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  1. Kayfabe 350 lbs and over? You don’t want guys like Hogan (303) or even Hansen (321) in this in my mind, but you don’t want to lose Bigelow at 390. and second the vote for Herd.
  2. We’d spend a year debating what the criteria of a “big man” was. There would be acronyms: “A.N.D.R.E.”
  3. Matt D

    Best match you ever saw live in person?

    This is a tough one especially if you're going on star ratings or personal feelings or what. Like, I almost bet it was a Hogan vs Slaughter match from 91 because so many of their series was so strong, but i don't remember anything but the finish. The star rating challengers would be: Angle vs Benoit - Royal Rumble 03 Undertaker vs Brock (cage match) - MSG 9-20-03 Styles vs London - ROH Night of the Grudges 6/14/03 Rollins vs Brock vs Cena - Royal Rumble 2015 Nakamura/Dillinger vs Aries/Samoa Joe - NXT 10/8/16
  4. He said it on the podcast apparently: https://www.ringsidenews.com/2019/10/07/eric-bischoff-reportedly-has-no-input-on-wwe-fox-smackdown/amp/
  5. I don’t know. That had me feeling pretty bad for Eric. They were running the mystery assailant Roman Reigns angle while Eric was there and that felt a lot like something with his fingers on it. It was a breath of fresh air. The “real story” behind the catering bit is funny. Great recap.
  6. Matt D

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Did you read Kieron Gillen’s run? I liked that more than Morrison’s.
  7. Great recap. It’s pretty fascinating he was so open with his money problems. That doesn’t feel like him.
  8. Matt D

    WWE TV 04/01 - 10/01 Steph Curry is sensational

    They never use these legends shows to run big angles while they have a few extra eyes.
  9. Matt D

    WWF Wrestling Challenge on the Network

    Pittance for paupers.
  10. Matt D

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I get a kick out of Killraven and Deathlok but you wouldn't exactly call them even. Warlord too.
  11. Matt D

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    It's funny that the zeitgeist here has been so thoroughly in the 70s. I was wondering why people weren't reading either the big 80s Marvel runs (Simonson on Thor, Byrne on FF, Gruenwald on Cap, Stern on Avengers/Dr. Strange). Or some of the big Post-Crisis DC runs (Ostrander on Suicide Squad, Giffen/Dematteis/Maguire JLI, Grant on Shadow of the Bat, Byrne/Stern on Superman, etc.). The 70s runs are good but there's just so much more to hang on to with the 80s runs.
  12. Matt D

    WWE TV 12/28 - 01/03 RIP Brodie Lee

    We're probably all lucky that they haven't thought up the idea of the Fiend possessing Orton yet, right?
  13. Matt D

    RIP Danny Hodge

    Danny Hodge was probably a truly great pro wrestler. We have plenty of reasons to think he was and no reason to think he wasn’t. I really hope some day we get lucky enough to find out for sure.
  14. Matt D

    Happy Christmas everyone

    Maybe he'll be visited by three ghosts tonight? Anyway, I'm glad for this place, and not just for the footage everyone has found over the last two years! I hope everyone has a great, safe, healthy, happy Xmas and New Year.