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[2001-09-17-WWF-Raw] Jeff Hardy vs Lance Storm

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Things that are weird: 1)a midcarder getting a bigger pop than probably anyone on WWE television in the last five months 2)Raw using Thorn In Your Eye and RAW IS WAR in 2001 when the show feels completely different than in 1998/1999.


This is a really cool read:


The "sell during shine so you don't have to rebuild heat" bit stands out, and that's exactly what Jeff did here. Ok chain wrestling to start things off with Storm grabbing the hair to control the match. I liked all of Jeff's dropkick variations (the corner one in particular was so great but his Baseball Slide and Misawa counter out of the test of strength variation were also really cool). Storm's back work was good, I loved the way they set up a nearfall with the interference and it was a smart way to make Jeff look good despite him losing. Cool finish. ***

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