angeles, Houston, or New York, but because we know how much the fans here in the Mid-South area have missed weekly wrestling television, Frank Dusek and the Mid-South wrestling office have decided to have this match today! Fritz: That's right, Boyd, and that's just part of the awesome action you'll see every week here, right on the Mid-South Wrestling Network. Pierce: Of course, along with those big stars, I think it's time to bring out two more members of the Mid-South roster that you know very well, Fritz – Mike Von Erich and Lance Vaughan. Mike Von Erich & Lance Vaughan come out to the ringside area, joining Boyd & Mike. Pierce: Now, everybody knows who Mike is, just through his last name, but Lance, would you like to introduce yourself? Vaughan: Sure, Boyd. Thank you. Well, I'm Lance Vaughan, and officially, I'm a second cousin to Mike here, and honestly, I don't know what that officially makes Mr. Von Erich here to me, according to our bloodlines, but I've also just called him Uncle Fritz, ever since the first time I visited the ranch. Now, I've come to help my cousin Mike out here in the ring, and we thought the best way to do it was out here in front of these fine fans right here in Shreveport! Mike Von Erich: That's right, Lance. I know there's going to be a lot of tough competition here in Louisiana and Arkansas, but I've been fighting the best ever since I started out here in wrestling, just because I've been targeted because of my name, so I've had to grow up quick, but with my cousin backing me, we're just going to have no quit! Lance claps Mike on the back, as they head off the ringside area. Pierce: They sure seem to be a rambunctious duo, Fritz. Von Erich: Well, they were raised right out in Texas, to be great competitors and fantastic wrestlers, and we're about to see that right now, in the ring. Mike Von Erich & Lance Vaughan vs. Fidel Sierra & Cuban Assassin – Assassin and Fidel attempt to gain an advantage through their bruising nature and some underhanded tactics, but Von Erich and Vaughan quickly fight back with Von Erich grit, brawling, and even some technical expertise, and in the end, after a big dropkick from the cousin of the Von Erich's, Mike locks in the Iron Claw on Fidel to get the victory in a little over four minutes. Winners: Mike Von Erich & Lance Vaughan – (4:01) COMMERCIALS, including promos for the return of wrestling to New Orleans As we come back from commercial, instead of Boyd and Fritz, we hear the sultry voice of Donna Summer as 'Hot Stuff' begins to play over footage of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, including footage of a limo pulling up to various famous places, a chauffeur opening the door, and 'HOLLYWOOD' JOHN TATUM coming out of the limousine in a fur coat, with an unseen blonde on his arm, heading into various restaurants, clubs, and shops. After a couple of minutes of this, the video ends with the message of 'HOLLYWOOD IS COMING TO MID-SOUTH...SOON.' After that, Boyd and Fritz talk about the video from the 'ever interesting' John Tatum, they throw it to the ring for more in-ring action. Sam Houston vs. Peter Lowery – Houston dominates, quickly tossing the preliminary wrestler around, before hitting a big lariat, then a bulldog to pick up the pinfall victory, right in the middle of the ring. Winner: Sam Houston – (2:33) Houston heads over to the interview area, where he's met by Boyd Pierce. Pierce: Quite an impressive victory for you, Sam. Now, you were recently the Southwestern champion, but what's your future here in Mid-South Wrestling? Houston: Well Boyd, the past is the past, but it's best to not dwell on it. Change has come, but I'm still here in Mid-South, whatever the name happens to be, because I believe this is the best place to wrestle, with the best fans anywhere in the world, so whatever comes my way, I'll be ready to hook 'em up! Houston walks off to the cheers of the crowd, here at the Irish McNeil Boy's Club. Pierce: We'll be right back here w/ more action on the Mid-South Wrestling Network! COMMERCIALS, including more hype for the return of wrestling to New Orleans in three weeks! Before the next match, Boyd Pierce and Fritz Von Erich explain the 'Texas Roundup' match that they announce will be for the Mid-South Television Title. It will be a four way match, but with two important differences – in order to win the match, you must get two pinfalls or submissions in a row, but also, if you are on the losing end twice in a row, you're eliminated from the match. Adrian Street w/ Miss Linda vs.Joe Lightfoot – 'Texas Roundup' Qualifying Match – Fritz put's over Lightfoot's background as a former World Junior Heavyweight champion, while also talking about Street's unorthodox, but incredibly successful style, combining tough technical wrestling and mind games, which both announcers speak about as Street locks Lightfoot in a variety of holds. The Native American wrestler fight back with chops, forearms, and even a big side suplex, but Street eventually wins back the advantage through an eyepoke, and slaps on the Sleeper to get the submission victory, and is able to become the first competitor to officially qualify for the Texas Roundup match, in New Orleans, to determine the new Mid-South Television Champion. Winner: Adrian Street (7:02) Street comes over to the ringside area, with Miss Linda. “Well, well, it may be a little chilly by the tropical standards of the less cultured denizens of this region, but as always, the action is HOT AND HEAVY whenever between those ropes, and I've shown as always, why my superior wrestling skills will always prevail, whether I'm fighting a cowboy, an Indian chief, or whatever other silly fool decides to oppose me. I'll be honest, and I'll admit I don't quite all the rules of this 'Texas Roundup' match, but I know part of is I've got to defeat the other opponents in this match twice in a row, and I'm all for embarrassing the other lugs in that locker room, by defeating them twice in a row, and walking out of New Orleans on January 27th as the new Mid-South Television champion.” Adrian Street, interesting as always, but also determined to leave New Orleans a few weeks, fifteen pounds heavier with the Television title around his waist. COMMERCIALS, including Frank Dusek selling non-profits on the idea of Mid-South Wrestling for their next fundraiser! Coming back from commercial, Boyd & Fritz talk about the upcoming main event match today, then make the next big announcement – RODDY PIPER is coming to Mid-South Wrestling and he'll be here, live on the Mid-South Wrestling Network next week! Jim Powers & Paul Roma vs. The Italian Stallion & Dusty Wolfe – Powers & Roma are put over as 'part of the Young Stallions that will make up part of the next great generation of professional wrestlers', as they take on Stallion and Wolfe. A little bit of back 'n' forth action, but Roma and Powers quickly take over with quick tags, including hiptosses, body slams, and dropkicks. They even get a near fall, after hitting a double suplex on Stallion, but Wolfe makes the save before the youngsters can get the pinfall. The Italian Stallion tries to comeback with some cheating, but Roma reverses a whip into the corner, then hits a huge powerslam of his own, to pick up the victory for his team. Winners: Paul Roma & Jim Powers – (4:15) Roma and Powers enter the interview area. “Jim and I can admit we're young, and have a lot to learn, but we also know that we're part of a rising group of young wrestlers, who will be part of this great sport, wrestling for these great fans for years to come, especially right here in Louisiana!” Jim then takes the mic and says, “that's right, Paul. We'll take on all comers, whether it's youngsters like us, veteran teams, or legends. Whenever it's time to wrestle for those Mid-South tag belts, we hope to be one of the teams getting considered to be in the mix to wrestle for those belts.” Boyd is thanking the youngsters, when, wait a second – IT'S THE SHEEPHERDERS. Luke Williams and Butch Miller are here, and they're staring down Roma & Powers, before taking the mic from a very willing Boyd Pierce. Luke says, “You kids want to talk about legends, you want to talk about veterans. We were bleedin' buckets in front of bloodthirsty crowds in cities you've never heard of, in front of folks who wanted to stab us for taking apart their pathetic heroes when you were still watching Mickey Mouse on the TV in your jammies, and you think you can stand a chance against us? HA!” Butch continues, saying, “Boys, we're the nightmares your mother warned ya' about before she tucked you in, so step aside, or get ready to be just another name added to the list of careers cut short by the most violent tag team in professional wrestling.” The two teams standoff for a second before a few officials come in and stand between them, and Boyd sends us off to the next set of commercials. COMMERCIALS, including hype for the return of wrestling to New Orleans! We come back from commercial again, to another video promo, but this time, it's highlights of Harley Race, set to 'Jump' by Van Halen, including Race holding up the NWA World Heavyweight Title, hitting his superplex, big flying headbutt, and brawling with wrestlers like Terry Funk, Ric Flair, and others. After the video is finished, Boyd is giddy as he's glad to announce that he can officially say that the main event for the return of wrestling to New Orleans will be none other than Harley Race taking on Kevin Von Erich. Fritz explains that he spoke to Kevin before coming over to Mid-South, and after finishing his current dates, he is happy to come to wrestle in front of the great Mid-South fans. Because of that of his prior commitments of course, Kevin won't be ready to appear until the New Orleans show, but Fritz knows the Mid-South faithful will give him a warm welcome when he makes his debut here in Mid-South. Lanny Poffo vs. Mike Jackson – Boyd and Fritz both put over Poffo as a young wrestler with a bright future, as after some quick technical exchanges with Jackson, Poffo hits some big armdrags, dropkicks, and even a big backdrop. Jackson hits a big boot on Poffo as he rushes into the corner, and then sends Poffo into the other corner, but Poffo is able to get out of the way of Jackson's charge, and Poffo quickly goes up to the top rope and hits a reverse cross body to pick up the impressive victory! Winner: Lanny Poffo – (4:25) COMMERCIALS Coming back from commercial, we see the awesome presence of BIG JOHN STUDD standing alongside PAUL ELLERING, dressed as always in a three-piece seat. “Ladies and gentlemen, I know you're all aware of who I am. For those sad individuals who don't know, I am Paul Ellering. I'm a manager of champions, and yes, I know you're wondering about a certain tag team that's been tearing up the ring, all over the world from Tokyo to Timbuktu. We've gone our separate ways, but we have each other's full support, even if we're currently not working together.” A quick pause as Ellering looks over to his new charge. “That isn't important, though. What's important is the here and now, and that here and now is the man standing before me – four hundred pounds of pure and utter destruction, who will annihilate any opponent that stands before him, whether it's a strategic technical wrestler, a bloody brawler, or yes, even the scion of a beloved wrestling family.” Fritz stands up to say something, but Ellering waves him off. “Sit down, old man. This isn't Dallas, you don't hold the same power here, that you did over there. However, you have made my next point, a little easier to get too. You see, as fantastic and terrible the chaos that Studd will bring to this region of the nation, he isn't the only man under my tutelage. You see, I have a new tag team – a LEGION OF DOOM, and right now, on television, in front of everybody watching, whether it's on a brand new color television set, or what I know is far more likely in this backwater -a broken down black and white set with static – I make this challenge, as there's a new Von Erich and his second cousin or whatever. Come to the ring next week, and face my Legion of Doom. Prove yourselves worthy of a proper burial.” Ellering walks off, as Fritz is upset, but Pierce tries to calm him down, as he sends things to the ring. Ken Timbs vs. Dave Mason – As Fritz rants about 'another good for nothing manager getting involved with my family', Boyd does his best to put over Timbs as an impressive technical wrestler, who has wrestled all over the world. Timbs dominates the match with holds, and takedowns, and after only a few minutes, locks in a leglock to pick up the submission victory, but keeps the hold on, until the referee is ready to reverse the match! Winner: Ken Timbs – (3:39) COMMERCIALS, including more hype for the return of wrestling to New Orleans Before the main event, Boyd Pierce informs the television audience that Mike Von Erich & Lance Vaughan have accepted the challenge to take on Paul Ellering's mysterious Legion of Doom, right here on the Mid-South Wrestling Network, next week! Bruiser Brody vs. King Kong Bundy – Brody is running straight toward the ring, as the Boy's Club here are cheering, and he's immediately drilling Bundy with rights and lefts, as the crowd even gets louder. Bundy is fighting back of course, but Brody is keeping the advantage – whip into the corner, and Bundy stumbles out – RUNNING BOOT SENDS BUNDY STUMBLNIG OUT OF THE RING THROUGH THE SECOND ROPE! Brody rolls out, and continues to lay into Bundy, with several kicks and punches. Brody pulls Bundy up – BUNDY HITS HIM WITH A BIG HEADBUTT! Then, Bundy sends Brody into the ringpost, and the big man goes down. King Kong Bundy easily picks up Bruiser Brody and slams him on the cold floor, on the outside of the ring, while the crowd lustily boos the huge balded man. Bundy rolls Brody in, comes off the far rope – BIG ELBOW! ONE! TWO! NO! Bundy thinks he gots the pin, but the Mid-South official is telling him that Brody got the kickout. Bundy picks Brody up by his long hair, hits a few more kicks, and now he's whipping the Bruiser into the corner – Bundy backs up and rushes in, and hits a huge lariat. Now, King Kong Bundy sends Bruiser into the other corner – ANOTHER LARIAT! Bruiser Brody falls down on his face, and the big man from New Jersey again goes off the corner – LEGDROP! NO! Brody rolled away, and both men are down in the middle of the ring. Brody slowly gets up, and he pulls up Bundy, and hits a few big forearms, then pushes Bundy up against the ropes – BIG CHOP BY BRODY! ANOTHER ONE! HUGE BODY SLAM BY BRUISER BRODY ON KING KONG BUNDY RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Brody comes off the far ropes – NO! BUNDY ROLLS OUT OF THE RING TO ESCAPE THE BIG KNEE DROP! Brody rolls out of the ring, and goes after Bundy, and the two men are brawling again, but again, Bundy gets the advantage back with via nefarious means with an eyepoke, then sending Brody with a whip against the side of the ring. Now, Bundy rolls Brody back in, as he stomps at the fallen Brody. Bundy yells out to the crowd here at the Irish McNeil Boy's Club, then picks up Bundy, and whip him into the corner. Now, Bundy is going to the other corner – he rushes in – AVALANCHE SPLASH! NO! NO! Bruiser Brody got out of the way at the last possible second. Bundy stumbles out, Brody off the ropes – HUGE RUNNING BOOT! Bundy is out in the middle of the ring – KING KONG KNEE DROP! ONE! TWO! THREE! Winner: Bruiser Brody – (10:23) Brody raises his hands to celebrate, as Bundy rolls out – WAIT A SECOND! WAIT A SECOND! SOMEBODY'S IN THE RING, ATTACKING BRODY! OH MY GOD! THAT'S NORD THE BARBARIAN! These two men had a hellacious war all throughout this past summer and fall in this area, and many thought it was done after Starrcade, but it seems that Nord the Barbarian is not finished with Bruiser Brody! We've got Mid-South officials out here, trying to break things up, but we're out of time here on the Mid-South Wrestling Network! OBSERVER NEWS & NOTES
  7. Jesse Ewiak

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Vancouver - I'm assuming all three guys that are debuting as The Thundercats are either rookie or relative newcomers, but they seem like an awesome act to have around the midcard - Bam Bam's here, and hopefully his rookie year won't be his peak like it was in real life. - Bad Company's an interesting team to have, especially with Missy Hyatt around. One wonders how long the Walking Riot will stay on the straight and narrow. - Knobbs, the future Jimmy Del Ray, and Jack Victory are sure a group of scuzzballs. - Big news, having Adams back in the territory after his prior successful run. Victoria - Big win for the Thundercats to position themselves among the newcomers - In with the new, out with the Starr's in that tag match. - A Schultz/Texas Red feud might be fun in the future - Rose & Somers are a constant on the West Coast, and they have a solid position in the upper midcard for now. - The Hogan/Brutus angle is great stuff, and it gives you a reason to actually push Beefcake. - Mando's a solid hand, but not anywhere close enough to stop Terry Gordy.
  8. Jesse Ewiak

    American Wrestling Association

    - Race going over Gagne clean in Chicago shows that we're in true fantasy booking territory. - The Koloff's should get a strong push, especially in their continuing feud w/ the Rock 'n' Roll's, as that feud in real life drew tons of money. - The MMM saga, with all of hhis maked pals and...Rip Rogers is absolutely hilarous, and this is right group of kooks to face off against Dusty.
  9. Jesse Ewiak

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    - This new-ish WWF is interesting, as it still has the old school McMahon Sr. feel with folks like Morales, the Sammartino's, Tony Garea, the Strongbow's, and even some Japanese teams around, but it also has Magnum TA at the top, which stops it from being too moribund. - The Rock's Dad successfully beating Morales makes sense, as Johnson is still in his prime-ish, while Morales is all but done. - The downside of having Bruno is that it's realistic you also have David, to deal with. At least you're keeping Bruno involved. - Very fun tag team battle royal, with the Takano's getting a big win. - Andre/Ventura wouldn't have been pretty, but it's what the crowd would've wnted - The cage match is awesome, and I realize everybody does a Backlund heel turn if they fantasy book around this time, but that's because it makes sense. I expect Magnum to eventually regain the WWF title, if only because there's not another top face I can see taking it off Backlund anytime soon.
  10. Jesse Ewiak

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

    TV - Great transition to MACW, after being Atlantic Coast for a while. - Minnesota Wrecking Crew making a big impact, but why not, since it's their home territory now. - Interesting angle w/ Kamala & Humperdink, even though Humperdin was always a weird fit as a manager in my view - Solid Kansas Jayhawk promo, even though I doubt the actual Bobby Jaggers ever read In Cold Blood. Dutch Mantell, possibly though. - Gino & Liz is a great team, even though it's probably the biggest stretch of fantasy booking that Savage would ever allow that to happen. - Piper coming to Mid-Atlantic is a big deal, especially after his long run on the West Coast. - Dillon showing up as Kevin Kelly's manager is a big deal. House Show Interesting smaller scale house show, as Kernodle/Ole was pushed on TV, and the Stub Stable have been booked well, and ended with a match that was probably quite awesome, involving The Bulldogs, Golden, and Rose. The semi-main, well, you've got to sell popcorn to the people.
  11. Jesse Ewiak

    WWE TV 12/23 - 12/29 Holiday Season is Here

    Hey, I'm not saying it's a good thing, but the truth is, the height of pro wrestling popularity in America when it comes to business also happens to be also to be one of the worst years in-ring since the beginning of the National Expansion.
  12. Jesse Ewiak

    WWE TV 12/23 - 12/29 Holiday Season is Here

    I mean, it has 1.5 million views plus on YT right now, so it's appealing to somebody. Plus, Car Crash TV is what actually brought casual fans back to wrestling in the first place, not well-paced 15 minute matches between good workers.
  13. Jesse Ewiak

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    The one thing I'd say about NJPW's business as proof that Kenny's style is "over" is that NJPW business is doing just as well without him, and in many ways, is doing even better, at least within Japan. Also, I think there is a distinct difference between even somebody like Ibushi (at least NJPW Kota) and Omega is that yes, Ibushi goes a million miles an hour and does more stuff than I personally think, when he's wrestling a match, I feel like he's actually trying to win a match, as opposed to getting snowflakes from people on the Internet. But, to put a further point on the Omega business discussion, while he's obviously was important to New Japan's growth here, the fact that NJPW has continued to grow with Balor, Styles, Omega, and now White as the top foreign gaijin shows to me, that Omega wasn't as important as some of his strongest backers try to argue. I'll put it this way - I somehow doubt that if Naito or Okada jumped, but Omega stayed, that NJPW would be doing as well. Perhaps I'm wrong, and NJPW, at least in Japan, has WWE-ized their model so the brand draws, but I somewhat doubt that. I don't even hate Omega in the ring - I just think he's a 7.5 that people try to convince me is a 10, over and over again.
  14. Jesse Ewiak

    AEW Dynamite Week 1

    The fact the long-term plan is Kenny as champion instead of Moxley is crazy to me.
  15. A quick note - form what I've read, the WWE wouldn't be subject to this, since they don't have an office or anything in the WWE. They'd be under Connecticut law, for this instance. The reason Uber or Lyft is on the hook is because not only is Uber/Lfyt HQ'd in Cali, so are their drivers.