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  1. Matt D

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Now they're just screwing with us.
  2. Matt D

    Rick Martel

    That's actually what Loss and I came up with too. It seemed so outlandish that I bumped this.
  3. Matt D

    Shodate banned?

    If it helps, you're always going to be close to baba to me, big guy.
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  5. Matt D

    Rick Martel

    I'm bumping this to pose the question again: what is the best heel WWF Martel match? The ones that might come to mind first are underwhelming, sometimes damningly so (like the 20 minute broadway vs Bret and the Michaels match). He had a long run with Santana but it feels like a lot of those didn't actually make tape just because they were on the wrong loop at the wrong time. Any thoughts?
  6. Matt D

    Proposal for 2018: Match Review Trades

    I feel bad doing this as someone (especially someone who generally has a lot of valuable things to say about wrestling) wants to jump on, but I'm pretty sure we've run our course with this iteration of the experiment. We made it six months and a lot of reviews, but attrition is a powerful force. If you guys want to keep throwing matches at each other in this thread, great. If someone else wants to randomly generate the draws for the people that are left and have been active, that's great too. Otherwise, my plans are to let this sit for a while and to come back after Thanksgiving with Secret Santo II on the idea that we get a couple of months out of a refreshed community over the holidays. I'll still hit my last two matches and write them up. It might just be another week or so. Thanks for everyone who participated. I think we all had a lot of fun with this.
  7. I don't think that's true at all. I haven't seen the Harper match from last night yet, just the aftermath, but he's had a slew of fun TV matches so far. Styles, Rusev, the Gauntlet (Big E/Samoa Joe), Benjamin. If you look at the WWE over the last ten years or so, the TV matches have always been the real strength. You have ECW and/or a bunch of other C-show stuff in 2008-2009, the shield six-mans in 2013, maybe Cena's open challenges depending on how you feel about those. How many feuds does WWE actually nail?
  8. Crowd was hugely into it. It's fine for a few week nostalgia act. They'll have a few fun skits, a match at the PPV, and then Jacobs will go back to campaigning and Bryan will move on to the next thing.
  9. DEAN having LA Park at #4 on his GWE list feels justified now.
  10. Matt D

    Proposal for 2018: Match Review Trades

    I haven't seen any turtles this year so I'll go for that, thanks! Been having some technical difficulties but for you I've got some easy, kind of well-known ones that I'd be curious on your thoughts on. You can pick though both are kind of short.
  11. Tonight was an awesome spectacle and I swear I thought the place was going to riot when they were trying to get Rush out.
  12. Matt D

    Comments that don't warrent a comment.

    I'd love to be in the room when Flair was ordering specific colors of tights. Why that shade of blue or green?
  13. I enjoyed the second episode a lot. I'd explain it like this: you don't always get what I think the absolute truth is, but you always get the truth Jerry believes, and because he's so interesting a guy, it's a truth worth hearing. Like, I wouldn't have the heart to tell him that no, Waltman and Marty didn't have a long reign.
  14. Matt D

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Often time the natural break that comes with both falls and longer periods between momentum shifts make them feel a lot shorter than they actually are relative to Japanese matches of similar length. There are very few great lightning matches. (Indy matches can run closer to ~15 sometimes and some are great but you're not getting the real experience). There's like... this and that's it?