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[2016-03-06-ZERO-ONE] Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Ohtani vs Daisuke Sekimoto & Kohei Sato

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Really entertaining main event-style tag match. Ohtani was great here, bringing the nostalgia in a more digestible way, while also embodying the 'never say die' dog-eared veteran with the crowd at his back. He counters Sato's rear chinlock by biting and gnawing on the thumb, and then he and Tanaka both do it from the corner. Some great strikes and collisions throughout, with Ohtani showing his old man spirit against Sato, taking kick after kick, and trying to fight the numbers game until he’s overwhelmed. The tired old facewash spot was pretty fun here as Sekimoto tries to escape and Ohtani keeps pulling him back in, slapping him a couple of times before doing it all over again. The Sekimoto/Tanaka exchanges were solid and there were lots of great suplexes toward during the final stretch, especially when Sekimoto picks Ohtani up from the pin attempt and German suplexes him. Great selling from Ohtani in the end, as he survives a barrage of offense from Sato but still he won’t die, flipping out and holding his fists up to continue his fight, until Sato finishes him off. Exactly the kind of match I wanted to see from these four guys.

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