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  1. I agree with a lot of what Savage said above about interest level. I think I hit the wall this week with podcasts. I’m weeks behind on Cornette and them pumping out 6+ hours a week of repetitive stuff that’s so based around negativity, I think I’ve had my fill for a while. I’ve been trying to fast forward thru most of the NXT and AEW talk but I think I need a break. I regularly keep up with the Bowdren shows and do occasionally mix in Jericho or Zellner shows (again a chore to get thru due to length), but I think I’m just burnt out on the time commitment level of it all. I never have time to listen to music or do other things I enjoy. It’s like I’m held captive by the time commitment of my hobbies and it can be draining. I’ve kind of been heading this way for years, it seems as consumers of wrestling, colllecting videos, indexing them, etc. after a while it’s just easier to bypass stuff entirely than spend the hours of overhead on top of just actually watching something & moving on.
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  3. WrestlingPower

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I think the story is Meltzer and JDW came up with the HOF list as something to do on a flight to Japan. Just curious, which male wrestlers did Moolah train? I think I’ve heard Del Wilkes for sure, and possibly Chris Kanyon and/or Dennis Knight/Mideon.
  4. WrestlingPower

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I haven't read or heard any of Meltzer's stuff in 6+ months but I remember he used to present things as how he's learned how the WWE office looks at things. I remember him saying that he didn't necessarily agree with stuff but it didn't matter, he needed to report on their point of view on stuff because that would explain why things are done the way they are done. He seemed to be more willing to stop banging his head against the wall on stuff than Alvarez and would resort to that excuse. I can see the argument that people like Cornette might make that Meltzer used to be more on a campaign to carry the flag & try to change things by pointing out what he thought was wrong and how things "should be done" and maybe now he's softened and just figures he can't change things so just report on things as they are.
  5. WrestlingPower

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    You may not be wrong but wasn't her whole career as a trainer basically based on being a carny where she could train her own opponents/touring troupe, and use them to siphon money off their booking fees. If either of those 2 factors weren't in play she would have never trained people. Not saying this is exclusive to her in her era but more strong factors against her.
  6. WrestlingPower

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Re: Kyoko, my guess is she's considered above the others because she was in AJW whereas the others were in lower level/indy promotions.
  7. WrestlingPower

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    After week 2 I’m really kind of bored with it. The matches for next week look better on paper. I really didn’t care for the Castle promo content wise. I couldn’t tell what he was going for. Is he intentionally trying to come across as a brooding, deranged, eccentric dude who could snap in the ring at any moment?
  8. WrestlingPower

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    To me the presentation here was much more the story than the matches. If you are looking for a sports based presentation, they nailed it. Wondering how much of the graphics, stats, time on the screen, etc. continue after the Pure tourney. I’m wondering if they have more filler matches on future weeks. The shows are already a bit dull with the closed set but if they only have 2 matches in an hour that too could get a bit dull depending on whatever they fill the rest of the time with.
  9. WrestlingPower

    new ROH TV review podcast

    Episode 2 went up this week with us running down the competitors in the tourney & how they fit with the style. I’m looking forward to the TV starting as something fresh for me to watch. I don’t think I’ve seen much ROH at all for over 2 years.
  10. WrestlingPower

    new ROH TV review podcast

    After 7+ years, my friend Kevin Burr and I have started podcasting again. Way back when we used to review live shows we attended like DGUSA, ROH, Chikara, etc. as well as review the PPVs etc. My interest in current wrestling has totally bottomed out due to losing interest in AEW several months back. I decided that ROH may be the only promotion left that could possibly retain my interest and with them starting to tape TV again, we decided to start this show ahead of the new stuff airing. This debut episode contains a rundown of our history as ROH fans and wrestling fans in general (as in why you should care what we have to say) and then going thru the roster and reacting to who's there. I'm going in with a clean slate here, as there are LOTS of people on the roster that I've never seen wrestle or only a handful of times. I'm going to attempt to review things as they are as opposed to comparing against other things or fantasy booking "what I would do instead". Trying to give it a shot on its own merits independent of the wrestling landscape. We'll see if they can spark my interest and how long this experiment will last. https://open.spotify.com/show/2GPbGNelahEFwNIILoiohl
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  13. Do we know if he has a promo voice vs. real voice? This is the way he always sounds. This guy had his life's work ripped away all in the matter of a few days so probably hard to judge how much of this was him being mentally & emotionally distraught vs. actual sorrow. He seems to be one to try to overexplain. From dialog I saw elsewhere, it seems like most think it was a bad idea for his editor to edit this as it made it come across more stagey.
  14. WrestlingPower

    The End Of CHIKARA

    I enjoyed all the Chikara shows I went to or viewed on DVD, but I never really connected with the comic book/"it's all fun" style of presentation. I guess you could say I "used" the company to go see Japanese workers and indy darlings live but I never cared a whole lot for most of the homegrown Chikara characters. There were guys like Frightmare & Hallowicked who should have been much bigger deals elsewhere. I also never understood that "closed society" mindset of the promotion where no one was really allowed to work elsewhere without permission and how the company thought they were exempt from hardcore fans trying to break thru their kayfabe by trying to figure out who guys under masks were. Their legion of fans online acted as if you were trying to steal someone's identity for profit or something trying to figure out who was who and where else they may have worked.
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