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[2014-09-15-JWP-We Are JWP] Arisa Nakajima vs Leon


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Pretty excited to see this pop up online since JWP pick this as 2014 match of the year and there hasn't been much Arisa pop up online from this year. I've never really cared for Leon as I usually find her to be a fairly spotty worker, but here I thought she was really good. She picks up the intensity early on, then starts to focus on Nakajima's back mixing in different spots like lucha subs and a spear into apron. Arisa sells the backwork incredibly well especially during her comebacks. During a sequence where she elbows out of a spider-german suplex attempt, then hits a mountain spike, a jumping DDT onto the apron, and a double-stomp off the top to the floor. Normally, 99% of workers would just rip through a sequence like this but Nakajima takes her time to make sure that she sells her back the whole time. The only real issue that keeps this match from being a true MOTYC is some sloppiness most notably at the finish as Arisa is off a bit hitting a dragon suplex at the finish and having to hit another one for the win. Otherwise, this was a spectacular, highly entertaining war. ****1/4


Links: Part 1, Part 2

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