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  1. Phil Schneider

    Best match you ever saw live in person?

    I have been to a lot of live wrestling shows over the years, it's probably either LA Park vs. El Hijo Del Santo from the Juster Atl Lucha show, Homicide vs. Steve Corino from ROH Better Friends Stiffer Enemies or Shinya Hashimoto vs. Steve Corino vs. Dylan Knight vs. Gary Steele. Low-Ki vs Rey Mysterio Jr. from JAPW is up there too.
  2. Phil Schneider

    Greatest Rookie Year Ever

    There are a fair number of Shooter who were really good almost immediately, obviously Volk Han but Bas Rutten ruled in his handful of wrestling matches, Ronda and Shayna Bayzler were great pretty much out the gate, all the earliest footage we have of the BattlArts guys in PWFG was very good. U-Style guys, Kazunari Murakami etc.
  3. Phil Schneider

    AEW Full Gear 2020

    I am live blogging this over at Segunda Caida http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/11/aew-full-gear-live-blog.html Eddie vs. Moxley is as excited about a big main event as I can remember seeing
  4. Phil Schneider

    WCW ongoing thread

    I think in many ways WWF right now (or at least before COVID) is similar to watching WCW in the 90s, much of the pushed stuff was hard to watch, but there was so much happening that you would have plenty of cool shit to scrape. This year had Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak which was the equivalent of a killer Benoit or Eddie PPV match, and shows like NXT UK and 205 Live had great stuff which no one watched. Brian Kendrick is basically Villano IV.
  5. I saw Adam Cole work Jimmy Jacobs in EVOLVE and Jacobs worked a David vs Goliath match with him, with Jimmy Jacobs as Goliath
  6. Phil Schneider

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    We reviewed an awesome Paradigm Pro Show on Segunda Caida http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/07/paradigm-pro-wrestling-fighting-spirit.html It is a UWFI style tournament which is my favorite non Yuki Ishikawa adjacent indy shootstyle show. There is a great superfight between Stephan Bonnar and Matthew Justice and a really great semi-final and final. Haven't heard this show get much pimping before, but it is dope
  7. Phil Schneider

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    I reviewed a War Games match from 2008 in AWS which was a so-cal indy fed. http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/06/monday-wargames-aws-total-war.html It isn't particularly amazing or anything, but it does have a great Adam Pearce performance, and maybe the craziest single dive I have ever seen, Human Tornado does a flip plancha with tremendous distance and height while wearing a walking boot. Worth just fast forwarding the footage to that spot.
  8. Phil Schneider

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    They have been on a crazy uploading binge lately, so I thought they could use a catch-all thread
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  10. Phil Schneider

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    We have an Eddie Kingston Complete and Accurate over at Segunda Caida, if folks are looking for Eddie recs. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2018/09/complete-and-accurate-eddie-kingston.html
  11. Phil Schneider

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    I think Black Terry is a good pick for a lucha rep.
  12. Phil Schneider

    French catch

    OJ what would you list as your absolute must sees from this footage? I think Sola vs. Courdec makes that bar, but I know you were less high on Tony Oliver vs. Bert Royal then we were.
  13. Phil Schneider

    AEW Dynamite - April 29 2020

    I thought Archer was really bad in that match too. If you are going to be a monster, your stuff should land with force, and you shouldn't just slowly wander around the ring making faces. On SC I said he reminded me of one of those 2000s Power Plant guys who were big and had some impressive spots, but didn't know how to string anything together or land with any force. I imagine Dustin could have a good match with Johnny the Bull, but it wouldn't be structured like this
  14. Phil Schneider

    French catch

    We have either two or three more Catanzaro tags at least. Including a 1972 tag between Catanzaro/Pierre Berneart against Mr. Montreal/Mantopolous in floating ring
  15. Phil Schneider

    Best In The World 2025?

    It will probably still be Negro Casas