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  1. Are you going backwards ? Or just picking stuff randomly? Love that match so much, those claw hammer shots, my goodness.
  2. Phil Schneider

    Greg Valentine vs Sgt Slaughter

    Looks like they had a house show run in 1984, plus this match which isn't on Cagematch from 1991
  3. New Pod! I talk with my old friend Rob Naylor about Terry Gordy vs. Killer Khan! https://redcircle.com/shows/way-of-the-blade
  4. Phil Schneider

    All Elite Wrestling

    I think one of the big problems with AEW is how shitty the WWE working environment seems to be. The churn between promotions is one of the healthiest things about having a promotional war. Cody showing up to challenge Roman Reigns would actually be a super hot angle, but there is no way he is leaving AEW, and he is getting a bit stale there. Same thing with guys like Jericho and the Bucks It's going to be hard to elevate new stars, if the old stars have no incentive to go anywhere.
  5. Phil Schneider

    Daniel Bryan

    Rey Jr. is an interesting case here. Obviously the end of WCW wasn't great, but he has been excellent almost every other period. Eddie Guerrero maybe too
  6. New Pod! I talk with the amazing artist behind the book Chris Bryan about El Pollo vs. Commando Negro from IWRG 12/26/10 https://app.redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/ep/46167839-d5a6-41ca-b1da-856d63889260 It is a mind blowing match for folks that haven't watched it
  7. Couldn't you just see Tully snorting lines of Cocaine and being viciously mean to Demi Moore?
  8. New pod with Brian Solomon the author of the upcoming Sheik biography about the Sheik/Abby vs. Funks match from 7/15/79 Told a bunch of cool Sheik stories and talked in general about 70s wrestling https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/300e6977-6001-4b54-ad0b-53332352e476
  9. Awesome, let me know what you think!
  10. New Episode of the Pod I talk with Joshua Bishop about his bonkers I Quit match with Dom Garrini at Maina weekend in 2019 https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/934892a0-bb32-493a-9334-203a0bec7a10 Here is the match if folks haven't seen it
  11. Episode 6 of the Pod is Out Talking about El Dandy vs. Pirata Morgan with Eduardo Martinez, great Pirata stories in here, recorded a while ago so there is some COVID lockdown bemoaning https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/5c11199d-8785-437a-b1f1-c7d3f4eafbc5
  12. If you liked this, I really think all of the pods I have done are as good, and pretty varied. The Eric pod is two old friends just riffing, the Daniel Makabe is a really cool look at how a great wrestler views a great match and the pair of NWA Anarchy pods are an awesome window into a killer under seen period of US wrestling (although for those shows you should watch the matches first as they are both incredible!)
  13. Episode 5 of the Pod is out I talk with Tony Khan about Flair vs. DiBiase, running a promotion during a pandemic, his booking philosophy and lots more https://app.redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/ep/173fa5e9-8321-4bdc-a5e7-5288fa292ba0
  14. Also next week on the pod I have one of the most important people in professional wrestling! Talking about Ted DiBiase vs. Ric Flair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38-8qdiXA2E
  15. Any matches that aren't linked on that post, you can just DM me and I can get them to you