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[2016-03-24-Wild Fire Wrestling] Jerry Lawler vs 'All Pro' Josh Crow

Matt D

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Pro Wrestling Comfort Food at its finest. This has 3-4 minutes of Lawler on the mic with Crow feeding him material to use (in the way a heel would feed a babyface's offense), about another 5-8 of shtick where they really delay each lock up to the point that it's a little joy to see what Lawler does when they happen, some fun stuff with Lawler goading Crow into repeatedly going down for the three point stance, a few minutes of heat, and then the finish. The transition is directly based off of Lawler's previous goading (and if it's not, I don't care - that's how I'm reading it). I spent about half the match smiling. Crow's reactions to Lawler are very good and it's obvious that he knows full well who he's in for and how to maximize the impact of Lawler being Lawler. I'm glad this surfaced.

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