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  1. Matt D

    French catch

    Thanks. That's interesting and, even if it doesn't necessarily make sense, does explain the reality of it. Obviously, I immediately want to know the etymology of that and what I found (all I found quickly with English searches) is that in fencing, still, the last hit in a tied match is called "La Belle" too. That's even for English speakers.
  2. Matt D

    French catch

    Sure, we'll probably be doing this one next week. Around the 3:10-20 mark
  3. Matt D

    French catch

    Ok, translation time. Couderc will announce a 2/3 falls match something along the lines of "en deux manches un bruit le bel il ya league" What's the "bel" doing in there?
  4. Matt D

    WWE TV 08/03 - 08/09 Giannis is a future back to back MVP

    Did they just do a poison-related Ultimate Warrior heart attack angle?
  5. Matt D

    Billy Goelz and other 50s finds

    We'll hit it on Friday for NFF for a full review but I think you're underselling it. They really go hard in the first ten minutes and Chene has this way to make sure he bumps himself 30% more than he ought to at times. Davis seems to switch which one is which at times, mind you.
  6. Matt D

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    The person to keep forever in NXT was Bayley. With a studio show, you can run a top babyface for a lot longer and she could have carried that brand like its Hogan or Sting for years, especially when you factor in that people would only see her live once or twice a year tops at house shows. She would have meant so much more in NXT than on the main roster.
  7. Matt D

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    I wasn't going to bring this up because : 1.) it seemed a little self-serving, especially because it's consistent with at least my view of Shawn over the years. and 2.) During GWE, as I've stated before, one argument for cinematic Shawn was that he had good ideas but not the acting chops to pull them off and that he'd be a better director than an actor in this regard, and that is probably the single most erroneous take I've had in the entire 2010s. But yeah, have at it. There's definitely a throughline between Shawn the wrestler and Shawn the agent.
  8. Matt D

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    I had said this back in October. So I'd put a turning point with the 2016 callups (American Alpha/Finn/Bayley especially), but there were other turning points both before and after.
  9. Matt D

    French catch

    How do we feel about "ciseaux de volée" for a 'rana? I think I caught that in the Teddy Boy vs Aledo match.
  10. Matt D

    All Elite Wrestling

    If anything draws in 2020, is it real life heat?
  11. Matt D

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I know we have some footage of Strangler Lewis. Are there any matches/footage where we can see how he utilized the headlock and built a match around it?
  12. I feel like CMLL has candidates. Negro Casas had the team with Santo, the Mistico team, and the overachieving team with Shocker (mainly vs Ingobernables) and a million trios matches. Likewise Ultimo Guerrero. Or a guy like Mephisto.
  13. I'd argue that 2010s WWE Main Roster Tag Wrestling is basically broken anyway, with a majority of matches where 2/3rds of the match is an extended finishing stretch.
  14. Matt D

    NWA Powerrr

    Something something Houston Footage.