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Between the Sheets #40 (April 19-25, 1998) (Featuring Emil Jay)


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Kris & David are joined this week by Emil Jay (CZW Dojo Wars) to discuss the week that was April 19-25, 1998. We discuss the RAW before Unforgiven which was pretty dull but we get to talk about Jeff Jarrett, Harris Twins, & Sawyer Brown. Giant Baba screwing Johnny Ace ironically, Antonio Pena suing people, Shane Douglas getting injured yet again, Austin Idol no-showing Memphis yet again, and the complete monster known as WCW. This is a really good show so check it out!!!!


0:00:00 WWF
0:41:17 Int’l: AJPW, NJPW, BJPW, RINGS, AJW, UK, AAA, & EMLL
1:07:19 Other USA: ECW, MPPW, & Potpourri
1:54:12 WCW Part 1
2:39:18 WCW Part 2

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Great show so far!


I remember the big merchandise boom of 1998 and those god-awful T-shirts. I remember going into an Ames or a Wal-Mart and seeing the "real" NWO Wolfpack T-shirt, then turning it around and realizing it had a giant Kevin Nash face on the back with "too sweet" underneath it. My brother found a DX shirt that could almost pass for the real thing. No pictures on it but they did change the font to the point where it almost looked bootleg. I wonder if it was a licensing conflict thing with their own in-house merchandising?


That time period is hard to explain to people who didn't live through it. It was weird suddenly seeing so much wrestling stuff in stores. You go to a toy store now and they have entire walls full of WWE merchandise but there was a time period in the mid 1990's where they didn't have ANY wrestling merchandise in stores. Nothing at all except the magazines and maybe a couple video games. And those magazines weren't at every newsstand. If you were a fan back then, the only way you were buying stuff is if you went to live events or conventions/flea markets.

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