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I wanted to learn more about the Mighty Atlas the other day, so I did a search and found this.




That made me wonder how much wrestling was covered in the Journal and I browsed a bit and found this as well:




I don't have time to dig too much but that one was really timely for me as I'd just read about Verne in Capitol Revolution. I'm not sure how many other newspapers from the territory days are online but there could be a lot of interesting articles out there even just from the Journal over the years.




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You would have to subscribe to some service like newspapers.com


In the recent months there has been quite an influx of research on the WCMB Thesz board, you can read quite some interesting articles there. It always depends how much the promotion paid the newspaper to cover them, so for Cincinnati in example you might only have a two liner with only the main event listed (Sheik era) or details for every fall (early 40s) and everything inbetween. A personal connection to the newspaper could get you very far as well.


Before newspapers.com started their stupid "Publishers Extra" premium subscription I had started to do Des Moines 1939 and that was the craziest stuff I have ever read, in part due to the fact that few Pfefer shows received coverage. Since then I/we switched to Cincinnati research, but hopefully that era of Des Moines will be done in the next year.

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