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  1. Matt D

    French catch

    In my review, I likened it to the familiarity of a title match structure, but that's because it felt like a late 70s Harley Race NWA title match (or maybe even Flair from five or six years later; they're similar and there are different traces of both), not necessarily a UK/European title match. I think that Royal's leeway to bend the rules came primarily out of the ref's frustration over how blatant Oliver was being about it.
  2. Matt D

    Best In The World 2025?

    Hopefully by then someone will have cracked the 80s Mexico TV vault and we have new footage and then Uncovered 80s Satanico will be best.
  3. Matt D

    WWE TV 02/10 - 02/16 Watch Parasite now

    I did a whole bunch of write-ups a few years ago, midway down this page: http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/search/label/Hector Garza Blogspot is not great so the earlier ones might be hard to find, but really, just go to the lucha match finder: http://www.luchadb.com/roster/matchfinder.php and find some Garza matches from 2010-2011 with him as a rudo (red) and a video online.
  4. Matt D

    WWE TV 02/10 - 02/16 Watch Parasite now

    I mean, this is his family. Hector Garza is up there with Mocho Cota and Negro Casas as the most charismatic rudos of all time. Watch any throw away 2010 Garza rudo performance and there's like twenty things to take note of.
  5. Matt D

    WWE TV 02/03 - 02/09 Patrick Mahomes might be The Guy

    In this case, they'd be well suited to do a sit down interview with Drew talking about his journey/love of wrestling, maybe an on-location thing with Christian talking about the attack on Edge, and show a couple of old Elimination Chambers (like the one Edge snuck into and won).
  6. Matt D

    Telecatch And Other Brazilian TV Footage?

    I think we pinned it as late 80s?
  7. Matt D

    Telecatch And Other Brazilian TV Footage?

    Just from the small Serdan footage we have, even just the 80s stuff is an effort worth looking into. Like I've said before, team up, work together; you guys have our support. The French footage took eight years to crack but now we have three hundred matches ahead of us.
  8. Matt D

    WWE TV 01/27 - 02/02 R.I.P. Kobe

    Some of it just comes down to batting average. Orton gets a ton of at bats. Fifteen years' worth of weekly chances. He's had a few home runs. Whenever he gets annoyed and complains about being at a city when he'd rather be home or does a random jumping jack as a babyface, that's a solid double. He's still batting .0175 at best.
  9. Matt D

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    Bayley vs face Sasha would, I think.
  10. Matt D

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    I imagine he's probably pretty happy for Drew. He's still going to get the slot vs the Fiend at Mania, likely.
  11. Matt D

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    It's amazing when they more or less do something right.
  12. Matt D

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    Everyone killing Rollins will be cathartic after last year's debacle.
  13. Matt D

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    All I can say at this point and as someone who was in the crowd in Philly in 2015 is that putting Roman over would be disastrous given the build of this Rumble.
  14. Matt D

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    Uh, they wouldn't actually do this, would they? Brock's going to run in and eliminate him in a minute, right?
  15. Matt D

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    Well, now they just have to keep running with it. Have Drew do for the second half what Brock did for the first and they'll have made him like they haven't made anyone in years.