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Phil Schneider

[2016-02-21-Apache Pro] Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Masanobu Kurisu vs Kintaro Kanemaru & HASEGAWA

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Everything you would expect from this match on paper. A pair of violent old fuckers beating the piss out of a spunky kind while Kanemura nods off in the corner. Kurisu has gotten older, fatter and less agile, however you don't watch Kurisu for his athleticism, you watch him for his uncalled crowbarism, and that is still here. He stomps HASEGAWA in places you aren't supposed to stomp, guys and hits some nasty looking headbutts right to the temple and point of the jaw. Fujiwara enjoys brutalizing the kid on the mat some and really twists at his limbs. Kanemura gets some offense in, but he really isn't trying hard. A little one sided to be a real MOTY contender, but man did I love every second of this.

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